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March 21, 2022  

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March 16, 2022  

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March 9, 2022  

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March 4, 2022  

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February 25, 2022  

New plant-derived composite with bone-hard toughness

February 17, 2022  

The wiring in your plane could soon be made from recycled plastic – new research

February 10, 2022  

New polymer material is as strong as steel, as light as plastic

February 4, 2022  

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January 27, 2022  

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January 24, 2022  

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January 17, 2022  

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January 11, 2022  

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January 7, 2022  

Recycled plastic dishwasher component proves a big point

January 5, 2022  

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December 30, 2021  

3D-printed plastic knee brace gives relief for the elderly

December 23, 2021  

COVID-19 home testing kits: should we be worried about their environmental impact?

December 20, 2021  

Two years in, Canada’s Ghost Gear Program keeps gathering ocean waste (and momentum)

December 14, 2021  

COVID litter: we mapped discarded masks and gloves in 11 countries with the help of citizen science

December 13, 2021  

DSM and partners earn SPE award for using recycled ocean plastic in Ford SUV

December 7, 2021  

Canada must once again grab its share of the auto industry, despite U.S. protectionism

December 6, 2021  

Sabic collaborates to create polymers based on ocean-bound plastic

December 1, 2021  

Milk jugs, cartons or plastic bags — which one is best for the environment?

November 23, 2021  

Management is so passé — it’s co-creation that workers are demanding

November 22, 2021  

ABB and Zume partner on new sustainable packaging application

November 16, 2021  

Workplaces can help promote exercise, but job conditions remain a major hurdle

November 15, 2021  

Ontario firms Aduro, Switch Energy partner to recycle agricultural plastics

November 10, 2021  

Lessons from COVID-19 for the next pandemic: We need better data on workplace transmission

November 8, 2021  

Coca‑Cola unveils first 100 per cent plant-based plastic beverage bottle

November 2, 2021  

Oil companies are ploughing money into fossil-fuelled plastics production at a record rate – new research

November 1, 2021  

Researchers turn sulfur into self-extinguishing flame-retardant plastics

October 27, 2021  

How to make fragile global supply chains stronger and more sustainable

October 25, 2021  

Scientists want to develop visible radiation-resistant bioplastics for optical applications