Canadian Plastics


January 8, 2020  

Ford and McDonald’s collaborate to convert coffee bean skin into car parts

December 31, 2019  

Avoiding a hot mess: The right way to maintain hot runners

December 23, 2019  

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. just turned 25

December 16, 2019  

A look at some resonating new resins

December 5, 2019  

Part packaging, robot-style

November 22, 2019  

New 3D printing technology produces “living” polymers

November 11, 2019  

Canadians at K 2019: Oh, Canada!

October 19, 2019  

Smells like progress: Making sustainable polymers from fragrant molecules

October 17, 2019  

Compounding rewards: CPIA Leader of the Year Bill Dickson

October 2, 2019  

World-first surgery uses Aussie biopolymer in heart valve implant

September 12, 2019  

Nova Chemicals just got even more sustainable

September 3, 2019  

Danish automation supplier OnRobot comes to North America

September 1, 2019  

The right way to convey powders

August 27, 2019  

You’ve been friended by the latest size reduction equipment

August 19, 2019  

A cool comeback in conformal cooling

July 30, 2019  

Building schoolrooms from plastic waste in West Africa

July 9, 2019  

Straw maker Stone Straw fights back with bioplastic straws

June 19, 2019  

PET Technologies says aloha to Hawaiian water bottler

June 2, 2019  

Customer Relationship Management software gets smart

May 28, 2019  

GreenMantra Technologies: Waste not, want not

May 7, 2019  

Polymers give early warning signs of stress

April 18, 2019  

A new chapter begins for En-Plas

March 26, 2019  

Montreal researchers create plastic from lobster shells

February 28, 2019  

Bendable, conductive polymer film for consumer electronics also has healthcare potential

February 8, 2019  

Techflow Design & Manufacturing is moving on up

January 2, 2019  

Here’s a first: BASF is making products with chemically recycled plastics

December 18, 2018  

Using sunlight to make polymers

November 28, 2018  

As sales go up, MAGUIRE CANADA doubles down on service

November 22, 2018  

ADDITIVE METAL MANUFACTURING wants to make you more competitive

October 24, 2018  

EMMIE LEUNG: CPIA’s Leader of the Year

September 27, 2018  

New technology lets processors get smart with artificial intelligence

September 9, 2018  

Rotogran International is getting very big in granulation