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Technology Showcase (July 01, 2005)

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GLS elastomer alternative to PVC, silicone

GLS Corp. (McHenry, IL) now has a new material alternative to silicone compounds and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for designers and molders of baby care, toy, tubing and kitchenware products.

GLS VERSAFLEX CL 2200 thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) alloys are water clear, and offer heat resistance and boil resistance.


Additionally, the Versaflex alloys are suitable for overmolding with polypropylene (PP) substrates, feature low specific gravity and have high melt flow properties.

Available in 42 and 50 Shore A hardness, Versuflex alloys are ideal for material silicone replacement, and let processors consolidate components through overmolding techniques.

Canada Colors & Chemicals Ltd. 514-333-7820

BASF beefs up line of Uvinul light stabilizers

BASF Performance Chemical’s (Ludwigshafen, Germany) added three new products to the Uvinul line — a benzotriazole and two Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS).

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the new Uvinul 3034 and Uvinul 5062 H for use in food-contact applications.

Uvinul 3034, a benzotriazole, is particularly effective in polyethylene terephthalate (PET), nylon and polycarbonate (PC) because of its low volatility and excellent heat resistance. Uvinul 3034 also absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light.

Uvinul 5062 H, is an oligomeric HALS, which performs well in polyolefins (POs), olefin copolymers and in blends of polypropylene (PP) and elastomers.

Uvinul 4092 H is a liquid monomeric HALS. Its main applications are in polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and in liquid colourants for PET.

BASF Performance Chemicals 800-367-9861

Ampacet antiblock makes LLDPE films clearer than base resin

Ampacet Sales Corp. (Tarrytown, NY) has developed a new antiblocking agent, Product 102286, which can help clarify linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).

Product 102286 makes LLDPE films up to 65% clearer, and up to 50% glossier, than the base resin.

As a result, it reduces the need to blend low-density polyethylene (LDPE) into LLDPE films. Additionally, because Product 102286 has excellent slip and antiblock properties, less is needed compared with other antiblocks.

Ampacet found that a 2% usage level of Product 102286 masterbatch increases LLDPE film crystallization temperature from 107.6C to 115C. This means that film lines can run hotter and at a higher speed.

Ampacet Canada Co. 800-265-6711

PVDF up to snuff with ASTM E-84 standard

Two grades of Arkema Inc.’s (Philadelphia, PA) Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) have been approved by the ASTM E-84 standard for usage in plenums.

A plenum is the space between the structural ceiling and the suspended ceiling of a building, or the space under a raised floor, for example. They also commonly house cabling for computer and telephone networks.

Kynar 740-02 received a rating from ASTM E-84 of 0/10 or 10/35 depending on product thickness, while Kynar 1000HD received a rating of 0/10 for a quarter inch thickness or greater.

All Kynar PVDFs are thermally stable up to 150C, inert to most chemicals at room temperature and resist many chemicals up to 140C.

Arkema Canada Inc. 800-567-5726

GE resin with metallic effect replaces secondary painting operations

GE Advanced Materials (Pittsfield, MA) has released a new resin with metallic effect, Cycoloy EF.

It is based on GE’s proprietary flame-retardant Cycoloy resin matrix that imparts high-performance capabilities with a UL94 and 5VA rating, a heat deflection temperature of 85 C and excellent processability.

Halogen-free, and WEEE- and RoHS- compliant, Cycoloy EF doesn’t produce unsightly flow lines, and it performs well with a broad spectrum of colours. A range of surface images including rough, silky, glossy and matte are available.

Cycoloy EF is ideal for applications such as electronic devices, personal care products and small appliances.

GE Advanced Materials 800-323-3783


Toshiba high-speed robot used for overmolding

At the Plastec East show in June in New York, Toshiba Machine Co. America (Elk Grove Village, IL), demonstrated its SR-854HSP (SCARA 854mm stroke, High Speed Precision) robot placed between two of its all-electric, 45-ton EC45N injection molding machines.

The manufacturing cell was producing golf divot tools from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), overmolded with liquid silicone.

This set-up demonstrated the high speed, precision performance and long stroke of this articulated arm robot. Toshiba’s robots are also ideal for electronic and automotive parts applications.

SCARA robots are available in a variety of sizes for use with injection molding machines and in insert molding applications.

RBI Inc. 905-717-1226

New Milacron I/M machines ideal for micro-molding

Milacron Inc.’s (Cincinnati, OH) two new Roboshot SiB injection machines are built for ultra-high-performance injection for precision medical, mobile, cosmetics and automotive parts.

