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Technology Showcase (January 01, 2007)

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Servo robot handles fast removal of parts

The W721 UHS (Ultra High Speed) model servo robot from Wittmann Inc. is intended for fast removal of parts from molding machines up to 300 tons clamping force.

With a payload rating of 22 lbs (10 kg), the W721 allows for the implementation of complex gripper functions and an in-/out-motion of as little as 0.3 to 0.5 seconds (sec.). The W721 model comes equipped with a vertical axis up to 1,200 mm. For mechanical absorption of high acceleration and deceleration forces, the vertical axis has a torsion stable kick stroke which is internally reinforced with ribs.


The integrated control cabinet is mounted behind the horizontal axis for floor space savings and allows the electrical connection of external I/O-modules via a bus cable for the direct control of all attached peripheral equipment. Additionally, multiple optional packages for upgrading the number of vacuums and gripper circuits as well as rotational axes are available.

Nucon Wittmann (Markham, Ont.);; 888-466-8266

Print on cylindrical objects

The new XD-400 Digital-Direct-to-Print Series of pad-less product decorating machines from Pad Print Machinery of Vermont is designed for fast, high definition printing on bottles and other cylindrical plastic objects manufactured in short runs.

The machine can decorate a bottle in 0.05 — 0.06 sec., and also doubles as a flat screen printing device with a fifteen-minute changeover from rotary to flat. With no screens or cliches to design and construct, changing from one piece of artwork to another on a same size bottle is virtually instantaneous, eliminating lost time on short-run batches associated with screen production and changeover.

Pad Print Machinery of Vermont (East Dorset, Vt.);; 800-272-7764

Controller enables accurate raw material dosing

With its menu-driven, quick-response touch screen, the XLB Series PLC controller from Mould-tek Industries Inc. can dose all materials in a three-stage process — fast fill, course pull and fine pulse — for batch-to-batch accuracy.

The unit also has the capability of operating multiple blenders and multiple central conveying systems on one main control panel. All data revisions, new data entries or browsing are done in real-time with no interruption of the unit in running mode.

Additionally, the system also offers continuous graphic display of running recipe, process rate and batch process while providing visual indication of each unit’s operation condition.

Mould-tek Industries Inc. (Toronto, Ont.);; 416-285-5400

Anplast Inc. (Anjou, Que.);; 514-352-4003

Improved end-of-arm tooling

End-of-arm tooling manufacturer SAS Automation LLC has re-engineered the GRF size 20 gripper to cycle significantly faster than its original gripper line.

The pneumatically- controlled spring return gripper components are available with three different angles of rotation: 35, 90 and 95 degrees, depending on the grip required. This GRF gripper line can also be enhanced by the addition of a ZTS finger guide for protection of both the part and finger, a VLR for a longer reach, and an activation sensor.

Additionally, the GRF size 20 gripper is fully compatible with the SAS modulator EOAT systems, and sells for the same value price as the original line.

SAS Automation LLC (Xenia, Ohio);; 888-727-3628

Automated & Auxiliary Solutions

Featuring new products from NPE 2006 including Wittmann 7-Series Robots with R7 freely programmable graphical touch screen control, M7 integrated material conveying, blending and drying systems, water flow regulators, chillers and granulators. Individual automation and auxiliary equipment solutions to fully integrated work cells are described in terms of the complete factory solution. Contact us today for detailed specifications.

Nucon Wittmann Inc., 7-498 Markland Street, Markham, Ontario L6C 1Z6; 1-888-GO NUCON (1-888-466-8266);


Drop-in PET resins offer clarity, purity for bottles

Eastman Chemical Company‘s new ParaStar polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins are designed as a drop-in replacement for standard PET on bottle manufacturing equipment, offering enhanced clarity, product purity and production and supply chain efficiencies.

Manufactured with Eastman’s IntegRex PET processing technology, ParaStar resins also allow processors to achieve environmental benefits by using approximately 25 per cent less of the chemical acetaldehyde in the PET bottle manufacturing process. ParaStar resins can be incorporated into existing PET production lines without equipment or process changes, eliminating downtime and costly learning curves often associated with the use of new resins. They are also 100 per cent recyclable, and can be recycled with traditional PET resins.

ParaStar resins will commercially available in North America in Q1 2007.

Eastman Chemical Company (Kingsport, Tenn.);; 423-229-2000

GE introduces PEI film for electrical/electronics applications

The new Ultem 5000B film from GE Plastics combines high temperature- and flame-resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent dielectric properties to satisfy the demands of such electrical/electronics applications as insulating tapes and laminates, diaphragms and voice coils for loudspeakers, bar code labels and flat flexible heaters.

