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Plast-Ex 2007 Technology Preview

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Stationary generation system creates high-purity nitrogen

The new Series II stationary nitrogen generation system from Bauer is designed to produce high-quality, high-purity nitrogen from ambient air sources to purities as high as 99.5 per cent N2 content, at pressures up to 6,000 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). Additionally, an interactive touch screen interface and high-end PLC control system allow users the flexibility of fine-tuning the generator’s performance to meet various requirements.

Bauer Plastics Technology Group — Div. of Bauer Compressors Inc. (Clinton Township, Va.);


Control Solutions Inc. (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-8382

Booths 1209, 1215

Upgraded TCU has improved stability, appearance

The Sentra temperature control units, from Advantage Engineering Inc. (Greenwood, Ind.), have been upgraded to offer enhanced operators’ use of the units as well as improved aesthetic appearance. With dimensions of 27 inches by 12.5 inches wide by 19.5 inches deep, the new units are offered in a larger size, giving added stability during moves between various process applications. The increased stability is also useful when customer-supplied process manifolds are installed, and also permits greater flexibility when custom designs are required. Aesthetic enhancements include a thermoformed panel as the removable electrical panel cover and a removable stainless steel cover panel.

Chillers Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.);; 905-895-9667

Booth 340

Customized deflashing systems

In response to customer demand, Stanmech Technologies has developed deflashing systems that are customized for the specific needs of molders who must debur plastic resin from manufactured parts. The systems, which can be robotized, use the hot air technology of Leister Process Technologies equipment to provide precise amounts of heat for perfect flashing of every part. Precise customization to individual requirements allows molders to save time, increase productivity and lower production costs. Additionally, if customers’ needs for capacity increase, the deflashing systems offer scalability, or the capability to expand.

Stanmech Technologies Inc. (Burlington, Ont.);; 888-438-6324

Booth 325

Auto-calibrating additive feeder doses gravimetrically

Motan’s new Minicolor G is an auto-calibrating additive feeder that doses gravimetrically, allowing plastics processors to save costs by reducing masterbatch consumption. The dosing and mixing unit operates using loss-in-weight metering technology, which guarantees that the colour quantity per shot (injection molder) or throughput rate in lbs./hr (extruder) is always correctly metered. The Minicolor G is available in both a low-price S version with one dosing head, and in a high quality A version with double dosing head for masterbatch and regrind.

Motan Inc. (Plainwell, Mich.);

Dier International Plastics Inc. (Unionville, Ont.); 905-474-9874

Booth 1319

Automatic leak detector for plastic bottles

Designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, the new LD1000 leak detector from Heins PCM automatically tests for leaks in plastic bottles of various sizes and configurations. The LD1000 is easily integrated into existing production lines or as a stand-alone unit, and comes standard with PLC control and touch screen operator interface.

Heins PCM Machinery Ltd. (Brampton, Ont.);; 905-793-8088

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Low cost, high accuracy gravimetric feeder

The new MFG Series feeders, manufactured by Maguire Products, Inc. (Aston, Pa.) under a co-operative agreement with Novatec, combine the low cost of a volumetric feeder with the accuracy of a gravimetric metering system. The enhanced accuracy of the MGF feeders enables molders and extrusion processors to reduce colour and additive consumption, increase control over product quality and document colour usage for each production run. The feeders are available with throughput capacity of up to 35 lb. (16 kg) per hour and can be mounted directly to the throat of most molding machines or extruders.

Novatec Inc. (Baltimore, Md.);

Lutek Plastic Equipment Inc. (Dorval, Que.); 888-505-8835

Plastic Equipment Sales (Burlington, Ont.); 905-335-6815

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Maximizing R.O.I. for improved profitability

Nucon Wittmann has developed a strategy to help processors take full advantage of the technology available in order to maximize the performance of their systems instead of sacrificing productivity. The re-configuration of any equipment and changes in personnel often result in automation and auxiliary equipment systems not operating as originally designed, or even at all. The results can be increased cycle times, resin loss or degradation, higher scrap rates, performance loss, significant downtime and increased maintenance. With over 20 years of experience designing and installing a complete range of automation and auxiliary equipment, Nucon Wittmann can assist processors by analyzing each piece of equipment as an element of the entire plant in order to identify immediate improvements and attractive Return on Investment (R.O.I.)