Ideal for micro-molding, the machines, rated at 165 and 275 tons respectively, come standard with a rigid clamping system with high-pressure injection capability.

The Roboshot 165 SiB-m can inject as little as 18g at over 2,450 bar pressure with a maximum velocity of 330mm/sec and a rate of 84cc/sec, when equipped with an 18mm screw, Milacron.

In contrast, the Roboshot 275, when equipped with a 32mm “A” barrel/screw combination, can provide a shot size of 114g with 2,746 bar pressure at a maximum speed of 330mm/sec and a rate of 265cc/sec.

The Roboshot 165 has tie-bar spacing of 510x510mm, and platen size of 750x750mm, compared to the Roboshot 275 which has a tie-bar spacing of 710x710mm and a platen size of 1030X1030mm. Both have optional increase tonnage and long tie bar options for extended capability.

Cincinnati Milacron 513-536-2000

Arburg shows off micro-injection molding machine at PM2Tec

Capable of injecting minimal shot weights of only a few hundredths of a gram, Arburg Inc.’s (Newington, CT) Allrounder 170 U, released in 2003, is also capable of micro-injection molding with powder materials, commonly referred to as powder injection molding (PIM).

The unit Arbug showed at PM2Tec had an internal distance of 170mm between tie bars, a clamping force of 180KN and comes with a 30-ounce injection unit, which was designed for the smallest molded part weights and an optimum dwell time.

Specially constructed for PIM, the Allrounder 170 U differs from an Allrounder for plastics injection molding because of its wear-resistant cylinder module, and the screw geometry, which has been adapted for PIM, and the position regulated screw.

Hamilton Avtec Inc. 905-568-1133


Battenfeld Gloucester Distributed I/O

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co. (Gloucester, MA) new control system for its film and sheet extrusion line, eliminates the need for remote control cabinets and interconnect cables.

With the Distributed I/O, self-contained control modules mount directly to the equipment it controls. Each module contains all the electronics, hardware and logic components necessary to control the operation of the equipment it is attached to. The modules are controlled centrally by Battenfeld’s Extrol operator system console. Compared with control cabinets, Distributed I/O can cut users’ machine installation time by half, and reduce cable installation cost by 75%.

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co. Inc. 978-281-1800


DMS E-Series Mold Bases

Die Mould Service Company’s (DMS) (Bucks, England) E-Series Mold Bases’.

A and B plates are #3 steel for maximum strength and stabilit
y, plus optimum polishing and texturing. Pry slots have been added between the A and B plates. Between the B plate the support plate and leader pins are vented.

Eyebolt locations in the top clamp plate and support plate allow E-Bases to be lifted in two different orientations. All E-bases are supplied with the DMS SSP guided ejection system, and the guided ejector bushings are the DMS SB solid aluminum bronze series.

Bases are machined for a sprue puller pin, except in the B plate. Sizes are from 7-7/8-inches x 7-7/8-inches through to 13-3/8-inches x 18-inches.

DMS Canada Ltd. 800-265-4885

D-M-E IN2 Innovative interlocks reduce costs

New interchangeable wear surfaces on D-M-E Co.’s (Madison Heights, WI) new IN2 Innovative Interlocks can reduce maintenance costs because the interchangeable inserts eliminate the need to replace the entire side lock interlock set during maintenance.

They feature relatively inexpensive wear inserts of graphitic steel that are easily replaced when a mold is maintained. The inserts are held in place with a precision-interference fit design that retains them when the interlocks are installed on the mold.

Additionally, they provide accurate alignment of mold halves, which are easily installed and are available in three different sizes.

D-M-E of Canada Ltd. 800-387-6600


AVT releases easy to install thermoforming clamp frame

The new infinitely adjustable clamp frame for thin-to-medium gauge sheet film thermoforming machinery, from Adventures in Technology Inc. (AVT) (Gladwin, MI), can fully replace an existing clamp frame on nearly any thermoforming machine. The frame was manufactured by the National Extruded Sheet Clamping Company (NesCo), a subsidiary of AVT.

User-friendly and easy to install, it takes between 50 and 85% less time to set up AVT’s new clamp frame as compared with its competitors. Additionally, adjustments are variable within the outside clamp frame parameters. Because tools to make adjustments are not necessary, staff doesn’t need to worry about injuries resulting from dropping tools in the pits.

