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Technology Showcase (November 01, 2006)

November 1, 2006   Canadian Plastics


TPEs for industrial applications with rubbery feel, matte finish

The new DuraGrip thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) 6200 Series polymers from Advanced Polymer Alloys have an unusually tactile and rubbery feel, and provide a matte finish, making them suitable for use in tools, consumer products and other light industrial applications that demand a gripable surface.

Available in natural, black, and clear colours, with hardness ranging from 20 to 80 Shore A, the 6200 elastomers bond well to polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), and are easily processed by injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. They also offer good compression set resistance for sealing applications.


The 6200 elastomers are available in FDA compliant versions, and can be used in NSF International 51 and 61 compliant applications.

Advanced Polymer Alloys (Wilmington, Del.);; 888-663-6005

E.I. du Pont Canada Company — Engineering Polymers Division

(Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-268-3943


I/M machines with short lead times trim operating costs

The Demag Plastic Group’s new Extra EcQ Series injection machines are designed to duplicate the performance of the company’s Extra series while offering stripped-down features.

Available in clamping forces of 350, 500, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1700 and 2000 kN, all with tiebar clearances of 280 x 280 mm to 580 x 580 mm, the machines have two injection units, four screw diameters and two pump sizes available per clamping force. The central Siemens motor of the Extra EcQ is rated to EU efficiency class EFF1, substantially reducing energy consumption. The non-contact ultrasonic stroke-measuring system provides accuracy of within 0.01 mm for injection as well as mold and ejector movements.

The Extra EcQ machines also come standard with automatic screw identification for quick screw and cylinder changing, and a switch-on and switch-off program to provide unmanned and automatic start-up and shut-down.

Demag Plastics Group (Strongsville, Ohio);; 866-491-1045

Stephen Sales Group (Markham, Ont.);; 905-940-5577


Scanner provides accurate, cost-effective extrusion profile

The Universal Scanner Interface (USI) from Facts Inc. is a scanning frame controller designed to control gauge head(s) position for extrusion.

By sending linearized scan data to the appropriate Facts console (Total Profile Control, or TPC) system where the web profile is displayed, the scanner determines the control actions necessary to correct an extrusion profile via closed loop and auto-die bolt control.

The USI and TPC systems allow cost-effective, single-source new extrusion systems as well as retrofits of older sheet and film lines that have scanners in addition to the overall line controls.

Facts Inc. (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio);; 330-928-2332

Control Solutions Inc. (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-8382

Winder for high-speed stretch wrap production

Davis-Standard LLC’s Converting Systems Group has introduced its new Black Magic BMW S4 model high-speed winder for the global stretch film market. Engineered to improve efficiencies for hand wrap and stretch film production, the BMW S4 is capable of producing six-up rolls on a 25-second cycle time, and can produce up to 2,700 roll sets or 16,588 rolls per day.

In addition, the unit can reduce the cost of offline equipment and labour with configurations that eliminates bleed trim and automation that can be customized for various production requirements. And with a simple changeover, the BMW S4 can run either two in. or three in. (50 or 75 mm) cores. The winder is complete with a tape-less automatic transfer system, AC vector digital drive system and PLC controls.

Davis-Standard LLC (Pawcatuck, Conn.);; 860-599-1010

Accurate multi-angle V-notch saw for extrusion profiles

The new ARC (Angled Repositioning Cuts) multi-angle V-notch saw from CDS is used for rendering angled edges on post-extruded profiles with a cut length accuracy of +/- 0.020 in.

Powered by a servomotor and drive, the saw cuts at two preset angles, from 45 to 135 degrees, at one or both ends of a profile.

The ARC also comes standard with a three horsepower (Hp) AC motor for the saw blade, a 36 in. table travel, self-adjusting clamps, a cut-out parts ejection system and a vacuum dust collector. In addition, the saw’s user-friendly touchscreen control panel enables operators to set the cutting angle and cut length of their profiles, adjust the duration of the cutting cycle and program variable batch cuts.

CDS (Lachine, Que.);; 514-633-5933


Miniature cavity pressure sensors fit small mold locations

The new Priasafe miniature cavity sensors from Priamus System Technologies LLC allow injection molders to collect data regarding mold setup, process monitoring and process control in mold locations that are too small for standard types of cavity pressure sensors.

Protected by a miniature housing and calibrated only after they have been assembled, the Priasafe sensors are easy to install, and have a design that protects them from the effects of force shunt and side load sensitivity loss.

The determined sensitivity is saved inside the sensor by a hardware code, which also allows sensitivity to be automatically detected without being influenced by the sensor installation.

Additionally, the front of each Priasafe sensor can be machined to adapt to the cavity surface, helping ensure that the instrument remains properly mounted in order to supply accurate measurements.

Priasafe sensors can be connected to any charge amplifier on virtually any kind of injection molding machine.

Priamus Systems Technologies LLC (Brunswick, Ohio);; 877-774-2687


Side entry robot has fast removal times for thin-wall applications

The W7x5 Side Entry Robot from Nucon Wittmann Inc. achieves removal times in the range of 0.2 seconds for 300 mm strokes, for pick-and-place applications, by combining the advantages of rotational horizontal axes with a parallel end-of-arm tooling motion.

Equipped standard with a servo driven linear kick-stroke of 300 mm and a rotational horizontal axis of 890 mm reach, the robot also has a pneumatic vertical stroke of up to 100 mm, enabling the placement of parts below the centre line of the molding machine. The vertical stroke is also available in servo configuration to allow programming of arbitrary placing positions.

The W7x5 package includes compact wrist flip from the standard Wittmann robot series, and optional equipment like additional vacuum and gripper circuits, and further I/O-modules for the control of downstream equipment. All W7x5 robots come standard with the CNC6.2 control system and can be delivered optionally with the R7 TeachBox touch screen control.

