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Technology Showcase (September 01, 2005)

Canadian Plastics   



Ampacet masterbatches feature molecular tracers

Processors can now readily identify their finished products made with masterbatches from Ampacet Corp. (Tarrytown, N.Y.) that include the firm’s AmpaTrace molecular tracers.

By varying the type, proportion and concentration of special compounds in the company’s masterbatches, Ampacet’s AmpaTrace creates distinct signatures, or “fingerprints” that can be measured by standard laboratory analytical tools.


This technology can be applied to both rigid and flexible packaging made by injection and blow molding, extrusion and other plastics processing methods.

Ampacet Canada Co. (Kitchener, Ont.); 800-265-6711

Clariant masterbatch reduces microbial growth on plastic surfaces

By incorporating AlphaSan anti-microbial masterbatches from Clariant’s Masterbatches Division into plastics during molding or extrusion, processors can provide more sanitary products for the healthcare market.

AlphaSan slows the growth of fungi and bacteria on plastic surfaces, reducing the odour and discolouration caused by these microbes. A ceramic containing silver ions is the active ingredient, inhibiting microbial growth.

Clariant Masterbatches Division (Toronto)

Que.: 514-420-0770; B.C.: 604-526-1717;

Ont.: 416-847-7000

Mitsui releases COC in North America

Mitsui Chemicals America Inc. (Purchase, N.Y.), a division of Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) released a cyclo olefin copolymer (COC) for the North and South American markets. APEL will be available in film and resin form.

Developed using the Zeigler polymerization process, APEL has a lower birefringence and the highest refractive index — 1.54 –among commercialized COCs and other cyclo olefin polymers, the company said.

This makes it ideal for use in high-performance film, optical lens and packaging applications.

Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto); 416-947-3877


Wayne releases extruder package

Wayne Machine & Die Company has introduced a line of extruders for use in dual and co-extrusion of products such as medical and industrial tubing, profiles, rods, strands, wire insulation, and cable and fibre optic sheathing applications.

The extruders are built in a Siamese configuration on a single satellite-type adjustable height stand, and are controlled by a single remote control panel. They can be used as main extruders for straight dual extrusion applications that use a single water trough and puller to produce separate rod, tubes, strands or profiles.

The extruders feature heavy-duty, double-reduction gearboxes with helical ground gearing, one-piece bimetallic barrels with integral feed sections and AC Flux vector drives.

Wayne Machine & Die Company (Totowa, N.J.) 973-256-7374

Guill handles large-walled tubing extrusion

Capable of handling sizes of up to 20 in. in diameter and 2 in. in wall thickness, the newest model of Guill Tool & Engineering Co.’s 200 Series extrusion system offers labour-saving for manufacturers that produce large-walled tubing.

The new 200 Series is a self-contained extrusion system weighing as much as 7,000 lbs., with a mounted track with a cart for easy handling of the system. The cart system is engineered to tilt the die on-the-fly to compensate for the catenary effect caused by gravity as the product is extruded.

Because the 200 series is self-contained, one person can disassemble, clean and re-assemble the system by sliding the modular plates in and out of position with no lifts or rigging required.

Additionally, users can get thinner walls and closer tolerances, saving money on materials.

Guill Tool & Engineering Co. (West Warwick, R.I.); 401-828-7600

Auxilary Equipment

Major improvements for Maguire MicroBlender

Maguire Products Inc.’s gravimetric MicroBlender now comes standard with a stainless steel hopper, eliminating corrosion and surface damage which occurred with the previous model’s powder-coated carbon steel hopper.

Also, users no longer have to worry about jamming in the pneumatic vertical valves, which dispenses ingredients in the blender. This is thanks to an elastomeric “boot” at the bottom of the valve that enables jams to clear easily.

Maguire’s MicroBlender is for use with low-throughput processing machines and has a capacity of up to 45 kg/hr. It consists of four removable bins, weighs 21 kg, is 56 cm tall and has a footprint of 15 cm by 15 cm.

Maguire Products Inc. (Aston, Pa.)

Plastics Machinery Inc., (Newmarket, Ont.) 905-895-5054

KUKA introduces new robots for semiconductors

Kuka Robotics Corp.’s newest line of clean room robots are designed for wafer and integrated circuit handling as well as other testing, packaging, handling and process applications during the semiconductor manufacturing process.

The six-axis robot family includes the KUKA KR 3 CR tabletop robot with a 3 kg payload and a 635 mm reach, and the KUKA KR 16 CR robot with a 16 kg payload and a 1,600 mm reach. Each model meets the appropriate ISO and DIN standards for clear room robot operation and is Class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, and class 100 according to U.S. Federal Standard 209E.

KUKA Robotics Corp. (Clinton Township, Mich.);


Valve gate is retrofittable to existing molds

Polyshot Inc.’s single-nozzle valve gate, MS75SNVG, is for single-cavity mold applications where zero vestige and cosmetic part surfaces are essential. It is suitable for processing both filled and unfilled engineering resins, and is retrofittable to existing molds.

Because the piston assembly is internal to the nozzle, no thickness changes are required to the top clamp plate of the mold. Additionally, like Polyshot’s manifold-mounted valve gate hot runner systems, the nozzle features a cylindrical valve pin shutoff design, which leaves minimal gate vestige on the part surface that resembles an ejector pin mark. The design is beneficial to the moldmaker and processor as it eliminates the need to fit a tapered shutoff pin.

Polyshot Inc. (West Henrietta, N.Y.); 800-765-9746

TCU for temperatures up to 550F

The 2016U Hot Oil Temperature Control Unit, an upright version of Sterling’s Royal Series 2016M, is available with pumps up to five HP and heaters up to 49 kW. The 2016U provides precise, automatic temperature control and is designed for temperatures up to 550F.

Sterling (Milwaukee, Wis.)

CNSmith Plastics Machinery Sales Inc. 416-917-3737

Synventive hot runner nozzles include replaceable heater

Hot runner nozzles for small- and medium-sized part applications are the latest additions to Synventive Molding Solutions’ line of KONA XP hot runner systems.

The SR8 nozzles use long-life thermocouples and heater, which are both removable and replaceable. As well, a new heater design provides improved temperature uniformity along the length of each nozzle, resulting in improved processing characteristics.

With an internal flow bore of 8 mm, the new SR8 nozzles can accommodate shot sizes of up to 200 g. The SR8 nozzles range in length from 36 mm to 246 mm, and are available with seven different tip styles.

Synventive Mo
lding Solutions (Peabody, Mass.) 800-367-5662

Que.: Lutek Plastics Equipment Inc. (Que.) 514-421-8963

B.C.: Precision Mold Supplies Ltd. (B.C.) 604-943-7702


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