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New Products (June 01, 2001)

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High speed machining centreHigh speed and a high-horsepower spindle make YCI Supermax's new FP-100A bridge-style machining centre ideal for rough cutting and fine finish cutting for mold and die produ...

High speed machining centre

High speed and a high-horsepower spindle make YCI Supermax’s new FP-100A bridge-style machining centre ideal for rough cutting and fine finish cutting for mold and die production.

A 30 HP Cytec AC digital integral spindle motor powers the spindle to speeds ranging from 60 rpm to 20,000 rpm. The system also boasts a special high-speed software package, which includes a 64-bit RISC processor, Fanuc High-Precision Contour Control (HPCC) software, data server, and NURBS interpolation.

The machine’s X-Y travel of 40 in. by 28 in. provides a generous working envelope to meet a variety of work piece requirements.


Hascotech Inc. 905-681-3496; Quality Cutting Tools Inc. 306-664-8412

Interchangeable solid carbide cutters

For small diameter end milling applications, Iscar has introduced the Multi-Master family of tools which combines steel and tungsten shanks with unique interchangeable solid carbide heads.

Operators can change from a ballnose cutter to an end mill or a tee-slot cutter, in seconds, right on the machine.

Indexing is quick and convenient due to the threaded connection. Because of the accuracy of the connection, the axial setting remains constant and there is no set-up time involved for heads of the same diameter.

The same shank can be used with a number of different shapes and sizes of cutting heads, and conversely, the same cutting head can be fitted to a variety of shank lengths and styles.

Multi-Master cutters are made of proven grades of IC908, IC328 and IC528.

Iscar Tools Inc. 905-829-9000, 450-655-6300

Powerful control simplifies part programming

GE Fanuc’s new Series 16i-MB CNC has increased functionality suitable for five-axis milling machines used in mold, tool and die production. The powerful control eliminates the need for qualified tooling because of dynamic cutter compensation and tool length offset within the control.

Part programming is simplified because the CNC calculates the compensations as the tool rotates to a new vector, rather than relying on a CAM system to process all of the length offsets and cutter compensations at each new vector. As well, the operator can change the tool length offset and/or cutter compensation values at the CNC without re-posting the part program.

Machine configuration is definable by CNC parameters to allow for variability.

GE Fanuc Automation 800-648-2001

CAM for high-speed machining

High-speed machining requires a new approach to cutting workpieces. The goal is smooth motion with very few sharp corners, allowing for fast, shallow cuts. Mastercam’s Version 8 CAM offers a suite of fully associative high-speed functions.

Smooth tool motion on and off the part.

Continuous Z-level looping: Mastercam can loop the tool off and onto the part between each Z-level cut, eliminating sharp step-down motion.

Circle milling: Automated circle milling eases the tool into the material in a circular motion before cutting in a smooth spiral pattern.

High-speed facing: Mastercam provides a special facing routine optimized for high-speed machines.

Channeling: By using small, continuous looping motions for certain pocketing operations, Mastercam helps eliminate tool burial.

CNC Software Inc. 860-875-5006

Wire-EDM software based on Windows

Cimatron’s Wire-EDM programming application has a powerful machining engine and robust two- to four-axis capabilities. Within a Windows environment, Cimatron Wire-EDM allows programmers to create precise toolpaths for 2D- and 3D-based geometry for solids, surfaces and wire frames. Programmers have the option of working in a CAD environment or using the stand-alone version independent of a CAD system.

“The result is a complete solution for two- and four-axis machining, both with and without taper, and the program is designed to work with constant and variable conics, and pocket coring technology,” says Eyal Dolev, president and CEO, Cimatron Technologies Inc. The software comes complete with parameters for the most popular wire EDM machines and postprocessors (AgieVision, Agie, Fanuc, Makino, Mitsubishi, Charmilles, ONA and Sodick).

Cimatron Ltd. 734-432-6600

Air-permeable aluminum for thermoforming molds

Three new grades of Metapor air-permeable, micro-porous aluminum are available from Portec-North America. Metapor blocks are made from a proprietary formulation of aluminum powder and epoxy binder. The blocks are then cut into plates.

For thermoforming, the original Metapor BF 100 AL eliminates the need to drill tiny vacuum holes, improves surface quality and permits faster air evacuation. The material is able to produce parts with extreme detail and complexity, and provides better part definition, accuracy and flatness, according to Portec.

The new grades include a higher-density material suitable for thermoforming transparent components and a grade suitable for thermoforming high-temperature plastic materials.

Portec-North America 818-761-6500


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