Adventures in Technology Inc. 989-246-0445

RKC’s FB temperature/process controllers more accurate

Accurate within 0.1%, RKC Instrument Inc.’s (Tokyo, Japan), latest high-performance temperature/process controllers, the FB 400 and the FB 900, feature Brilliant II auto-tuning, which calculates the optimum PID values at startup.

Users can select sampling times of 50ms, 100ms or 250ms, and the FB series has up to seven digital inputs, four digital outputs and two communications ports so that one port can be dedicated to inter-controller communication. A remote setpoint input and a multi-memory area are standard.

A loader port comes standard to permit communications with a PC’s USB port, as well as RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485 and Modbus.

AceTRONIC Industrial Controls Inc. 800-803-8871

Colortronic unveils CSG batch blenders

Colortronic North America Inc.’s (Flint, MI) new CSG Series batch blenders come equipped with two to eight dosing components with a blending capacity between 68 to 2,725kg/hour.

The CSG Series feature precision 0.1% span accurate cantilever load cells with diamond design slide gate metering assemblies that provide 0.5 to 100% recipe range for free flowing pellets.

The slide gate stroke limiters and a Mitsubishi PLC Control system, with a touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI), enable accurate metering of minor ingredients.

Other features include compressed air clean-out hoses with blow-off tools, quick disconnects on slide gate air lines, and should the mixer be opened, a safety-interlocked access system shuts off air and electricity automatically.

Colortronic North America, Inc. 810-720-7300

Conair improves ILS material handling system

With its control panel supporting up to 144 loaders, up to 26 pumps and numerous full-colour graphic touch-screen operator panels running simultaneously, Conair’s (Pittsburgh, PA) enhanced ILS central material handling system is offered in three connectivity/installation configurations.

Conair’s ILS system has adopted the Rockwell Automation family of Logix processors for its programmable logic controllers (PLCs). There are three ways the PLC can connect with a loader — centrally, remotely or in a distributed configuration.

The ILS system can handle ratio loading, purging, fill-sensing, multi-source/multi-destination proofing, reverse regrind convey and other high-end functions. Additionally, ILS can scale to support over 100 stations.

Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577

Colormax introduces three new high capacity blenders

Colormax Ltd., recently released three new Multi Weigh High Capacity (HC) Gravimetric Blenders.

Each Multi Weigh blender has up to four loss-in-weight, screwless gravimetric Posimax B300 feeders, which are designed with vertical rotating discs to create a product lock-up zone, conveying materials smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet. Synchronized feeding of all components allows for an even blend.

The Posimax B300 feeders achieve feed rates ranging from 5 to 500kg/hr, letting the Multi Weigh blenders address applications reaching about 1,815kg.

The Multi Weigh controller runs the loss-in-weight feeders and sequences up to four vacuum loaders and a vacuum pump. As well, the loader priority is automatically set to ensure the highest throughput material receives the highest priority for refill.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Inc. 519-754-4077

Mould-tek’s Herbie undergoes reconstructive surgery

Mould-tek Industries Inc.’s HRB mini-blender, nicknamed Herbie is now fitted with removable hoppers, which allows for quick cleaning when changing materials.

Each hopper has a built-in full view window, the windows can be easily removed for cleaning without removing the hoppers.

Mould-tek’s pinch valve design, along with a colour touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI) lets users control the ratios of materials – virgin, regrind, colour or additives – during feeding.

Herbie has a capacity of 65kg/hr.

While Herbie has been designed for machine mount, it can also be placed on a floor stand with a material collection box and vacuum probes.

Mould-tek Industries Inc. 416-285-5400

Pellbow eliminates streamers, product contamination

Pelletron Corp. (Lancaster, PA) has crafted a new elbow, dubbed the Pellbow, which minimizes product contact along the pipe wall.

As pellets slide along the elbow wall, high frictional forces press the pellets against the metal surface. Friction creates heat, which melts the outer layer of the pellets, creating a thin film build-up along the surface of the wall. Eventually, the build-up breaks loose, forming unwanted streamers and fluff.

In contrast, the Pellbow has a pocket, or impact zone, where pellets accumulate and move slowly upwards and out. Incoming pellets are deflected at 90 degrees, with minimum impact resistance no impact damage.

The Pellbow is suitable for all high- and low-density phase systems with plastic pellets, other granules and abrasive products. It is easily retrofitted to existing systems and can replace both long and short radius elbows, as well as other pipe bends.

New Tech Machinery 905-791-0307


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