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Technology Showcase (May 01, 2006)

Canadian Plastics   

NPE Product Preview...

NPE Product Preview

This month features a few of the many products to be displayed at the National Plastics Exhibition in Chicago, Ill., from June 19 to 23, 2006.


LG Chem develops single-layer nanocomposite system


Hyperier, LG Chem Ltd.’s new single-layer hyper barrier resin system, is based on a polymer nanocomposite and offers better performance than existing multi-layer systems at a lower cost.

Existing barrier material systems require multiple layers to compensate for processing difficulties and a poor ability to bar water. Plus, processing multi-layer systems requires expensive equipment even though the reject rate is high.

In contrast, the Hyperier barrier system is processed in single layers, saving users money on both equipment and raw materials. Target applications are those requiring high barrier capabilities against solvents, water and gas, such as automobile fuel tanks, food containers and cosmetics packaging. (Booth# 9955)

LG Chemical of America Inc. (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.);; 201-816-2302


Synchronous shoot, fill for accumulator B/M machines

Eurotherm Inc.’s Maco total machine controller for blow molding machines now includes a software routine that ensures the independent accumulators on a two-side machine start and stop filling and shooting at the same time.

Synchronous shoot and fill is also possible even when the machine is running two different parts with different shot sizes.

Plus, it is fast to set-up and is easy-to-use; molders with little knowledge of blow molding controls can operate it efficiently. That’s because the routine automatically monitors and adjusts the filling and shooting rate every four milliseconds during the filling and shooting process, producing better quality parts and speeding up cycle times. (Booth# 5037)

Eurotherm Inc. (Leesburg, Va.);; 571-258-2104

Ultra-compact double-sided B/M machine

With its extra small footprint, the new B&W Uniloy Milacron ultra-compact, double-sided blow molding machine range UMS fits the floor space of existing blow and drop machines.

It features low profile and short blow pin strokes by horizontal carriage shuttle movement on precision guide rails, as a well as a fully rail-supported symmetrical clamping system.

Not only does it have a completely new PC-based control system, it has separate upper and lower in-machine trimmers fastened to the platens, a simplified front-to-back pick and place system, and it delivers bottles to a single exit.

It runs up to 24 cavity molds, and is compatible with most existing blow mold tooling. (Booth# 1309, FGH Systems Inc.)

Uniloy Milacron Inc. (Tecumseh, Mich.);; 800-419-7771

J.C. Gagnon Machinerie (Laval, Que.); 450-662-6420

Scherer Plastics Systems (Haslett, Mich.); 517-339-0027

Shaw Tech Sales Inc. (Western Canada); 800-528-8011


Automation can be mounted directly onto BOY 55VV

BOY Machines Inc.’s new 55VV injection molding machine, which has a length of 10 feet and a total floor space requirement of 37.5 square feet, is designed to allow peripheral equipment to be mounted directly to the machine base.

With a vetical clamp and vertical injection unit, the 55VV has a clamping force of 60 U.S. tons, and can achieve shot weights of up to 5.57 ounces.

Tie bar spacings are 14.18″ x 13.19″.

The 55VV can also be equipped with the Procan CT and Procan MD controls. (Booth# 2660)

BOY Machines Inc. (Exton, Pa.);; 610-363-9121

Barway Plastic Equipment Inc. (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que.) 450-455-1396

Plascom Plastic Machinery Sales & Service Inc. (Toronto, Ont.) 416- 491-8450

Dedicated single-cavity molding system with in-mold labeling

StackTeck’s new IML Pilot Cell dedicated single-cavity molding system includes automation for label insertion, part removal and stacking.

The system includes a 330 ton machine, IML robotics to handle single cavity molds. It is capable of working with many label configurations, including flat labels for lids; one-, three- and five- labels for rectangular containers; wrap around labels for round and rectangular parts; 3D lenticular multi-layer labels; and cardboard labels.

A mold base with a hot runner is also included so that prototype projects only require molding surface components and robotic end-of-arm tooling to suit the application.

