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Technology Showcase (September 01, 2006)

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Lanxess inorganic pigments targets toys, WPCs

Lanxess Corporation’s Macrolex inorganic colourants are designed for applications with stringent purity requirements, such as polyethylene (PET) bottles and children’s toys.

The Macrolex dyes are available in a number of forms, including microgranules with hollow spheres that can be easily compressed and quickly and evenly distributed and incorporated into plastic. The colourants are easy to meter precisely, won’t clump and thus flow well, allowing the customer to always completely empty containers.


And the company’s Colortherm and Bayferrox lines of UV- and weather-resistant inorganic colourants are designed for wood-plastics composites (WPC). These iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments, respectively, distribute evenly into the WPC material, and can withstand temperatures up to 300 Celsius (C) without changing colour.

Lanxess Corporation (Sarnia, Ont.);; 519-337-8251


Mitsubishi all-electric available in large tonnage

Mitsubishi Injection Molding Machinery’s MEII Series electric injection molding machine is designed for molding thin-wall and fine-precision parts.

Available in 390-, 500-, and 720-ton models, the MEII Series’ dry cycle times have been decreased by 25 per cent compared to Mitsubishi’s previous ME model. Additionally, platen deflection is 25 per cent less through the use of computer analysis.

The MEII Series also consumes up to 60 per cent less energy compared to fully hydraulic machines. And for manufacturers requiring a hydraulic press option, including core and valve gate applications, the MEII is also equipped with a space-saving on-board hydraulic power unit.

An available foam injection core back circuit allows for the high quality molding of foamed products, while a two-material molding option provides secondary injection capacities of five and 10 oz.

A MAC-VIII controller is included with all MEII models.

Mitsubishi Injection Molding Machinery Inc. (Bensenville, Ill.);; 630-693-4880

Barway Plastic Equipment Inc. (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que.);; 450-455-1396

Kistler Como monitors I/M process, detects part defects

Kistler Instrument Corp.’s Como Injection system detects defects in injection molded parts by optimizing, monitoring and documenting up to eight channels of cavity pressure, or four channels of cavity pressure and four channels of machine signals.

The Como unit, available in a compact size that can be machine mounted, has an optional touch screen for curve visualization, and is compatible with coaxial and single wire Kistler sensors.

Parts are also continuously monitored and the Como unit can be used to separate non-conforming parts. Data collected from the Como Injection system can be stored for use in production analysis and quality assurance via an Ethernet connection to a server; data can also be accessed remotely from any location via the Internet.

Kistler Instrument Corp. (Amherst, N.Y.);; 888-547-8537

Ontor Ltd. (Saint-Laurent, Que.);; 514-733-3375


Combined mold frame and hot runner speeds mold deliveries

The new Hot Base mold platform from Hasco Canada Inc. combines a complete standard or custom machined mold frame with Hasco’s hot runner system. Specialty mold base designs including side entry, multi-material, high cavitation and stack tooling are available.

At the customer’s request, Hasco also has the ability to add high-end components, such as unscrewing mechanisms, slide devices and collapsible cores.

Hasco tests and assembles each mold frame prior to delivery. Upon receipt, the frame is ready for installation of cavity and core plates, or inserts.

Hasco Canada Inc. (Scarborough, Ont.);; 800-387-9609


Compact TCU has stainless steel main surface component

Mokon’s new Hydrotherm II circulating water temperature control unit (TCU) has stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces. The Hydrotherm II systems are compact and portable, occupying approximately 2 square feet of floor space, and have a pumping capacity of 25 GPM (global precipitation measurement) and 9 kilowatt (kW) of heating capacity, with a maximum operating temperature of 250 Fahrenheit (F).

The unit comes with a two-pass stainless steel heating canister, which forces fluid over a designated path over the heating elements, increasing heat transfer efficiency.

Additionally, the Hydrotherm units come with a user-friendly microprocessor-based controller and a UL-labeled electrical sub-panel.

Mokon (Buffalo, N.Y.);; 716-876-9951

En-Plas Inc. (Scarborough, Ont.);; 416-286-3030

Heavy-duty shredders for large parts

Economizer’s new ESS Series Shredders have rugged self-aligning gearboxes to transmit the heavy schock loads encountered when reducing large parts and purgings. The ESS Series is available in four models and standard capacities: model ESS 850 , with a feed opening of 1200 by 900 mm; model ESS 1200 , with a feed opening of 1420 by 1255 mm; model ESS 1500 , with a feed opening of 1420 by 1570 mm; and model ESS 2000 , with a feed opening of 1420 by 2100 mm. The ESS 850’s rotor diameter is 387 mm, and the ESS 1200, ESS 1500 and ESS 2000 all have rotor diameters of 457 mm. The models’ drive capacities range from 37 kW to 11 kW; all ESS shredders have a rotor speed of 85 rpm and a screen size of 16-100mm.

Additionally, the ESS Series’ rotor is fitted with either staggered style square knives positioned in dual rows or a ‘hybrid’ style suited for film or fibre. Both are mounted on heavy-duty outboard style bearings.

Economizer (South Attleboro, Mass.);; 508-399-3018

CN Smith Plastics Machinery Sales (Guelph, Ont.);; 416-917-3737

EquiPlas (Toronto, Ont.); 416-407-5456

New Tech Machinery (Brampton, Ont.);; 905-456-2968

Precision Mold Supplies Ltd. (Delta, B.C.);


RoMark Technologies Corporation (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 905-773-7122

Spectrophotometer reduces scrap, charge backs

X-Rite Inc.’s VeriColor Spectro new generation non-contact spectrophotometer reduces scrap and charge backs associated with off-colour parts by providing accurate colour measurement for injection and blow molding as well as extrusion.