Nucon Wittmann, Inc. (Markham, Ont.);; 888-466-8266

Booth 1619

Sturdy, reliable user-friendly loaders

The U Series vacuum loaders from Shini come in three styles: integral loaders, just-in-time (JIT) loaders and system loaders. All are made from polished 304 stainless steel, giving superior service in severe operating conditions. They are long-wearing, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. The integral and JIT loaders have full digital microprocessor controls. Controls are remote for ease of operation. Brush wear alarms signal when the motor brushes need to be changed, and prolong the life of the motor. The units are also equipped with filter cleaning and material shortage alarms.

Shini Plastics Technologies (Canada) Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-565-1602

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High performance temperature controllers

The STM Series water and oil mold temperature controllers are available in 20 size ranges of heating capacity, pressures and flow. All water units are equipped with a stainless steel pump and non-ferrous piping. The oil units are equipped with a high pressure, high temperature Speck pump. Standard features on all units are: main system disconnect switch, pressure gauges, tool less entry for servicing, Omron PID controller, audible fault alarm with LED diagnostics, casters for portability, all fully enclosed in an epoxy-coated cabinet.

Hamilton Avtec Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-590-5546

Booth 1335

Small gravimetric blender provides accurate measurement

With a 2-4 component blender, the new BD 150 Series gravimetric blender from AEC can process material at a rate of 10-150 lbs./hr (0.5-68 kgs/hr). The units come standard with a stainless steel material supply hopper with machined access door and a removable weigh hopper that provides quick colour changes. A safety-interlocked access system shuts off air and electricity if the mixer door is opened and an adjustable slide gate stroke limiter is provided for accurate metering of minor ingredients. Additionally, the BD 150 units come with an Allen-Bradley PLC-based blender controller that can store up to 20 recipes and can accurately meter up to six ingredients.

AEC Inc. (Schaumburg, Ill.);

Equiplas (Toronto); 416-407-5456

Booth 1725

Welder engineered to provide maximum rigidity

Sonics & Materials Inc. are showing the new X-Press 20 kHz integrated welder, an all-in-one super-rigid ultrasonic welding press with a built-in ultrasonic generator and microprocessor. The press features a single-piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and column hub, easy-access front panel pneumatic control and microprocessor keypad. The X-Press is engineered to provide maximum rigidity and user-friendly convenience. To further simplify radial horn alignment, a high-efficiency snap-in converter rotates 360. A threaded positive stop provides for fine adjustment and limits the downward travel of the horn. The unit is available in 1200 watts (model XP-1200) and 220 watts (model XP-2200), and welds in digital time and/or constant energy modes.

Sonics & Materials, Inc. (Newtown, Conn.);

Interfaced Technologies, Inc. (St. Catherines, Ont.); 905-988-9724

Booth 510

Rotary grinder replaces shredders and granulators

Vecoplan’s ReTech RG52K rotary grinder replaces both shredders and granulators and operates at a fraction of their maintenance costs. The grinder handles large rejects and purging without prior reduction and delivers consistently sized, usable particles in one pass. This safe, low speed, low horsepower, low noise machine features a quick clean-out design, optimized “positive-feed” controls, oversized outboard rotor shaft bearings and employs an advanced single-cutting rotor with cutter inserts for extremely long wear. A limited lifetime warranty on the rotor cylinder and shaft comes standard with the product.

Vecoplan, LLC (High Point, NC);

Greg Parent (Toronto, Ont.); 416-678-0154

Booth 1735

Hand-fed granulator saves space

The WO-1442 back feed granulator from Rotogran is ideal for in-plant recycling of long, light parts. This new model has a feedthroat opening only 72 inches off the floor, so that hand feeding of parts up to eight feet long is possible without the use of a platform or conveyor. This saves valuable floor space in the plant. An innovative fly-back control within the hopper prevents scrap from flying back in the face of the operator. The unit is completely soundproofed and is powered with a 60-hp motor.

Rotogran International Inc. (Concord, Ont.);; 905-738-0101

Booth 1719

Modular conveyors assume any position

The DynaCon conveyor system from Dynamic Conveyor allows quick changes, right on the manufacturing floor, which permits the conveyor length to grow or shrink in increments as small as six inches. Plants can specify DynaCon conveyors from 4 inches to 72 inches wide and 2 feet to 100 feet long and then easily add or subtract modules, as manufacturing needs change. The versatility of this conveyor system allows for a single, continuous conveyor to run straight, turn laterally, incline and/or decline. The ability to reconfigure allows for lateral turns, inclines and declines to be added or removed within minutes on the manufacturing floor without changing the overall length of the conveyor.

