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Technology Showcase (June 01, 2006)

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TPE forms better bonds with substrates

GLS Corp.‘s new Versaflex OM 3000 Series of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are clear as water, and bond and overmold better to substrates such as polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS).

Developed for insert or two-shot injection-molded applications, the 3000 Series come in free-flowing injectable pellets. Although they are available in 45 and 60 Shore A hardness, hardness can also be tailored to meet specific application requirements. The 3000 Series can also be coloured with a wide range of colours and colour effects, such as day-glow, metallic, sparkle and pearlescent.


Other properties include slip resistance, vibration damping and impact resistance. Ideal for hand-held electronics, computer accessories, telecommunications devices, personal care and infant care products. (Booth #1145)

GLS Corp. (McHenry, Ill.); 800-457-8777

CCC Plastics, a division of Canada Colors & Chemicals Ltd. (Don Mills, Ont.) 800-387-8006

Fantasia colourants just what doctor ordered

Bayer Material Science LLP‘s new collection of Fantasia colourants and special effects are designed specifically for use in medical applications.

Select colours, derived through Bayer’s Leda technology for compounded resins, meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) requirements for bio-compatibility (FDA-modified 10933, Part 1). Plus, these are compatible with Bayer’s medical-grade Makrolon polycarbonate (PC) resins. Bayer recently renamed medical-grade Makrolon DP1-1452 Medical Rx1452.

Colours to be exhibited include: Six opaque white samples varying from cool to warmer tones; three opaque blue samples in light, medium and dark hues; two transparent blue samples in aqua and dark blue; opaque teal; and samples of transparent grey, yellow, orange, red, green and violet. (Booth #1676)

Bayer Inc. — Bayer MaterialScience (Toronto, Ont.); 866-770-1102

Merquinsa offers antimicrobial TPU for melt, extrusion coating

Merquinsa’s newest generation of its Pearlcoat Activa line of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) for fabric melt coating and extrusion coating applications now includes grades offering properties like antimicrobial resistance, conductivity and fire-resistance.

Available in both clear and coloured pellets, the TPUs are available in hardness ranging from Shore A 70 to 95, depending on the application. Applications include fabric coatings for belting like conveyor belts and grain handling, and consumer products such as life jackets, and sports/outdoor clothing. (Booth #418)

Merquinsa North America Inc. (Seabrook, N.H.); 603-474-0971


New Milacron I/M machines offer fast, easy set-up

Cincinnati Milacron’s new MTg Hydraulic Toggle injection molding machines offer fast and easy set-up, high output and up-time, as well as features to minimize downtime due to changeovers and servicing.

Available in clamp forces of 170, 225, 310 and 450 tons, the MTg’s easy set-up is enabled through configurable injection velocity switch points by time, position, hydraulic pressure or volume.

The injection unit swivels allowing for screws and screw tips to be quickly replaced, and a hopper swivel makes for rapid material and colour changes.

Automatic tonnage adjustment and bull-gear die height setting allow for fast mold changes and accurate set-up.

Each machine comes standard with the new Mosaic control, which is comprised of an embedded operating system and a 15-inch (in.) touch-screen display. Connectivity and security features include: Ethernet LAN and Powerlink; dual USB ports; optional ID card reader; and web-based or network access to process data and machine status. (Booth #1702)

Cincinnati Milacron Inc. (Batavia, Ohio); 513-536-2000

(Burlington, Ont.); 888-254-1919

Accuplast Solutions, (Kirkland, Que.); 866-630-0808

High speed machine for two-colour molding

Nissei‘s DCE 140 electric injection molding machine has double flat clamp technology that can transmit clamping force uniformly to the two faces of the mold during molding, enabling precise and stable molding of two-colour products.

The 140 also has a high-speed shockless mold rotating mechanism and high-speed control (scanning time: 100 microseconds) for high-cycle operations and longer life for the machine and mold. With a clamping force of 140 tons, a clamping stroke of 400 millimetre (mm) and daylight of 850 mm. The rotation time is 0.9 seconds when the two halves of the largest mold are attached. (Booth #1440)

Nissei America, Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.); 714-693-3000

En-Plas Inc. (Scarborough, Ont.); 416-286-5961


Vertical machining centre designed for small parts

With its 40,000-rotations-per minute (rpm) spindle, high-accuracy machining for small parts is what Makino‘s V22 vertical machining centre has been designed for.

