Canadian Plastics


March 5, 2021  

Plastics industry profile: Nova’s Sarah Marshall

March 3, 2021  

New project researches 3D printing for wind turbine blades

March 1, 2021  

British Columbia scientists use new bioplastic to make fully compostable coffee pod

February 24, 2021  

TPUs find use in spikeless golf shoes with superior traction

February 19, 2021  

New partnership brings blow molding machine maker Plastiblow back to North America

February 17, 2021  

Global pneumatic conveying system market to grow steadily to 2022, report says

February 15, 2021  

Swiss researchers develop 3D-printed bioresorbable airway stents

February 9, 2021  

Viking-era Greenland inspires rPET water bottle concept by Sidel

February 5, 2021  

The plastic road ahead

February 3, 2021  

Researchers develop recyclable composites

February 1, 2021  

This non-toxic biodegradable plastic film is based on seaweed

January 27, 2021  

New tool calculates benchmark data for sustainable production of plastics

January 25, 2021  

New transparent PVC film capable of inactivating coronavirus

January 20, 2021  

New process to recycle polyolefinic plastics at low temperature

January 18, 2021  

Scientists make sustainable polymer from sugars in wood

January 13, 2021  

New study reveals how microplastic pollution travels

January 11, 2021  

Wine bottle closures made from recycled ocean plastic

January 5, 2021  

Packaging supplier Plastic Coated Papers installs second Davis-Standard extrusion coating line

December 22, 2020  

Top 10 Canadian Plastics stories of 2020

December 18, 2020  

Plastics Industry Association, LyondellBasell collaborate on first paving project using recycled plastic

December 16, 2020  

Making bioplastics from sewage sludge and wastewater

December 14, 2020  

Recovery of Canada’s plastics, chemical industries will be based on investment attraction, CIAC head says

December 9, 2020  

Tough, transparent PLA cup withstands boiling water

December 7, 2020  

New solvent-based recycling process could boost multilayer plastic recycling rates

December 2, 2020  

Absolute Haitian press allows Michigan university plastics lab to expand during pandemic

November 30, 2020  

Researchers combine AI-guided robots and chemical recycling to address plastic pollution crisis

November 25, 2020  

Russian scientists have developed an ideal polymer for implants

November 23, 2020  

Montreal researchers develop 3D-printed plastic canvas with shock absorbing properties

November 18, 2020  

New study shows benefits of chemical recycling to global plastic packaging recycling rates

November 16, 2020  

Researchers discover unique new polymer fibres

November 11, 2020  

Biodegradable shoe soles are on their way

November 9, 2020  

Scientist develops lightweight thermoset composite using novel 3D printing technique