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation (Muskegon, Mich.);

Plastics Machinery Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.); 905-895-5054

Booth A1

New expandable chiller units

Temperature Corporation will display two high-efficiency chillers. The ACP-10H indoor-air cooled portable chiller, available from 1.5 to 20 tons, requires less electrical power to deliver the same capacity or tonnage as older chillers. And the W050DZW modular chiller is available from 20 to 50 tons, and comes with new, ozone-friendly 407C refrigerant. This chiller is suitable for plant-wide chilling systems and is pre-piped for easy installation. The W050DZW is also easily expanded as the plant grows, without shutting down the existing water system to install new chillers.

Temperature Corporation (Markham, Ont.);; 905-513-8310

Booth 1526

Diverter valves for vacuum, pneumatic conveying systems

Lorenz’s 2, 3 or 4 Way Diverter Valves are designed to divert and purge plastics pellet and resin lines automatically for vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems. A lightweight aluminum-sealed housing and polished stainless steel blade provide durability and corrosion resistance, and unobstructed flow improves system performance and product degradation. Additionally, choices of inlet and outlet materials and coupling connections enhance the flexibility of the valve.

Lorenz & Son (Cobourg, Ont.);; 800-263-1942

Booth 1415

Clean water cooling tower controls contamination

By ensuring the process water supply is controlled and free of corrosive elements, Berg’s Clean Water Cooling Tower Systems maintain quality water and reduce process contamination, thereby providing low startup costs and energy usage. The process water is separated from the cooling tower water by a heat exchanger. Scale formation, deposition and microorganism growth is contained in the cooling tower water side, which can be controlled by water-treatment and bleed-off. All heat-exchanged surfaces in production will be clean and maintenance-free.

Berg Chilling Systems Inc. (Toronto);; 416-755-2221

Booth 246


Fast-cycling machine for thin-wall parts

The new Speed line of injection molding machines from Engel have been developed for the production of thin-wall parts for the packaging, medical and teletronics industries. The in-line injection units deliver injection speeds in excess of 1,000 mm/sec.; and the barrier screws of the plasticizing units, optimized for the processing of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS), ensure a high output rate. Available from 135 to 650 metric tons, the machines come standard with a five-point double toggle clamping unit that combines dynamic movement with gentle acceleration and deceleration.

Engel Canada Inc. (Guelph, Ont.);; 519-836-0220

Booth 1639

All-electric machine offers energy savings

Negri Bossi’s new RED Series of all-electric machines offer energy savings in excess of 35 per cent compared to traditional presses. Ranging in sizes from 70 – 6,000 metric tons, the RED line come standard with a unified press bed, injection head lubricant and cooling station, integrated piston control centre, new protection guides and an easy access machine nozzle. Additionally, the machines feature CanBus fully digital control system and Amico wireless support network.

Negri Bossi Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.);

Booths 1615, 1701

Economical hydraulic toggle machine

The 141 U.S. ton HTW 128 model hydraulic toggle injection molding machine from Absolute Haitian combines economics with a wide range of features. The unit is outfitted standard with SPI robot interface, two core-pulls, four air circuits, auto-purge, automatic lubrication, auto die height, premium filtration and eject-on-the-fly capability. Additionally, the HTW 128 is backed by a two-year complete parts and labour warranty and can be delivered to the customer’s factory for US$60,200, delivery costs included.

Absolute Haitian Corporation (Worcester, Mass.);

Global Plast
ic Machinery Inc. (Uxbridge, Ont.); 905-852-4823

Lutek Plastic Equipment Inc. (Dorval, Que.); 888-505-8835

Booth 285

New all-electric machine for Canadian market

Sumitomo will debut its direct-drive all-electric SE-DU Series (18 to 180 metric tons) for the Canadian market with the demonstration of a 100-ton machine running a 16-cavity syringe mold. To maintain the precision of the thin-wall ? cc syringes, the machine will be equipped with Sumitomo’s SK-II control option, which eliminates back flow during screw pull back, improves shot density control by pre-set pressure and forward screw speed and achieves superior levels of injection fill precision (shot weight and density) and peak pressure stability.

