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SWM and Associates builds partnerships for success

By Tom Venetis, editor   

SWM and Associates is looking to help Canada's plastics industry grow and compete globally by forging partnerships between some of its technology clients and plastics processors....

SWM and Associates is looking to help Canada’s plastics industry grow and compete globally by forging partnerships between some of its technology clients and plastics processors.

Scott Molnar, president of SWM and Associates in Toronto said plastics processors almost exclusively focus on running the day-to-day operations of their businesses. This has meant little time has been set aside for growing the business — all key factor for success in today’s global market.

“Many don’t have time to think about getting that new business because they are trying to survive in today’s market and business pressures,” Molnar added.

Molnar, and his business partner Mark Nagy, believes the solution is for plastics processors to build partnerships and long-term business relationships with providers of technology and solutions. These partnerships will help plactics processers identify and grow new business in emerging markets.


Newington, Conn.-based Arburg Inc., and Framingham, Mass.-based Moldflow Corp., are just some of the partners working with SWM.

Molnar added each of SWM’s solutions providers bring to the table expertise and knowledge Molnar thinks are critical for future business success of Canadian plastics processors.

“Take Arburg, for example,” Molnar said. “The company is a very strong player in multi-material mold solutions. (Arburg) can use that expertise and experience to help a client develop more innovative part designs or help improve existing part designs all of which can help that client capture and grow new business.”

For Arburg and the other technology and solutions partners, the partnerships that SWM develops with clients has the added benefit of bring new business to them, business that will be long-term and beneficial to both the client and the solutions supplier.

Ryan Stulak, director of sales, Americas with Moldflow Corp. in Pittsburgh, Pa. said his company believes in the business model Molnar and Nagy have put together, and the opportunities is provides Moldflow to lend its expertise to Canadian plastics processors.

“It brings Moldflow a group that has a solid plan for where they want to take their organization, how they want to get there and how we can benefit from that process,” Stulak added. “They are not just looking to sell a product. (SWM) is really looking to provide solutions to clients.”

SWM’s approach is first to help the processor map out its growth objectives. If a processor wants to grow rapidly in the next two to three years, SWM will identify the actions needed to reach that goal. These can include developing sales strategies to get new business, and working with SWM’s technology and solution partners to develop turnkey solutions that consolidate mold design, mold analysis and automation.

While on the surface this sounds similar to the services offered by consulting firms offers, Molnar insisted SWM is not just another consulting company.

“Many (plastics processors) have tried to outsource to consultants, but in the end, consultants are only consultants,” he said. “Many lack real-life plastics experience and they have no obligation or commitment to certain technologies. We have strategically picked partners that are well-positioned in emerging markets. We are committed to them, their technologies and solutions because they are also committed to our vision and goals for the long-term health of the Canadian plastics industry.”

Molnar previously was sales director for a major hot-runner technology firm and market manager for injection molding solutions company. Nagy was recently with a major hot runner technology firm where he was the design engineering manager and worked with customers globally.

Molnar said the expertise and experience he and Nagy bring to the table was critical in helping one Canadian plastics processor see the long-term business benefits of keeping operations in Canada instead of outsourcing to Asia.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement Molnar and Nagy could not divulge the name of the company.


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