Based on GE’s Ultem polyetherimide (PEI) resin, Ultem 5000B has a flame retardance of UL-94 VTM-0 — compared to VTM-2 for standard grades of PET and polyethylene napthalate (PEN) — and is a thermal class H, allowing it to be used in higher temperature insulating systems. It is also RoHS/WEEE compliant, satisfying most environmental regulations, and displays low moisture absorption when compared to polyimide (PI) and Aramid Paper.

Ultem 5000B is available in black and amber and in gauges 25um to 75um.

GE Plastics Canada (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-323-3783


All-electric I/M machines with compact, low inertia design

Sumitomo Plastics Machinery‘s new SE-DU Series direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines feature a light, compact, low inertia design that provides the speeds, pressures and torque for demanding applications.

Available in 20 to 198 US tons, the SE-DU features direct-drive, Sumitomo AC servo motors with full closed-loop control and digital sensors for plasticizing, injection, clamping and ejection. Additionally, all four motors are beltless, providing mechanical efficiency, repeatability and durability and avoiding the problems associated with belt adjustment.

The SE-DU models come standard with synchro-plast and multi-toggle clamp force control; a constant feedback clamp force correcting system that uses a sensor on the tie bar to measure actual clamp tonnage; PC-based N-9 Control with full SPC, QC and machine optimization capabilities; plus USB port, serial port, parallel port and multiple machine status signals available for output.

Sumitomo Plastics Machinery (Norcross, Ga.);; 770-447-5430

Plastics Machinery Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.);; 905-895-5054

Resource Polytec Inc. (Vancouver, B.C.);; 604-454-1295


Large, fast extruder for thick PVC foam sheet

Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH recently made available its new 30-ton Argos 173 parallel counter-rotating twin-screw extruder model, which is designed to manufacture high-quality, low-density polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam sheet up to 31 mm in thickness at outputs of up to 2,000 kg/hr.

More than one-third bigger than the Argos 135, previously the largest parallel twin screw extruder from Cincinnati, the Argos 173 features robust construction, simple operation and versatility in respect of tooling and materials processed. The machine also comes equipped with a 28 D processing unit, an active internal screw temperature microcontroller and an APC (air powered cooling) system for the barrel which ensures high-precision melt temperature control during processing.

Cincinnati Extrusion Inc. — Div. of Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH (Erlanger, Ky.);; 859-746-1530


Roller pullers ideal for medical molds

The new Roller Pullers from Progressive Components fit within engineering standards with no lubrication required, making them ideal for medical molds, cleanroom applications, or tools with downstream paint operations where part contamination is a concern.

Engineered especially for mid-volume production runs targeted to perform beyond one million cycles, the Roller Pullers feature smooth, friction-free action, a spring “sight window” for adjusting pull force, and a mounting pattern compatible with industry standards. Additionally, the pulling force can be adjusted up to 2 1/2 times the original setting using the spring sight window.

In 3-plate molds, the Roller Pullers can be used to draw the “A” plate away from the “X” plate, exposing the runner; while for stripper plate molds, the pullers are a means to retain a “B” side, “X” plate or to hold the cavity plate while side actions are being pulled. They can also be used to pull or retain ejector plates, or to retain any other floating mold plate.

Progressive Components International Corporation (Wauconda, Ill.);; 800-269-6653

Progressive Components Canada Ltd. (Windsor, Ont.); 800-269-6653


Semi-permanent mold release cures quickly, removes molding residue

The new Xtend 19CMS semi-permanent mold release from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Inc. is designed to cure quickly, providing a tough release interface to combat the excessive molding residue that dirties molds and forces production stoppages for cleaning.

An alternative to wax or naptha blend mold releases, Xtend 19CMS is intended for a variety of processes, including rotational casting, compression molding, resin transfer molding, as well as open molding of non-gel-coated or primer coated parts. The solvent-based mold release can be applied by spraying or wiping on at ambient temperatures or up to 160 Fahrenheit (F) or 72 Celsius (C).

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Inc. (Woodside, N.Y.);; 800-332-2935

Ashland Chemical/FRP Supplies (Etobicoke, Ont.); 800-520-7799

Univar Canada Ltd. (Vancouver, B.C.);; 800-268-0532


User-friendly FEA program for engineers

Noran Engineering Inc.‘s new NEiFusion software combines the company’s Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) software with 3D parametric CAD technology in a user-friendly package to assist engineers in product design, development, optimization, testing and quality.

By integrating design and analysis, the software allows for the exploration of design alternatives through virtual test parts in the design phase for a wide variety of static and dynamic structural and thermal conditions in a CAD environment. The combination of parametric CAD and Nastran is believed to be an industry first. The solid modeling engine is intuitive, robust, powerful and a proven technology through extensive use in 3D CAD systems.

The Nastran foundation ensures acceptance in the FEA community, wide file sharing capability and a direct migration path to higher-end analysis if needed. Additionally, the NEiFusion software includes a comprehensive suite of features for results evaluation, presentation and reporting.

Noran Engineering Inc. (Westminister, Calif.);; 714-899-1220


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