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Plast-Ex 2004 Show-In-Print: Injection Molding


April 1, 2004   Canadian Plastics


Boy Machines is exhibiting its new 35 VV vertical series injection molding machines for fully automated molding of inserts and continuous production lines. The 35 VV, which comes with vertical clamping and vertical injection unit, is designed for precision molding, and can be adapted to handle liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts. The two-platen clamping unit offers 90 rotation, which ensures that the insert molded parts will not slip during the clamping stage.

Open space on the rear table permits easy addition of auxiliary equipment including robotics and automation cells. Two models are available. The 35 A VV comes with Boy’s most advanced control system, the color touchscreen interactive Procan CT. The 35 M VV uses Boy’s backlit flat panel Procan MD microprocessor control.

Boy Machines Inc. 610-363-9121


Husky has helped the industry make significant gains in productivity using innovative technologies and automation solutions as part of a turnkey approach to injection molding.

The Hylectric, available from 130 to 1,110 tons, is the company’s new standard for hybrid injection molding. Hylectric machines combine the efficiency of an electric screw drive with the speed and pressure of hydraulic injection. Compared to competitive machines, the Hylectric offers increased productivity, better reliability and energy efficiency.

Additional Husky injection molding technologies such as the Index preform production system, SwingChutes in-mold automation, Tandem multi-mold carrier technology and Thixosystems for molding of magnesium parts continue to provide processors with the most advanced, cost-effective molding solutions for today’s global market.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. 905-951-5050


Engel’s Watermelt water injection technology is ideal for molding larger diameter, hollow-core geometric shapes and parts not economically suitable for making by conventional gas-assist processes. Compared with air, water is incompressible and has the ability to remove 40 times more heat from the part. Cooling times can be up to 75% faster. The technology also allows for part cavities with thinner, more uniform residual wall thicknesses and smoother surfaces, in comparison to gas assist.

For injection of water, Engel developed special hydraulically activated injectors, taking advantage of their extensive know-how of the process. The Watermelt unit serves as the base for the Watermelt production cell. A three-plunger pump, driven by a frequency controlled motor, provides precise control over the injected water.

Engel Canada Inc.519-836-0220


The NEX all-electric injection molding machine from Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. is equipped with the new TACT controller, claimed to be the fastest in the industry with a 100 micro-second scanning speed. The high speed of the controller results in stable, high-speed molding and excellent repeatability. The controller is also capable of storing up to 300 mold/job setups in its internal memory. The machine is capable of maintaining highly precise back pressure by direct detection of the screw’s rotational force. It is available with any combination of 13 injection units and nine clamping mechanisms, which permits it to meet a wide range of processing requirements, from micro-precision molding to multi-cavity and large-part molding.

En-plas Inc. 416-286-5961


Sulzer Injection Blenders can be easily retrofitted to any injection molding machine and are manufactured according to your connection specifications. Because they’re installed directly into the nozzle of your machine, no further machining is necessary. A blender generally contains 4 to 6 mixing elements that homogenize the melt during the injection phase. The degree of mixing of the system is increased by a factor of 5 of 12, ensuring a uniform melt.

Sulzer Chemical USA, Inc. 732-681-3692


The all-digital VE-160 Elma is an all-electric machine with a revolutionary design based on patented twin-servo, motor-driven Gleason gears to actuate all injection sequences. As with other machines in the Elma series, the 175-ton machine is equipped with liquid-cooled motors. The machine does not limit back pressure or hold time, delivering injection speeds and pressures that are superior to hydraulic machines.

Negri Bossi will also showcase Twinshot single screw co-injection technology on an all-digital V370 hydraulic toggle machine. Material savings of 30% or greater can be realized with this technology.

Negri Bossi Inc. 905-625-7257


JSW Plastic Machinery will be demonstrating a model J120E111 all-electric servo drive machine with the new Syscom microprocessor. The machine features closed-loop control, low electrical power consumption and superior performance. The machine consistently delivers faster stroke speeds and injection rates with high repeatability. The all-electric line is available in sizes ranging from 40- to 1450-tons of clamping force.

Plascom Machinery Inc. 416-491-8450


Ferromatik Milacron’s Maxima line of medium tonnage injection molding machines are available in sizes from 225 to 880 US tons. A unique direct acting ram builds tonnage directly behind the tool, resulting in reduced oil, smaller footprint, high clamp speed and the best standard die space in the industry. A wide choice of shot sizes and the Xtreem controller round out this highly flexible line of presses.

Accuplast Solutions 514-630-0808


An Arburg Allrounder 420C 1000-350/150 will be making a letter opener at the Hamilton Avtec booth during Plast-Ex. This two-component machine will run a two plus two cavity mold, using an index unit and rotating the core plate into the mold. The blade is ABS and the handle TPE, for a total weight of 18.5 g.

The machine has clamp force of 110 tons and tie bar spacing of 420 mm (16.54 in.). Like all Allrounders, it operates with the Selogica control system, which has a graphic sequence editor, logical operator controls and the option of fully integrated peripherals.

Hamilton Avtec 905-568-1133

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