Canadian Plastics

Table 1: Key Questions to Answer When Deciding on a Materials Handling Layout*

Bulk outside storage?YesNoCentralized inside material storage?YesNoBeside the process material storage?Yes...

March 1, 1999   Canadian Plastics

Bulk outside storage? Yes No
Centralized inside material storage? Yes No
Beside the process material storage? Yes No
Material Conveying Vacuum Pressure
Vacuum or pressure pumps Central Individual
Controls Central Individual
Materials Pellets Powder
Material drying Yes No
What type of drying process? Hot air Dehumidifying
Central On machine
Mobile JIT
Material blending? Yes No
What type of blending? Proportional Gravimetric
Materials to be handled Color Additives
Regrind Liquids
How to handle regrind Centralized Beside the process
Dust collection? Yes No

* Courtesy of Hamilton Avtec

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