Nucon Wittmann Inc. (Markham, Ont.);; 888-466-8266

Non-contact linear positioning sensors for plastics packaging

With a measuring range of 50-1500 mm and a direct position output of 0-10V, the new D-Series non-contact displacement sensor from MTS Systems C
is designed for plastics, packaging and materials handling machinery that use linear potentiometers, limit switches or similar technology for motion control.

The D-Series sensors, which use Temposonics magnetostrictive sensing technology, are capable of linearity better than 0.01 per cent and repeatability of 0.005 per cent, and a position update rate of 1.5 kHz. The sensor can be easily mounted to machine surfaces with adjustable mounting clamps.

Electronic connections are accomplished using the industry standard four pole socket DIN connectors. The D-Series supply voltage is 24 Vdc with 30 Vdc polarity and 36 Vdc overvoltage protection is included as standard.

MTS Systems Corp. (Cary, N.C.);;

Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd. (Woodbridge, Ont.);; 877-737-8698

MCS Servo Inc. (St. Bruno, Que.);; 450-653-9465

Low heat, beside the press granulator in compact size

Cumberland Engineering Corp.’s new 800X Series beside the press granulator offers compact, low speed granulation for reject components from the injection, blow molded and extrusion processes.

The 800X is available in three model sizes: 8 in. x 10 in., 8 in. x 14 in., and 8 in. x 18 in., with a cutting circle diameter of 8.2 in., and throughput ranges from 123 lbs./hr to 221 lbs./hr.

A three-blade scooped rotor with rotating end discs is standard, for maximum cutting efficiency and high inertia flywheel. Hand knobs provide quick access to the screen and pivoting infeed hopper, allowing for fast and simple maintenance. Double sealed bearings are lubricated for life to minimize downtime. The 800X units are also soundproofed and can be used for hand feed, robot feed or conveyor feed processes.

Cumberland Engineering Corp. (South Attleboro, Mass.);; 508-399-6400

New Tech Machinery Inc. (Brampton, Ont.);


Precision Mold Suppliers Ltd. (Delta, B.C.);


Quick-change dual chamber reduces downtime for material changeovers

Novatec Inc.’s new VersaLoad system enables plastics processors to switch quickly from one resin colour to another for job changeovers without incurring downtime for cleanout and changing resin source points.

The VersaLoad system consists of two vacuum chambers and a central mini-hopper for purging compound. Moving the system on a rail can shift the chamber from one machine throat to another; purging is accomplished by positioning the mini-hopper at the throat of the processing machine. Each chamber includes a transparent material reservoir with an externally mounted, variable-height photoelectric level sensor.

The VersaLoad system also offers added safety by eliminating the need for the operator to climb into the machine to make hose changes, and can be designed to accommodate throughputs up to 1,000 lbs./hr.

Novatec Inc. (Baltimore, Md.);; 410-789-4811

Plastic Equipment Sales (Burlington, Ont.);


Lutek Plastic Equipment Inc. (Dorval, Que.);; 888-505-8835

Conveyors for elevation changes in tight quarters

Plastics processors can now get out of a tight corner with the 125Z Series line of conveyors from QC Industries, which are designed to allow product to be moved, raised or lowered within space constrained areas.

The conveyors, which come with five standard elevation configurations, can achieve fixed angles ranging from 30 degrees to 90 degrees. They are available in belt widths of 8 in. to 24 in., in lengths up to 20 feet, with load carrying capacity of up to 125 lbs., and speeds to 225 feet-per-minute (fmp).

The frames for the 125Z Series conveyors are laser cut from 10-gauge steel, and high tensile strength cleated belts are available in multiple cleat styles and sizes to suit any application. Corrugated sidewalls can also be added to the belt for maximum part containment.

Additionally, for installations where it is necessary to show that conveyor belts are running, motion detection is available.

QC Industries (Cincinnati, Ohio);; 513-753-6000

FlexLink Systems Canada Inc. (Burlington, Ont.);; 888-748-8677

Spectrophotometer for wavelengths from 175 to 3300 nm

The UV/Vis/NIR system PerkinElmer Lambda 950 spectrophotometer, available from Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC, provides reliable quality control of new parts through precision wavelength measurements between 175 nm to 3300 nm.

The Lambda 950 tests for such criteria as degradation; spectrophotometric colour and gloss; distinctness of image; haze, total transmittance and clarity; and absolute or relative spectral measurement.

In addition, the system provides Video Image Enhanced Evaluation of Weathering (VIEEW) and UV testing for demanding outdoor applications.

Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC (Chicago, Ill.);; 773-327-4520

R.B. Atlas Inc. (Rexdale, Ont.);; 416-241-9008

Portable dryer/conveyor system provides closed loop drying

The SDAP 90-255 Series portable drying and conveying system from Sterling is designed to automatically convey on demand while providing closed loop drying.

An integrated control interface provides the status of drying and conveying functions and also allows simple start up, shut down and changes of drying and conveying parameters.

The units also come with an “off the shelf” programmable controller to control drying and conveying functions. Additionally, the SDAP Series offer a PID temperature controller that provides LED readout of set point and actual process temperatures. A digital dewpoint indicator displays “actual dewpoint” and “high dewpoint” alarm settings and also provides a single power connection point with electrical disconnect on the control cabinet.

Other features include a 460/3/60-voltage supply on all models and an insulated drying hopper with material drain port and slide gate. A large cleanout door is also available on hoppers 6.0 cubic feet and larger.

Sterling (New Berlin, Wis.);; 262-641-8610

BEP Bestobell (Toronto);; 416-231-9216

R.G. Sales Company Ltd. (Winnipeg, Man.);


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