September 25, 2015 Feature

Canada’s first family of blown film is back with Cyber Plastic Machinery

by Canadian Plastics

Founders of equipment maker Future Design have returned to the industry.

August 25, 2015 Feature

Lessons from Portugal’s improved moldmaking industry

by Canadian Plastics

­ Go back 30 years and many of Canada’s moldmakers and plastics processors probably had at least one or two Portuguese companies as go-to contacts on their rolodexes. With a centuries-old glass making tradition that crossed naturally over into creating

July 25, 2015 Feature

New era begins for an Oldcastle tool shop

by Canadian Plastics

­ Sean O’Neil, president of Cutting-Edge Technologies Ltd., on the shop floor. The company will be undergoing a US$10 million expansion and hiring spree due to a partnership with an American-based company. (Photo Credit: DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star) What with

June 25, 2015 Feature

ACCORDING TO JIM: Talking with the CPIA Leader of the Year

by Canadian Plastics

­ Never underestimate the power of a good teacher. Socrates taught Plato, and that turned out all right. Twenty-five hundred-odd years later, the role of teacher is one that Jim Ellies is happy to take on. A 35-year veteran of

April 25, 2015 Feature

Wearable machine sensors head off equipment failure

by Canadian Plastics

­ As Bill Clinton could tell you, being tipped off to a problem before it happens can mean the difference between life and death. In 2004, doctors of the former U.S. president saved him from a looming — and possibly

March 25, 2015 Feature


by Canadian Plastics

­ Popular ideas can be hard to resist. Brian Burke convinced a lot of people that Phil Kessel would turn the Toronto Maple Leafs around, for example. Speaking of things turning around, another popular narrative involves reshoring. According to many,

February 25, 2015 Feature

Que.-based foam product maker POLYFORM is branching out

by Canadian Plastics

­ More and more, it feels like it’s a polystyrene foam world and we just live in it. From insulating concrete in homes to beer koozies by the pool, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) are everywhere. Including landfills,

January 25, 2015 Feature

Here comes the 3D-printed car

by Canadian Plastics

­ Sci-fi film buffs might remember a late-80s movie called The Fly, in which a scientist develops a machine that instantaneously transfers matter from one location to another through space. “It will change the world as we know it,” he

December 25, 2014 Feature


by Canadian Plastics

­ Think it’s tough putting together a decent jacket-shirt-tie combo in the morning? Try mastering the complexities of designing an injection molded appearance part for production runs in the hundreds of thousands. It’s as difficult as it sounds. “Small details

November 7, 2014 Feature

The latest ANTIMICROBIALS for plastics

by Canadian Plastics

Microbes may be nothing more than tiny single-celled organisms, but they’re harder to kill than Rasputin. They’re resilient enough, in fact, that scientists have revived them from fossils more than 250 million years old. They also…

October 25, 2014 Feature

New APMA head talks industry strengths, challenges

by Canadian Plastics

­ Canadian automotive parts makers are fully capable of competing globally, but it’s still crucial to retain Canada’s existing auto assembly plants, according to Flavio Volpe, the new president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA). It all adds up

September 15, 2014 Feature

Exxel Polymers: sous le signe du succes/Under the sign of success*

by Canadian Plastics

Si la route qui mène au succès est souvent parsemée de difficultés, elle est ussi faite de moments charnières au cœur desquels les décisions prises par les dirigeants sont déterminantes….

September 8, 2014 Feature

Big order marks a big year for W. Amsler Equipment

by Canadian Plastics

The Beatles sang “It was 20 years ago today” back in the 60s, turning 20th anniversaries into big deals ever since.

July 10, 2014 Feature

A closer look at CPIA Leader of the Year MARK DANIELS

by Canadian Plastics

Given such monumental screw-ups as the City of Toronto’s infamous flirtation with a plastic bag ban last year, we Canadians could be forgiven for thinking of these bans as our own unique problem, like snowstorms in May. Far from it….

June 1, 2014 Feature

Athena Automation keeps on building

by Canadian Plastics

Processing machinery maker Athena Automation Ltd. is putting down some deep roots.

April 22, 2014 Feature

Charged and ready: Engineering resins for electric and hybrid vehicles

by Canadian Plastics

As any blackjack player could tell you, doubling down involves a big risk. But it’s one thing to chance it at the local casino for half a day’s pay, quite another when careers, reputations, and hundreds of millions of dollars are on…

March 21, 2014 Feature

PolyCello’s extended family success story

by Canadian Plastics

Repeated selection as one Canada’s “Best Managed Companies” doesn’t happen simply by maintaining best business practices. If it did, probably every third firm in the country would get the nod. Instead, it takes more…

February 20, 2014 Feature

The rise of 3D printing

by Canadian Plastics

Sometimes layering can take a long time — as in millions of years. Take rocks. They’re stacked in layers containing fossils, with the oldest fossils at the deepest layers and the most recent near the top. For scientists and…

December 10, 2013 Feature

R&M Plastic Products beats the third-generation curse

by Canadian Plastics

Some family businesses just don’t work. Fans of The Godfather trilogy, for example, may recall the brothers in the Corleone mob clan winding up as how-to guides for dysfunction. And it’s not like you couldn’t find a gazillion…

November 18, 2013 Feature


by Canadian Plastics

New additive manufacturing machine