Sumitomo Plastics Machinery (Norcross, Ga.);

Plastics Machinery Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.); 905-895-5054

Booth A1, 301

Highly accurate for micro molding

Specialized machinery for manufacturing miniature components is based on a variety of design concepts. The main criteria for determining the choice of machinery are the shot weights, tolerance and gate system that achieve a processing window four to five times wider than conventional technology. Microsystem 50 from Battenfeld provides a combination of plasticizing in the screw with plunger injection to produce minimal part weights with greater accuracy. This unit is ideal for molders that require a complete system with extensive peripheral equipment, including quality assurance, handling, packaging and clean room facilities.

Battenfeld of Canada Limited (Mississauga, Ont.);

Dier International Plastics Inc. (Unionville, Ont.); 905-474-9874

Industries Laferrire (Mascouche, Que.); 450-477-8880

Booth 1755

All-electric machine runs with monitoring system

Manufacturers can view a demonstration of Toshiba’s EC45NII all-electric injection molding machine, integrated with an eDart monitoring system from RJG Inc. (Traverse City, Mich.), which will be producing high-precision parts. Their new, user-friendly interface and communications software results in part repeatability. Demos will run continuously during the show.

Toshiba Machinery Machine Co. Ltd. (Toronto);

BBS Technologies Inc. (Vaughan, Ont.); 905-660-6615

Booth 516

New addition to all-electric series

Maruka-Toyo has expanded its Toyo Series Si-III all-electric injection molding machines with the addition of the new 250-ton Si-250III-H370U unit. Designed for custom molders in particular, the H370U provides precision molding, accuracy of movement (measured to the third decimal point), repeatability of process and energy savings.

Maruka U.S.A. (Rockaway, N.J.);

Automatisation S.A.B. Inc. (Varennes, Que.); 450-652-9767

Booth 1501


Versatile twin-screw extruder for compounding

Designed to cover a wide range of plastics operations, the STS (standard twin-screw) extruder from Coperion is well suited for additives, concentrates, engineering resins, colour master-batches and other compounding processes. Featuring a German gearbox, an U.K. safety coupling and other top quality parts, the unit can deliver from 150 to 2,500 kgs/hr to meet the most stringent quality standards. Additionally, the STS is CE certified.

Coperion Corporation (Ramsey, N.J.);

Auxiplast (Ste-Julie, Que.); 450-922-0282

Stephen Sales Group (Markham, Ont.); 905-940-5577

Booth 1835

Roll stand system for film & sheet

Davis-Standard’s XP Express pre-engineered roll stand system offers a full range of sheet and packaging applications, including capabilities for lamination, solution coating, auxiliary cooling, slitting and trimming, embossing and protective film. It is equipped with high-speed features for thin gauge applications and can be configured in an upstack, downstack, offset top or offset bottom arrangement with roll cooling for three, four or five rolls. Custom models and options are available for both custom sheet applications (“CS”) and packaging applications (“PS”).

Davis-Standard, LLC (Pawcatuck, Conn.);

Auxiplast Inc. (Sainte-Julie, Que.); 450-922-0282

Stephen Sales Group (Markham, Ont.); 905-940-5577

Booth 1835

Twin-screw lab extruder reaches high rotary speeds

The stand-alone TSE 20/40 extruder from C.W. Brabender is a self-contained twin-screw extrusion system with an integrated motor that allows it to reach a higher rotary speed (max. 600-rpm) than a twin-screw extruder powered by a drive-unit. The unit’s modular screw design enables the operator to optimize the compounding application by utilizing various kneading, mixing and shear elements of the screws. The segmented screw elements are interchangeable and can be realigned to adapt to a specific application. The TSE 20/40 also utilizes the latest technology in CAN Field-Bus data communication.

C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc. (South Hackensack, N.J.);; 201-343-8425

Booth 262

Maximize output with dual line systems

Dual line downstream extrusion systems from CDS maximize throughput for profiles and smaller diameter pipe. They offer the ability to run two of the same applications or two different applications simultaneously. Other benefits are quicker changes of tooling and significant savings in floor space.