Ideal applications for the IML Pilot Cell include thin-wall packaging, lids and closures, housewares and confectionery packaging. (Booth# 907)

StackTeck (Brampton, Ont.);; 416-749-1698


Sheet extruders a first for American Maplan

American Maplan Corp. has adapted technology from its SMS-K sister firm, Battenfeld Extrusionstechnick, to build its first line of sheet extruders, in both single- and twin-screw models.

Two single-screw models are slated for exhibition at NPE: the AMC/BEXT 1-45 and the AMC/BEX 1-75. Both American Maplan’s single- and twin-screw models will be available in seven sizes ranging from 45 to 220 mm in diameter, and 40 to 168 mm, respectively.

Sheet thickness will range from 0.2 to 35 mm, widths up to 180 cm and throughput up to 1,361 kg per hour. The machines can process a range of materials including polyolefins, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC) and natural-fibre composites. (Booth# 2515 )

American Maplan Corp. – a Member of the SMS Group

(McPherson, Kan.);; 620-241-6843

Wirelessly controlled, easy-to-use roll cart, runs on batteries

Brampton Engineering Inc.’s new battery-operated roll cart has wireless control that is integrated with BE winders. One cart can remove rolls from both front-to-front winders. The cart to be demonstrated at the show handles 40-in. diameter rolls with 64-inch layflat. The 3,000-lb. capacity cart is equiped with 23-inch scissor lift, a tilt table and built-in roll weighing. The associated core shaft support stand eliminates operating handling of the shaft and includes core shaft deflation and inflation. It takes about 2.5 minutes to unload a roll, load a new shaft, and return home or continue to the facing winder. (Booth# 5533)

Brampton Engineering (Brampton, Ont.); 905-793-3000


Servo robot fits low-ceiling production space

Wittmann Inc.’s new W 723 CS3 Series servo robots are developed specifically for production halls with low ceiling heights where the overall height, and therefore the available vertical stroke, is limited.

This new series has an efficient telescopic stroke and fast part removal capabilities and is best-suited for mounting on injection molding machines with up to 275 tons of clamping force.

With a maximum overall height of 43.5 in., the W 723 CS3 robots offer a vertical stroke of up to 47.2 in.

The moving kick-stroke design also contributes to the overall low height of the unit. Because an unlimited space for end-of-arm tooling is available in front of the vertical axis, a shorter adapter can be used and results in reduced overall height for the robot.

The W723 CS3 offers a payload of 11 lb., comes with three standard dynamic servo drives and is equipped with a freely programmable CNC 6.2 control system and can be upgraded for a
small charge to the RY touch-screen control. (Booth# 2549, Wittmann Inc.)

Nucon Wittmann Inc. (Markham, Ont.);; 888-466-8266

Mold ID added to hot runner temperature controllers

Gammaflux L.P.’s high-end line of TTC hot runner temperature control systems now include mold identification capabilities, which allows a single hot runner to be connected to up to 63 injection molds.

Because all operating data for each mold is stored in the controller, the controller can automatically identify each mold, and a menu shows operators exactly how each tool needs to be controlled.

This feature is available on Gammaflux’s TTC controllers with a PC-based operator panel with a touchscreen interface. Using an Ethernet connection, the TTC connects with a digital input mold reading module; the recipe can be identified with either a key or a cable that attaches to the mold. Mold ID software is installed onto the TTC to enable this new function; existing TTC controllers can be easily retrofitted to accept Mold ID. (Booth# 2932 )

Gammaflux L.P. (Sterling, Va.);; 800-284-4477

Control Solutions Inc. (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-8382

K-Tron revamps feeder controls, adds to Bulk Solids Pump Feeder line

The K-Tron Process Group is harmonizing the previous two levels of its SmartConnex controls into a single compact new housing, dubbed the K-Tron Control Module (KCM) feeder controls, to offer processors more flexibility and better performance.

A new multiple feeder/single line operator interface for the KCM, called K-Vision, includes a quad screen feature, and is available in multiple languages.

Additionally, K-Tron is introducing the KT12 Micro Feeder, which is tailored for processors requiring rates as low as 20 g/hr. (Booth# 1158 )

K-Tron America Inc. (Pitman, N.J.);; 856-589-0500

Separator Engineering Ltd. (Scarborough, Ont.); 416-292-8822


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