The unit mounts right into the production line; tolerances can be set and visually monitored for pass/fail and warning limits through the VeriColor monitoring software, through integration via a PLC, or hardwired to a tree light, alerting operators immediately of any change or shift in colour.

The VeriColor Spectro can be installed up to 4 inches away from production parts and still maintain accuracy to within +/- 0.25 in. The system also rejects ambient light, so no special lighting or shrouding of the measurement head is required; and the accuracy will not be compromised even if the operator shines a flashlight direct
ly on the part being examined. The unit can operate reliably in temperatures between 0 to 50C.

X-Rite Inc. (Grandville, Mich.);; 616-534-7663

Manutrol (Mississauga, Ont.); (Montreal, Que.); 877-626-8876

Probe box controls material conveying

The new probe or distribution box from Lorenz & Son allows users flexibility when setting up a conveying system that has modular box construction. The box’s multi-directional outlets can easily be pointed towards the material destination, and optional horizontal probes allow the user to control the incoming air for proper conveying performance. The box comes with industry standard 16-in. square bolt pattern and aluminum construction, allowing for a variety of outlet sizes. The box is also available in stainless steel construction.

Lorenz & Son (Cobourg, Ont.);; 905-372-2240

Flexar monitors bulk solids in hundred-foot-high silos

Monitoring Technologies LLC’s new Flexar continuous level measurement system uses smart guided wave radar to monitor the level of powders, granules and other bulk solids in containers of up to 100 ft. (30 meters) in height, in process temperatures of up to 200C.

The Flexar system requires no field calibration or re-calibration and can be set-up easily by customer personnel without the use of any specialized tools or training. The system is available in a choice of two outputs — the standard output is a ‘smart’ interface for use with SiloTrack Version 3.5 PC-based inventory management software, that provides a flexible graphical interface for up to 128 ‘smart’ output sensors. An optional analog output is also available for easy connection to existing control systems or indicating devices.

Monitor Technologies LLC (Elburn, Ill.);; 800-601-6204

Construction Machinery Company (Kitchener, Ont.);; 800-665-7111

TCU has small footprint, powerful heater

The new ECU Series water temperature control units from Colortronic North America Inc. are designed for processing facilities where space is a concern. Its footprint is 12 1/8 in. by 23 5/16 in., but despite its small size the unit’s Incology immersion heater is powerful enough to maintain an operating leaving water temperature range of 0 to 121C.

The ECU also features an off-the-shelf PID temperature controller with process and setpoint LED readouts. The graphic control panel includes indicator and warning lights and an independent high temperature safety thermostat, ensuring safe operation. Other standard features include adjustable low supply water pressure switch, automatic vent sequence and a 150 psi pressure relief valve.

Cast iron process pumps are also available from 3/4 horsepower (hp) through 7.5 hp with SICB/ carbon mechanical seals.

Colortronic North America Inc. (Flint, Mich.);; 810-720-7300

Romark Technologies Corp. (Toronto, Ont.);; 416-923-3782

Auxiplast Inc. (Ste.-Julie, Que.);; 450-922-0282


New NEO FF Series Drawer Magnets

Brochure introduces Bunting’s NEO FF Series Drawer Magnets. High-strength, high-temperature neodymium magnets capture and hold even extremely fine metal particles, resulting in less downtime, reduced screw wear, and fewer plugged hot runner nozzles. Unit features rugged stainless steel housing for durability and includes a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.

Bunting Magnetics Co.

1-800-835-2526 Fax: 1-316-283-4975


New Color i7 Spectrophotometer… the solution for a reliable digital workflow

Color i7 is as much about your business results as it is about color. You’re matching color now… right? But the process takes too long. And the challenges of global manufacturing add even more complexity – not to mention cost.

Not anymore! The new Color i7 can… * Speed color matching. * Give you the most flexibility to match more samples – most sizes… shapes and any opacity level! * Significantly reduce your color-related operating costs. * Ensure 100% confidence in the reliability of your color data. or call Prism Instruments (905) 428-9805

Automated & Auxiliary Solutions

Featuring new products from NPE 2006 including Wittmann 7-Series Robots with R7 freely programmable graphical touch screen control, M7 integrated material conveying, blending and drying systems, water flow regulators, chillers and granulators. Individual automation and auxiliary equipment solutions to fully integrated work cells are described in terms of the complete factory solution. Contact us today for detailed specifications.

Nucon Wittmann Inc., 7-498 Markland Street, Markham, Ontario L6C 1Z6; 1-888-GO NUCON (1-888-466-8266);

D-M-E Stellar Quick Delivery Hot Runner Systems

Now D-M-E Stellar micromolding hot runner systems are available in 4-, 8-, and 16-drop configurations for rapid shipment. Complete multi-nozzle assemblies ship in only 3-5 days. Stellar systems offer center distances as small as 17mm. Learn more today with our free brochure.

D-M-E of Canada Ltd.


Angel Hair Trap

New Angel Hair trap mounts at the base of silo or storage bin in a plastics facility to trap “angel hair”, “streamers”, “bird nests” or “snake skins” commonly produced in the conveying of plastic material. Easy clean removable screens allow quick emptying. Standard units are 8″ high and aluminium construction with a standard 16″ square bolt pattern. Fits directly onto the Lorenz Probe Box and Lorenz Maintenance Gates and Silo/ Hopper Shut Offs. Custom sizes available.

Lorenz 800-263-1942


Orifice Gate

Salina Vortex Orifice Gate is self-cleaning and offers a positive material and air seal when handling dry bulk materials in dilute phase vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying systems, or in gravity flow situations. “Live-loaded,” wear compensating seal plates, constructed of hard polymer are shielded from blast abrasion. Salina Vortex applies their valves based on 25 years of proven experience.

Salina Vortex Corp.




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