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Technology Showcase (January 01, 2006)

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Auxiliary Equipment

Two Stage Robotic Tape Systems reduce tooling costs

Two Stage Innovation Inc.’s Robotic Tape Systems have captured the attention of both OEMs and automotive Tier One exterior trim suppliers.

These systems automatically apply adhesion promoters with built-in error proofing, then they apply the two-sided foam tapes to the part. Long flash-off times can be accommodated without using more floor space or reducing throughput.


Available head sizes range from five mm to 20 mm, the robotical application lets the users handle straight as well as very complex curved parts in one cell, which can let users eliminate die cuts.

Empty heads are automatically sent for replenishment without causing cell downtime. Standard 180-degree rotate tables and interchangeable fixtures reduce change-out time and tooling costs for new product launches.

Two Stage Innovation Inc. (Milton, Ont.); 905-876-3999

Motan’s Metro loaders

Motan Inc.’s latest generation of METRO system loaders for centralized conveying systems as well its single-phase METRO standalone conveyers can be reconfigured to meet a plastics processor’s changing requirements with simple component changes

Units are available in both hopper and machine mountable versions with capacities ranging from 0.5 L to 30 L.

All models have a hinged lid for easy access and clean out from above, and material and vacuum hoses and valves are fitted to the body of the unit. Air houses and cables are housed in a multi-function panel and the solenoid valves are similarly protected.

Most models have a choice between a stainless steel or glass hopper body. Also, a removable material inlet socket with a special glass inlet flap is available for extremely abrasive materials. An airtight material discharge housing makes METRO suitable for clean room conditions.

Motan Inc. (Plainwell, Mich.)

Dier International (Unionville, Ont.) 905-474-9874

Plastic preform holders facilitate colour measurement

New plastic preform holders from HunterLab Instruments, a division of Hunter Associates Lab Inc., hold preforms in place allowing for consistent and repeatable measurements.

The Adjustable Transmission Preform Holder for ColorQuest XT, ColorQuest XE and UltraScan PRO, accepts transparent preforms from a minimum diameter of 10 mm to a maximum diameter of 40 mm.

The side-loading Adjustable Reflectance Preform Holder for ColorQuest XE and UltraScan PRO accepts translucent and opaque preforms from a minimum diameter of 15 mm to a maximum diameter of 40 mm. The length of the preform must be at least 50-mm.

HunterLab Instruments Inc. (Reston, Va.)

Lysack Sales Associates Ltd. (Toronto, Ont.); 416-620-9796


Profine improves flip top cap closing mechanism

Profine Mold Inc., has reduced the size of its latest flip top closing mechanism, proCLOSE, by 10 per cent, and improved the device’s reliability and performance.

ProCLOSE has an improved actuator with a simplified mechanism, and a robust hydraulic, pneumatic or electric motor. ProCLOSE can be used on any type of flip top cap application to reduce post-molding labour costs and operations.

As well, using proCLOSE could reduce overall processing time because it has a more powerful servo motor with improved reliability. It can close up to 16 parts per cycle with the ability to adjust closing force onto the part, ensuring quality and aesthetics don’t change from part to part.

Profine Molds Inc. (Oakville, Ont.); 905-829-2594


Calandrette provides alternative for PVC film extrusion

Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik has redesigned its Calandrette for extruders of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film.

Available in two sizes, the Calandrette is a three roll polishing stack that is touted as a less expensive alternative to a calender.

The Calandrette C 3.1 is designed for producing transparent or non-transparent hard and semi-hard PVC in thickness ranging from 150 um to 800 um. It has a roll width of 1,200 mm, outputs up to 600 kg/h. The larger C 8 has a roll width of 1,900 mm and a maximum output of 1,300 kg/h, and can be used to produce film gauged between 80 and 800 um. Excavation is no longer necessary to install the Calandrette C8, and handling has been improved by tilting the support stand to a 60 angle.

Additionally, the nip of the three-roll polishing stack is adjusted hydraulically. Roll bending and ax crossing are two separate functions so that a correct, stable roll nip, therefore maintaining high product quality.

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc. (Gloucester, Mass.); 978-281-1800


GLS offers cost-effective, clear, soft-touch TPE for overmolding

GLS Corp. is offering a clear, soft-touch TPE, VERSAFLEX OM 9-802CL, for overmolding for applications such as personal- and baby-care items and toys.

Not only does it provide excellent adhesion to polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS), PC/ABS and copolyester, it also offers easy processability and clarity at a low cost.

With a Shore A hardness of 40, VERSAFLEX OM9-902CL requires no drying and the clarity allows for vibrant colours. A typical loading of one to five per cent colour concentrates is recommended.

GLS Corp. (McHenry, Ill.)

M. Holland Canada Co. (Whitby, Ont.) 905-665-1168

Mitsui liquid EPDM suitable for precision moldings

Mitsui Chemicals Inc. recently launched a liquid ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer (EPDM), dubbed Mitsui EPT L series, in attempts to expand into applications such as sealing parts for electronic and electrical products.

EPT L series is a viscous liquid EPDM, which has an advantage in fluidity over solid EPDM, making it better-suited for precision moldings, such as sealing parts for electronic and electrical products, which require high accuracy in thickness.

Additionally, EPT L solidifies even at ordinary temperatures by using various modifications, which was impossible with Mitsui’s existing EPDM.

Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto, Ont.); 416-947-3830

Injection Molding

Compact Engel robot designed for 28 to 165 ton I/M machines

Engel Inc. has released a new servo robot, the ERC 13, which is available for all makes and models of injection molding machines with clamp forces from 28 to 165 U.S. tons.

The ERC 13’s hardened and precision-ground guides on a newly developed aluminum frame structure, coupled with its high-precision drive technology, ensures high positioning accuracy as well as high speeds, high durability and stability.

Capable of payloads up to 6.6 lbs., the ERC 13’s lightweight aluminum structure allows for increased speed. Additionally, its X-, Y- and Z-axis profiles are specifically designed for optimum torsional rigidity.

The machine’s compact design allows for a shorter mold opening stroke, allowing for fast cycle times. Because all axes are servo driven, they can operate simultaneously.

Engel Canada Inc. (Guelph, Ont.); 519-836-0220

AAC adds side-entry high-performance robot to Raptor line

Automated Assemblies Corp.’s Raptor SE-310 High Performance Side Entry Robot has configurations available for presses ranging from 100 to 200 tons.

It delivers molded parts at speeds of over 5.2 m per second, an
d its ultra-lightweight carbon fibre end-of-arm tooling and AAA’s Raptor InteliMotion control system combine to deliver responsive and repeatable part handling of molded parts.

For a 200-ton configuration, Raptor SE-310 has traverse strokes from 1,400 mm to 2,000 mm with a seven-kg payload. For a 350-ton configuration traverse strokes range from 2,000 mm to 2,500 mm for a 10-kg payload. Also, for a 600-ton configuration, traverse strokes range from 2,500 mm to 3,000 mm with a payload of 15 kg.

Features include floor, tabletop and overhead robot mounting options, single and double arm configurations, IML/IMD workcell solutions.

Automated Assemblies Corp. (Clinton, Mass.); 978-368-8914

Dier International Plastics, Inc. (Unionville, Ont.), 905-974-9874 (Ont., Que.)


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