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AUTO-DIAGNOSIS CHECKS GLOSS METER CALIBRATIONGloss measurement is only accurate if the instrument is calibrated correctly. To address this, Byk-Gardner's micro-gloss instrument incorporates an auto-di...


Gloss measurement is only accurate if the instrument is calibrated correctly. To address this, Byk-Gardner’s micro-gloss instrument incorporates an auto-diagnosis feature which checks the calibration values. Whether in the plant or in the field, with the calibration holder of the micro-gloss, the standard is always at hand and protected. The intelligent auto diagnosis tells when to calibrate and even checks if the standard is clean. Reliable readings without operator error are guaranteed.

In addition, with a clear menu structure and the new scroll wheel, even inexperienced users can get right to work.

Folio Instruments 800-683-6546



A new mid-priced series of melt flow index testers is now available from Ceast. The Melt Flow Modular is available as a very simple manual system which can be upgraded to increase either automation and/or precision and repeatability. An operator can add an automatic cutting device, or automatic weight lifting device, or a digital encoder for high-end analysis of fractional melts.

A key feature is the possibility to record up to 40 independent data points in each run.

Ceast U.S.A. Inc. 704-423-0042


Dynisco now offers the HDV3 System for the measurement of the heat distortion temperature (HDT) and the Vicat softening point of plastic materials. This system offers simple operation and sophisticated Windows based software for easy set up, control, analysis, and calibration.

Up to six test stations, containing digital gauges with LVDT transducers, can be mounted in the system’s insulated stainless steel oil bath. A programmable PID controller provides precise control of the temperature rise at rates of 50C/hour or 2C/minute, up to a maximum temperature of 300C (400C optional). Specimen temperatures are monitored by individual thermocouples.

Cyronix Inc. 888-297-6649


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