CDS — Custom Downstream Systems (Lachine, Que.);; 877-633-1993

Booth 1601

Automatic air ring ensures thickness control

Macro Engineering & Technology is introducing the D10 Automatic Air Ring, an advanced thickness control system that guarantees gauge control without negatively affecting bubble stability and cooling performance.

An updated design of the D10 air ring series, the D10 Automatic Air Ring incorporates intelligent control software, a thickness sensor on an oscillating ring and a touch screen interface. The initial set up of the air ratio between the primary and secondary lips is performed the same way as the conventional D10 Dual Lip Air Ring. Thickness correction is achieved by adjusting the airflow on each of the vanes using a valve activated by a stepper motor. The airflow through the vanes is laminar, preventing significant mixing of the air streams as they exit the primary lip and ensuring precise localized thickness corrections.

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-507-9000

Booth 405


PET blow mold machine makes bigger bottles

W. Amsler Equipment’s L22x polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stretch blow-molding machine has been extended to be able to produce five-litre bottles. This development allows the production of 2,400 of the large bottles an hour, and a minimum of 3,000 0.5-litre lightweight water bottles an hour. In addition to the five-litre bottle option, the basic L22x machine can use existing molds from most other machines including “round” molds of up to two-litre capacity and up to 70mm-wide mouth sizes.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 905-707-6704

Booth 1515


Hot runner wiring made simple

With Athena’s new pre-wired 5, 8, 12-zone mold junction box for hot runner wiring, each box is completely assembled, pre-w
ired with marked zones, and contains terminal strips for accurate wiring. Boxes contain a 25-pin power connector for 15 AMP/240 zones, a 10- 16- or 24-pin thermocouple connector, and feature an innovative design that makes hot runner wiring fast, easy, and logical. Changeovers are quick and troubleshooting can be done while the mold is still in the press.

Athena Controls, Inc. (Plymouth Meeting, Pa.);

Process Heaters Inc. (Toronto); 877-747-8250

Booth 1522

Affordable way to contain bad parts

By eliminating some of the more advanced features of the original eDART, RJG Inc. offers its new eDART flx containment system for a price that’s approximately 45 per cent less. The new system offers many of the same features of the original eDART, including automatic sensor recognition and scaling, auto-zeroing of cavity pressure sensors, automatic job selection and simple, robust hook-ups with no mix up of inputs or complicated cabling. Molding problems can be analyzed quickly by interpreting cycle and summary graph data. Additionally, the system can control the timing of conveyors, flippers or robots, and provides sorting into good, bad and suspect parts. The eDART flx is also fully upgradeable to the functionality of the standard eDART.

RJG Inc. (Traverse City, Mich.);; 231-947-3111

KLA Enterprises (Kitchener, Ont.); 519-204-8316

Booth 1530

New line of pressure transducers

Melt-pressure transducers manufactured by GP:50 have a unique “minimal motion design” that allows for a more robust sensor and a thicker tip diaphragm. The result is a superior linearity, reduced failures and reduced cost. Improvements to the stem area were derived from aerospace technologies. These transducers will stand up to harsh environments. Another benefit is the cold start feature, which allows a technician to take the unit right off the shelf. Having been calibrated at ambient temperature, they will stay on spec when brought up to process temperature.

GP:50 (Grand Island, NY);

Acetronic Industrial Controls Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.); 800-803-8871

Booth 530

Touch screen and PLC in one

The new NSJ — Visual Hybrid Controller (VHC) from Omron combines visualization, control systems, open-field networks, innerbus technology, IT networks and self-diagnostics on a single, integrated, compact device. Benefits include: reduction in hardware costs; fewer number of devices to install, commission and maintain; faster installation time; improved diagnostics; smaller panel size; reduced design time; improved product time to market; and lower operational costs. The NSJ Series surpasses current factory automation technology without compromising speed or performance, reliability, security, quality, maintainability, expandability or ease of use.

Omron Canada Inc. (Toronto);; 416-208-4969

Booth 227

New modular controller ideal for extrusion

The new SRZ DIN rail mounted high-density modular system has a sample cycle time of 250ms and provides an accuracy of 0.2 per cent. The control method is selectable between position proportional control and cascade control, in addition to the typical heat only and heat/cool methods. The control’s enhanced PID II algorithm for tuning achieves a quick rise/drop to setpoint and with greater protection from overshoot/undershoot caused by external disturbances. Designed for mounting on the inside of an instrument panel, it is an excellent solution for adding multi-zone PID temperature control to new equipment or retrofitting existing control panels.

