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Technology Showcase (February 01, 2006)

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Traverse robot geared to medical injection molding

HYRobotics Corp.’s TSIII-Alpha Series Traverse Robot for the medical plastics injection molding market is specifically designed for insert molding. The TSIII-Alpha Series robot comes with a touch-screen input system with insert molding and stacking programming included, a three-axis with two-axis servo wrist that makes it easier for users to change molds and adjusts for tight insert locations with an included locating pin.

HYRobotics Corp. (St. Charles, Mo.)

Advertisement; 636-578-605

Husky adds more precision to Polaris control

Husky has added several new features to its Polaris Control, giving machine operators more precise control of the injection molding process. Through a touch-screen interface, users can now access such features as profile generation and modification of recovery, injection-fill speed, injection-hold pressure and mold stroke. In addition to traditional step profiles, users can also enter profiles as curves that will result in greater accuracy, control, predictability and a wider process window.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. (Bolton, Ont.); 905-951-5000


Planetary-gear extruder increases output, flexibility

The Planetary-gear extruder has been optimized for improved flexibility and increased output. An alternative control system for processing unit enables the extruders to accommodate a wider range of applications. The barrel is cooled by water instead of oil and an electric-powered ceramic heater. The machine also offers an improved geometry of the planetary spindles and the design of the barrel segments. All of the four barrel segments are interchangeable and the spindles are shaped symmetrically so they can be reversed.

Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik GmbH

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co. Inc. (Gloucester, Mass.); 978-281-1800

PVC profile extruder has throughput to 850 lb./h.

American Maplan Corp.’s 92-mm counter-rotating extruder for PVC profiles has a maximum throughput range of 750-850 lb./h. Though throughput of 850 lb./h. is achievable, through effective screw design, the machine can also efficiently process PVC at rates of 300-600 lb./h. Additional features of the 65-hp extruder include water-filled screws for temperature control and air-cooled barrel zones that replace oil-cooling systems. The extruder also has five barrel zones, nine die-heating zones, 52 kW of heating capacity and total installed power of 119 kW. The screws rotate at 21 rpm and generate a maximum torque of 15,100 ft.-lb.

American Maplan Corp. (McPherson, Ks.); 620-241-6843

Colortronic CoExpert controls extrusion up to six processes

The CoExpert system can control up to six extruders with our without line-speed control, providing for improved product quality, reduced material usage and increased productivity. CoExpert is a Microsoft Corp. Windows-based package that is used in conjunction with Colortronic blending and feeding equipment to control the extrusion process. It can also be used on single or multi-layer applications, including wire and cable, profile, blown or cast film or sheet applications. The standard CoExpert package is for use with up to six CGC Series blending systems, and/or CFC-M Series rate monitor units without a haul-off control. It controls extruder speeds, layer percentages and stores blender recipes.

Colortronic North America Inc. (Flint, Mich.)

Romark Technologies Corp. (Toronto) 416-923-3782


Surpass PE has improved toughness, processability

Nova Chemical’s Surpass FPs016-C high-performance polyethylene, developed for blown film applications, is made to offer improved toughness and processability. An octene polyethylene — the product is produced with Nova Chemical’s Sclairtech technology — which proprietary single-site catalyst that makes the resin easy to process. The melt strength of Surpass FPs016-C provides bubble stability, and demonstrates superior strength during ‘hot track’ tests, a key benefit for high-speed packaging lines. It is available in sample or commercial quantities.

Nova Chemicals Corp. (Mississauga, Ont.); 888-750-4002


Portable granulators go beside-the-press

Sterling’s SS Series Screenless granulator combines its low-speed energy savings with primary and secondary blades giving users a consistent regrind.

Uniform regrind flows more consistently in production and moves more easily through materials handling systems. The SS Series comes with several cutting chamber sizes of 10×9 in., 10.5×13.5 in. and 18.5×15.5 in. The SS Series’ compact footprint allows compatibility with existing equipment and reduces space necessary for most regrind applications. A quick-inspect hopper view window/swivel caster allows for quick positioning in small areas.

Sterling (

CNSmith Plastics Machinery Sales Inc. (Georgetown, Ont.)


Equipment Resources NW (Western Canada)


Static wire adds strength to Novaflex hose

The Novaflex Group has released an extruded thermoplastic urethane (TPU) vacuum hose with static wire that is specifically designed for handling abrasive materials in a vacuum. The TPU VAC SW Hose is a lightweight, flexible alternative to heavy-walled PVC and rubber hoses, and offers improved abrasion resistance. With the addition of the imbedded copper static wire, the hose can be grounded to eliminate static electricity build-up while transferring materials. The hose features all-weather construction and is resistant to ozone and UV light. It is available in sizes ranging from three inches to eight inches, with larger sizes upon request. Rated for full vacuum.

The Novaflex Group (Whitby, Ont.); 800-563-3539

Dual-track conveyor for multiple in-line work

Conveyor Technologies’ Dual Track Precision Indexing Conveyor delivers single-track positioning accuracy with dual-track versatility. The open-centre design permits a variety of in-line operations, while the dual tracks allows for the movement of smaller parts on each belt or large parts up to 10 lb. and 24 in. in length, across both belts.

The conveyor’s patented FlexLoc Convertible Holder System provides +/-0.01-inch-positioning tolerance in multiple axes for mounted part holders.

Available in 12-18-24-in. widths, the dual-track, open-centre design accommodates forming or punching heads, assembly fixtures, inspection and testing stations, laser printing equipment, and tag and label application equipment. Various stations, combined with single- or multiple-pitch indexing, enable single or multiple parts per index.

Conveyor Technologies Ltd.; 513-248-0063

Mobile Easypick GoKart improves picking accuracy

FKI Logistex’s Easypick GoKart mobile picking cart is made to streamline picking operations, enhance picker productivity and increase order accuracy by allowing batch or cluster picking of slower-moving items that traditionally caused picking errors. The GoKart combines advanced pick-to-light components from FKI Logistex with wireless LAN capability and RF scanning. The units integrate with installed ne
tworks and warehouse management systems.

FKI Logistex (St. Louis, Mo.); 877-935-4564


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