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By Umair Abdul, Assistant Editor   

DESCRIPTION: High capacity, small footprint

DESCRIPTION: High capacity, small footprint

INFO: The new Model SB-420 from Delta T Systems offers a compact footprint and a lot of capacity, for when space is at a premium.

The unit measures in at 15″W x 20″D x 14″H, and is equipped with a 1/2 HP pump (20 gpm at 15 psi), and 9kW heating capacity.

According to Delta, the unit’s small size makes it a very efficient system. All wetted surfaces on the unit are non-ferrous, and the unit includes a stainless steel pump, piping and heater tanks.

The unit is controlled through a microprocessor-based PID controller, and all the unit’s components are commercially available.


CONTACT: Delta T Systems. Inc. (Richfield, Wis.);; 1-800-733-4204

Spaltech International (Halton Hills, Ont.);; 866-592-1442

DESCRIPTION: Expansion of Hydrotherm II line

INFO:Mokon is expanding its Hydrotherm II circulating water temperature control system line for heating capacities up to 24 kW.

The Hydrotherm II is now available in standard heating capacities from 3 to 24 kW, ratings from 208 to 600 volts, pump sizes from 1/2 to 3 hp, and flow rates from 15 to 60 gpm.

The expanded line offers a slightly larger cabinet to allow for higher capacities, energy saving automatic high-low heat selection for the 18kW and 24kW designs, additional options, and larger casters to allow for easier portability.

To improve serviceability, the heaters are easily removed from the back to allow improved tool access.

The overall number of fasteners has also been greatly reduced to minimize service time and to strengthen and stability the unit, the casters have been moved toward the back of the cabinet.

The Hydrotherm II features hybrid-epoxy powder coated cabinetry with a 14 ga. base and 16 ga. electrical enclosure. Mokon’s heating design utilizes low watt density heating elements and a two pass stainless steel heating canister via a flow diverter.

The result, according to the company, is a small hold up volume, turbulent flow, and water channeled over the heating elements to enhance the heat transfer efficiency and extend the heater life.

Additionally, the Hydrotherm II features an operator-friendly and easy-to-use microprocessor-based controller delivering precise temperature control.

CONTACT: Mokon (Buffalo, N.Y.);; 716-876-9951

En-plas Inc. (Toronto);; 416-286-3030

DESCRIPTION: New rotary screw central chillers

INFO: Thermal Care is releasing their MX Series R-134A rotary screw central chillers. MX Series Central Chillers use Copeland compact rotary screw compressors for greater reliability, energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Each unit consists of one refrigeration circuit with a brazed plate evaporator for greater chiller reliability and reduced size.

Thermal Care’s approach to modularity, with a straight-forward mechanical design and an Allen-Bradley compact Logix PLC, provides a solid performing chiller to meet industrial requirements with the added benefit of easy access to controls and components.

The chillers are available from 50 tons to 125 tons in water-cooled and remote condenser models. Additionally, the modular design allows multiple circuits – up to four – to be linked together with a common control system.

CONTACT: Thermal Care, Inc. (Niles, Ill.);; 888-828-7387

Dier International Plastics Inc. (Unionville, Ont.); 905-474-9874

D Cube (Montreal); 514-272-0500

DESCRIPTION: Flexible centralized modular chilling station

INFO: Frigel has added the Ecoflex, a centralized modular chilling station, to its line of process cooling products.

Frigel describes the Ecoflex as a high-efficiency unit that incorporates Turbocor variable speed centrifigual technology.

The station is supplied cooled water from the company’s Ecodry System, and includes all of the same eco-friendly benefits as other Frigel products such as free-cooling capabilities.

According to Frigel, the unit is compact and can be fully integrated into a processor’s cooling system through an intelligent microprocessor controller.

Frigel noted that the product is the company’s most energy efficient to date. Ecoflex is ideal for for use in injection molding applications where individual press side units are not required, such as in packaging where a common temperature is used throughout the plant and flow is regulated locally by TCUs.

It also works well for other industrial applications where central chillers are required.

The Ecoflex compressor operates using centrifugal technology and oil-free magnetic bearings. It has superior part load efficiencies, and a soft start, conserving energy.

CONTACT: Frigel North America (East Dundee, Ill.);; 847-540-1060

Plastic Automation Engineering Inc. (Toronto) ; 416-237-1307

Anplast Inc. (Anjou, Que) 1-800-387-4590

DESCRIPTION: Variable frequency drives save money, prevents mechanical problems

INFO: Designed to save energy and electrical costs, and prevent damage to heat transfer equipment operating at less than full capacity, Conair now offers variable-frequency drive controls (VFD) that can replace standard fixed-speed motor controls on central cooling pumps.

A VFD can also be used on the process pump motor of a portable chiller or Thermolator temperature control unit, reducing flow and pressure to match system loading and save energy.

The VFD controls from Conair allow the speed of the pump motor to be varied as the cooling load fluctuates.

Operating a pump in this fashion reduces energy consumption and the high pressure spikes that can cause piping damage. Because the relationship between pump speed and power consumption is cubic rather than linear, Conair notes that huge savings are possible.

The VFD can also be programmed for a “soft start,” ramping up to the desired speed over a user-selectable time span (30 sec, 1 minute, or 2 minutes, for example). This limits or even eliminates damaging water-hammer and also can reduce electric power rates by avoiding the high inrush current that fixed speed pumps draw when starting up.

VFDs also have good power factor, which also contributes to lower electrical costs.

Additionally, the company noted that a variable frequency drive can also be cost-effective in cooling towers.

A temperature sensor placed in the tower water can provide feedback to the VFD fan controller, ramping fan speed up and down as needed to maintain a consistent, economical water temperature.

The fan draws less electricity, power factor is improved, and there is less of a need to adjust water temperature using power-hungry chillers or mold-temperature controls elsewhere in the plant.

CONTACT: The Conair Group (Cranberry, Pa.);; 724-584-5500

Hamilton Avtec (Mississauga, Ont.);; 1-800-590-5546

DESCRIPTION: Small footprint, environmentally friendly

INFO: With what’s described as one of the smallest footprints in the industry, the GP Series 5-15 HP portable chillers from AEC Inc. utilizes environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant.

Designed to offer a leaving coolant temperature range of -7.
5 C to 21 C, the GP Series offer easy-to-read LCD display showing system operating status, Set Point and To-Process temperature, and remote mount without special configuration.

Air-cooled units feature aluminum fin tube condensers with on/off, washable air filters. The off-the-shelf modular controller is accurate to within +/- 0.6 C. AEC said.

No tools are necessary to access the mechanical cabinet, and the units come standard with a one-year compressor and labour warranty; two-year parts warranty; and three-year limited controller warranty.

The units have branch motor fusing, are equipped with water regulating valves with tube-in-tube condensers, and come standard with a multiple screen, 20 character by eight line display, and NEMA 12 electrical enclosures.

The stamped, stainless steel, horizontally mounted pump assures reliability. Also, the non-fused disconnect switch offers a single point power connection.

CONTACT: AEC Inc. (Schaumburg, Ill.);; 847-273-7700

Equiplas (Toronto); 416-407-5456

Lutek Plastic Equipment Inc. (Dorval, Que.);; 514-421-8963

Shaw Equipment Technologies (Vancouver, Wash.); 1-800-528-8011


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