RKC Instruments (South Bend, Ind.);

Acetronic Industrial Controls Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.); 800-803-8871

Booth 530

Free gauge analysis of material samples

SolveTech’s systems on display will include the Precision Profiler and the BF200 blown film-gauging system. SolveTech offers both on and off line systems to accurately measure thickness of plastic film and other non-conductive materials. All systems are non-nuclear and non-contact and offer a high degree of precision and accuracy. Show visitors are invited to bring material samples to the booth for a free analysis.

SolveTech Inc. (Wilmington, Del.);

Control Solutions Inc. (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-8382

Booth 1211


Portable colour and gloss measurement

The CM-2500d from Konica-Minolta is a portable integrating sphere spectrophotometer incorporating numerical gloss control. It allows measurement in any position. It is compact, lightweight, and has an easy-to-operate navigation wheel and large LCD display. The unit promotes accurate, consistent colour communication. It conforms to widely accepted industry standards and allows measurements in all popular colour spaces.

Konica-Minolta Canada (Mississauga, Ont.,);

Folio Instruments Inc. (Kitchener, Ont.); 800-767-9695, ext. 24

Booth 114

Hazardous substances testing service

Integrity Testing Laboratory has a full testing service in Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliance of parts and materials for electronic and plastic industries. This service includes bromine and hexavalent chromium testing. In addition, Integrity can provide a full range of thermal analysis, including DSC, TGA, TMA and DTA, plus unique surface modification processes for plastics and polymers.

Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (Markham, Ont.);; 905-415-2207

Booth 126

Electrodynamic test instruments

The new ElectroPuls family of electrodynamics test instruments incorporate patent-pending technologies that can perform both static and dynamic testing of a wide variety of materials and components. The instruments are powered from a single-phase electrical supply and are entirely air-cooled. They feature T-slot table for flexible test set-ups, electrically operated crosshead lifts and a host of other user-oriented features. Two different system capacities are available — the E1000 (1000 N) and E3000 (3000 N). The models have been designed to meet the demands of laboratories that require hassle-free installation, high performance, robustness and flexibility in their test systems.

Instron Canada (Burlington, Ont.);; 800-461-9123

Booth 1318

In-line colour checking spots problems early

The VeriColor Spectro from X-Rite is a non-contact spectrophotometer that provides in-line colour measurement for a variety of processes, including injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. The company notes a growing preference for controlling colour quality during production via colour-measurement devices that can be installed in-line. This approach catches problems early, before hundreds of off-colour parts need to be scrapped. Introduced in 2006, VeriColor Spectro rounds out a product line that also includes hand-held and bench-top colour measurement devices, as well as a full suite of formulation and quality control software.

X-Rite (Grandville, Mich.);; 800-248-9748

Booth 523


Product changeovers in under ten minutes

Based on the Master Unit Die (MUD) quick-change system, D-M-E’s adapter frame system can reduce downtime by as much as 75 per cent and initial new tooling costs by as much as 66 per cent. The system works with any standard mold base in any molding machine of up to 500-ton capacity. Installation is as si
mple as clamping the adapter frame to the platens of any molding machine. Companion ear plates are bolted to the standard mold bases to be interchanged in the machine. This readies both the machine and standard mold bases for production changeovers in less than ten minutes.

D-M-E of Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-387-6600

Booth A2

Advanced mold & process optimization tool

Beaumont Technology Inc. will be introducing its MeltFlipper and MAX (multi-axis) technologies to the Canadian market, along with a preview of the company’s upcoming iMarc in-mold adjustable rheological control system. The MeltFlipper melt rotation technology balances filling in hot and cold runner applications. The iMarc systems have the ability to adjust the melt flow from the parting line of the tool without the need to change gate locations, part geometry or process conditions.

