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Ashland opens new corrosion science center

March 22, 2017   Canadian Plastics

Ohio-based chemical maker Ashland Performance Materials has opened a new technical center to support corrosion applications based on fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) in industrial applications.

Called the Ashland Corrosion Science Center (ACSC), the new facility is located in Dublin, Ohio, and is designed to serve as a forum where end-users, design engineers, and fabricators can work with Ashland staff members to develop and test FRP composites in corrosion resistant applications.

“The ACSC’s rich blend of both commercial and technical experts will solve complex customer problems through extensive laboratory and field corrosion testing combined with real-world case studies,” the firm said in a statement. “Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resins have been the cornerstone of the corrosion resistant FRP industry for more than 50 years. The wisdom and experience gained over five decades has enabled the Ashland corrosion team to become leaders in the material science of corrosion.”


The ACSC will be headed by Kevin Lambrych, Ashland’s business development manager.

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