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Modular conveyor system boosts uptime for blow molder...

Modular conveyor system boosts uptime for blow molder

When Mark Evjen first eyed a lightweight, modular conveyor system at the National Plastics Exposition (NPE) four years ago, he thought the interlocking, flexible design of the system was brilliant. But, having a tendency to equate heavy-gauge steel construction with the sturdiness he needed, Evjen also had some misgivings about the durability of a conveyor system based on plastic.

“When we look at production equipment, we tend to look for the indestructible ,” says Evjen, R&D engineer for Custom Bottle in Naugutuck, CT. “Yet the maintenance requirements and resulting downtime of heavy steel conveyors we had been using for years were causing a number of production and even safety problems for us.”

Custom Bottle is a blow molder of custom and standard containers used by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. Production runs vary, from long runs of HDPE typically used in cosmetic bottles, to short runs of custom products. It is often necessary to reconfigure or adjust the conveyors used to deliver products from various blow-molding stations downstream to packing operations.


“Considering our requirements for flexibility and serviceability, the modular conveyor system looked like a very inviting solution,” Evjen explains, “provided that it would be durable enough to run 24/7 on an ongoing basis.”

Evjen discussed his requirements with Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, manufacturer of the DynaCon Modular Conveyor System. Designed for light and medium duty applications, this unique system offers a range of standardized, interlocking conveyor modules, belts and accessories that facilitate reconfiguration, adjustment and service.

Custom Bottle decided to switch over its production conveyor systems to the modular design, a move that has provided multiple benefits. “The modular conveyor systems enable us to get our blow molded products to the packers in better shape,” Evjen says. “Also, productivity is significantly higher, because we don’t have downtime. After we acquired the modular conveyor system, downtime and repair costs dropped drastically.”

Servicing the new modular conveyors is much simpler and faster and they usually have the parts on hand or can get them overnight. “To service a DynaCon conveyor you simply pop off the two end caps, pull out a pin, and remove the entire belt,” he says. “Now we can make replacements for reasons other than repair, since there is a wide selection of belts available. You can choose a flat belt or select from a number of cleat designs, or choose a porous model, which we do for a lot of our conveyors.”

Evjen says the adjustable motors available from DynaCon enable them to regulate the speed of the conveyor as it carries products from the blow molder to the packing operation. By adjusting the motor to carry products away fast enough to keep up with output, yet slow enough to enhance product cooling, greater product integrity is assured.

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