Beaumont Technology Inc. (Erie, Pa.);; 814-899-6390

Booth 1405

Blow mold manufacturer expands R&D centre

Moldmaker Compact Mould has expanded its R&D centre in Brampton, Ont. The facility first opened in March 2006 with one extrusion blow molding machine. Since then, three more blow molding machines have been added, one each for injection stretch blow molding, stretch blow molding and injection blow molding. The machines are available for Compact Mould’s customers to test new molds. For example, they can try different types of necks, bottle geometry, a new cavity shape, or a different resin. Established in 1972, Compact Mould manufactures extrusion blow molds, stretch blow molds and injection blow molds. The company is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

Compact Mould Ltd. (Woodbridge, Ont.);; 905-851-7724

Booth 426

Nozzle with temperature control for tips

J-Tech HotRunner has introduced the Multi Tip Hot Runner Nozzle with individual temperature control for each nozzle tip. The nozzle can have two tips (up to a maximum of six tips) with a minimum length of 40 mm and a circular pitch of 30 mm. The made-in-Canada nozzle has an operating voltage of 220-240V, and the thermocouples are J-Type. The nozzle can be used as a single unit (pictured) or with a manifold. Heaters, thermocouples and nozzle tips are replaceable.

J-Tech HotRunner Inc. (Caledon Village, Ont.);; 866-267-5832

Booth 1316

Machining solution for moldmakers

Hasco’s Hot Base concept takes the company’s area of competence — mold and tool design, hot runner technology and special machining — and packages and strategically integrates them. The fully-customized solution covers the whole process, from project management and the creation of the tooling concept to sample production. The mold inserts and form cavity plates are provided by the moldmaker as part of the project, and the Hot Base mold module and cavities are combined to form a finished mold base during final assembly. The Hot Base allows the moldmaker to concentrate entirely on the production of the core and cavities.

Hasco Canada (Scarborough, Ont.);; 416-293-5044

Booth 429

Date stamp simplifies year-end changeovers

Progressive Components has added date stamps with raised lettering to its extensive mold marking product line. Raised lettering on a date stamp results in a smooth, flat part surface. Because there is no height variation during plug rotation, the plastic part wall thickness remains consistent. This series of daters makes year-end changeovers easy. The centre plug is removable from the parting line, and marked with the “Progressive” logo for the easy identification of replacement parts. The company has also released multi-daters that require no yearly changeovers, and the LG Series with raised lettering for large structural foam molds and blow molds.

Progressive Components Canada, Ltd. (Toronto);; 1-800-269-6653

Booth 133

New valve gate hot runner solution

The Accu-Valve CX and EX designs from Mold-Masters bring industry-proven solutions for valve gating of commodity and engineered resins together with a wide range of valve actuation options. Hydraulic, pneumatic and syncro designs of valve actuation units minimize cavity spacing and overall mold size. Small profile nozzles are utilized to access smaller parts or difficult to reach gating surfaces. The Accu-Valve CX, for commodity resins, utilizes open flow channels in its patent pending design, providing accelerated melt flow and dispersion with virtually no dead or blind spots in the constant guiding mechanism. And for engineered resins, it provides precise gate area thermal conditions.

Mold-Masters Ltd. (Georgetown, Ont.);; 905-877-0185

Booth 1901

Prehardened stainless steel molds

Schmolz+Bickenbach Canada will feature two stainless mold steels. Thyroplast PHX Supra is stainless precipitation-hardening plastic mold steel supplied in the prehardened condition (38-42 RC). PHX Supra is intended for use in core and cavity inserts. This remelted (ESR) material exhibits excellent polishability, maximum corrosion resistance, good dimensional stability and mechanical strength. Corroplast is stainless mold base steel supplied in the prehardened condition (32-36 RC). This material is intended for use in injection mold frames and hot runner components where maximum corrosion resistance is required. Corroplast exhibits excellent machinability and dimensional stability in addition to improved welding characteristics.

Schmolz+Bickenbach Canada Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 416-675-5941

Booth 801

Cutting delivery time to tool makers

By increasing the cutting speed of their Friggi 600 x 2,000 vertical bandsaw, Sorel Forge Co. has also increased the speed of delivery of cut steel blocks by a day or more. The company can cut blocks up to 24 inches thick, with close tolerances due to the saw’s blade deviation. They can make slices that are 0.5 inches thick and form blocks that are 10 inches to 24 inches thick. The Friggi vertical bandsaw can be programmed with up to 100 different speeds and feeds based on size and grade of material. Additionally, it can perform multiple cuts of various sizes from a single piece.

Sorel Forge Co. (St.-Joseph-de-Sorel, Que.);

Sorel Forge Co. Brampton Service Centre (Brampton, Ont.); 905-457-2501

Booths 520, 522

New hot sprue nozzle, valve gate sequencing controller

Osco, Inc. will display two new developments at Plast-Ex 2007, a new hot sprue nozzle and an improved valve gate sequencing controller.

