Canadian Plastics


April 21, 2020  

Kautex produces 320-litre hydrogen liner in blow molding process

April 15, 2020  

CKF launches front line face shields in fight against COVID-19 spread

April 8, 2020  

3D-printed connectors help COVID-19 patients breathe while waiting for ventilators

April 3, 2020  

Eastman steps up material production for face shields

April 1, 2020  

Formlabs partners with U.S. hospitals to 3D-print COVID-19 test swabs

March 24, 2020  

LASER FOCUSED: Southern Ontario startup really wants to clean your molds and platens

March 18, 2020  

Toronto researchers turn waste cooking oil from McDonald’s into high-end 3D printing resin

March 18, 2020  

“Superworms” that eat polystyrene might help plastic pollution problem

March 16, 2020  

In the bag: Recycled plastic bottles are being reused for designer backpacks

March 13, 2020  

Clariant partners with Montreal firm to convert ocean-bound plastics into flame retardants

March 9, 2020  

Suit inspired by Batman could protect wearers from coronavirus

March 3, 2020  

Plastic additives make for more durable highways in India

March 2, 2020  

Researchers develop revolutionary reversible 4D printing process

February 24, 2020  

New polymer patch can mend a broken heart

February 17, 2020  

Toronto nurse creates mosaic from medical plastic waste

February 10, 2020  

Polymer-based, 3D-printed pericardial tissue project could save lives

February 5, 2020  

Molded Precision Components is pursuing perfection

January 26, 2020  

Unbottled potential: Nova Scotia beach house made from 620,000 recycled PET bottles

January 8, 2020  

Ford and McDonald’s collaborate to convert coffee bean skin into car parts

December 31, 2019  

Avoiding a hot mess: The right way to maintain hot runners