Ideal for precision parts manufacturing such as small, intricate molds for injection molding, the V22 has a footprint that is two-thirds of its predecessor, the V33.

Offering a standard 11.3 horsepower (hp) continuous 40,000-rpm spindle, it also includes Makino’s core cooling and under-race lubrication systems.

The 12.6-in. x-axis, 11-in. y-axis and 11.8-in. z-axis operate in a work zone and table size of 17.7×13.8 in. The slideway design provides for a 787 inch-per-minute rapid traverse and cutting feed rates.

The V22 can handle up to a 200-pound (lb.) load and a maximum size of 17.7×18.7 in. It also features an HSK-E32 spindle interface with a standard 30-tool automatic tool changer with a larger 60-tool changer option. (Booth# 9528)

Makino North America (Mason, Ohio); 513-573-7200

UBJ Boehringer, Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.) 905- 501-0048

FrictionFree technology offers consistent lock positioning

Progressive Components’ new Needle Bearing (NB) locks are designed for cleanroom or close tolerance molding. Using the company’s FrictionFree technology, the NB locks provide consistent, smooth positioning without metal-to-metal wear.

Available in three sizes of side locks, two sizes of top locks, and two sizes of metric side locks, they’re compatible with other industry standard sizes allowing for retrofitting onto existing molds, and CAD geometry is available for designing into new tools. (Booth #4744)

Progressive Components (Wauconda, Ill.),

(Windsor, Ont.), (Montreal, Que.); 800-269-6653


Erema redesigns recycling system for ease-of-use

Erema’s latest recycling system, the 906T, has been redesigned with an ergonomically friendly cabinet that provides users with easier access to key components resulting in a safer, more efficient operation.

It is designed specifically for reclaiming low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), in both loose rolls and loose materials.

The system is comprised of a roll feed and conveyer belt with a metal detector, automatic back flushing screen changer and hot die face water ring type pelletizer.

The 960T is available in a wide
range of sizes and throughput capabilities beginning at 200 lb. per hour, and with production rates reaching about 450 lb. per hour, depending upon the material.

(Booth# 1185)

Erema North America Inc. (Ipswich, Mass.); 978-356-3771

AEC VacTrac controls up to 24 vacuum conveying pumps

AEC Inc.’s VacTrac Series 24/128 controls up to 24 vacuum conveying pumps, 128 loading stations and 128 purge valves, providing for reduced purging and tube valve costs and efficient monitoring of material.

The 24/128 features a 10-in. Allen Bradley colour touch-screen with operator interface, an icon-based platform, and diagnostic, operation and installation instructions.

The screen allows for navigational control of the central vacuum system and allows the operator to name all loading stations, pumps, purge valves and material sources in order to identify and track the flow to all hoppers. (Booth #1802)

AEC Inc. (Wood Dale, Ill.); 630-595-6641

EquiPlas Inc. (Eastern Canada), Toronto, Ont.; 416-407-5456

Shaw Tech Sales, Inc. (Western Canada), Puyallup, Wash.; 253-840-1750

Closed loop Drymax PDC dryers dry and convey in single unit

Wittmann‘s new compact D Series Drymax PDC dryers come with a dry-air conveying package to provide closed loop drying and conveying, to one or two molding machines, in a single unit, providing energy efficiency and floor-space savings.

The D Series consist of a standard dry-air generator and drying hopper plus a three-phase conveying blower.

The PDC system’s just-in-time loaders are equipped with a glass cylinder for visual control of material flow.

Additionally, every conveying cycle to the machine is automatically purged so materials won’t re-absorb moisture while in the lines. The D Series models D 30 and D 60 are available with 18 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and 35 CFM of dry air capacity respectively. The D 30 is packaged in housing almost half the size of Wittmann’s previous series. (Booth #2549)

Nucon Wittmann Inc. (Markham, Ont.); 888-466-8266


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