The hot sprue nozzle, HSN MINI, is a very small hot sprue designed to fit into the unit die systems M-U-D and F-I-T-S. With an overall nozzle length of just 1.875 inches, it permits the use of hot sprues in small mold inserts. This size is also the most common size for unit die cavity inserts. And the company’s VGS valve gate sequencing controller has just been improved, to be smaller, quieter and more energy efficient, which saves money. It now uses 120 VAC. Its touch-screen monitor allows for mold storage and ease of use. It can be used to control either hydraulic or pneumatic valve gate systems, which don’t have to be an Osco valve gate. Additional features are standard time-based control with optional linear position as well as cavity pressure signalling.

Osco Inc. (Rochester Hills, Mich.);; 800-499-6726

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Nylon designed for injection molding

The Rilsan Clear G350 from Arkema high-performance transparent polyamide (nylon) has been specifically designed for injection molding applications. Rilsan Clear is ideally suited for optics such as high-end eyewear frames and offers full transparency, high flexibility and easy processing and chemical resistance. This polyamide is tough and durable and offers high elasticity and comfort with lightness and high flexibility.

Arkema Canada Inc. (Oakville, Ont.);; 905-827-9841

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Additive helps with mold release

Croda Canada will showcase four new developments in additives for the polymer industries: Incromold, Incromax, Crodamide and Atmer. Incromold is a range of internal mold-release additives. Added to polyolefin resins, they continuously help to release the part from the mold without having to stop the machine periodically and spray mold release onto the mold. Incromax is a range of mold release additives for PET, polystyrene and polycarbonates, and gives the same benefits as Incromold does. Crodamide is a range of slip and anti-block products for films. Atmer is a range of anti-static and anti-fog additives for films and injection-molded items.

Croda Canada Ltd. (Vaughan, Ont.);; 905-886-1383

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Wide selection of polymers, technical services

PolyOne Distribution, a supplier of resins for more than 20 major chemical companies, offers a wide selection of polymers and technical services.

Capabilities include material selection, technical development, quality control, parts design, laboratory testing and storage. As another service, a monthly customer enewsletter is available.

PolyOne Distribution Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-405-0003

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New vision-enhancing coatings

Exxene Corporation is making available its new Foto-Klear, an improved, light-responsive coating that provides rapid colour change in response to sunlight. This ‘self-darkening’ technology changes colour when outdoors, and becomes clear again upon returning indoors. The coating also blocks UV radiation, improving both clarity and visibility. Foto-Klear offers rapid colour change, depth of colour, and good hardness. Exxene will also exhibit See-Klear, a new anti-fog coating that will effectively prevent fogging in extreme humidity or wetness. See-Klear is useful for water sports equipment, windows, windshields, safety eyewear, full-face shields and self-contained breathing apparatus. This coating prevents fogging, improves vision and helps prevent accidents.

Exxene Corporation (Corpus Christi, Tex.);; 361-991-8391

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Enhanced purging compound

Dyna-Purge is introducing a new and improved Dyna-Purge M, a commerical purging compound that provides dual-action scrubbing power fast and efficiently. The most versatile of the ten grades of Dyna-Purge, the latest formulation is ideal for use with a wide range of resins to purge injection molding, extrusion or blow molding equipment. It cuts downtime, reduces scrap and lowers purging costs compared to using in-house resins and regrinds or other commercail purging products.

Dyna-Purge — Division of Shuman Plastics Inc. (Depew, N.Y.);; 716-685-2121 or 416-283-2427

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CPSC offers two new virtual programs

The Canadian Plastics Sector Council (CPSC) has launched two new programs designed to assist both employers and employees in the plastics industry. The certification program is a web-based tool that allows workers to measure their skills against national occupational standards. An online self-assessment is reviewed by at least three peer evaluators to ensure that a candidate has met the industry standard. CPSC has also launched the Virtual Human Resource Department, which helps employers deal with issues in the increasingly complex field of human resources within the plastics sector. The system is filled with information that will help the small- to medium-sized business get answers to a variety of human-resource problems.

Canadian Plastics Sector Council (Ottawa, Ont.);; 613-231-4470

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