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A HIGH-PERFORMANCE EXTRUDER that is ready for shipment in two weeks at a competitive price is now available from Davis-Standard. "The Super Blue design is a reflection of market demand," explains Jim ...

A HIGH-PERFORMANCE EXTRUDER that is ready for shipment in two weeks at a competitive price is now available from Davis-Standard. “The Super Blue design is a reflection of market demand,” explains Jim Murphy, business director at Davis-Standard. “Our customers want a quality machine with a shorter lead time at a good price.”

The Super Blue line is suitable for custom profile and tubing applications as well as basic wire and cable and film. Super Blue is available in 50 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm and 90 mm sizes with 24:1 L/D ratio.

The extruder is equipped with a low-noise, double-reduction gearbox, a brushless AC drive and motor, and a high-capacity, highly efficient air cooling system.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577; Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282


GREATER THROUGHPUT is one benefit of the new line of twin-screw extruders recently launched by Deltaplast Machinery Ltd. The new DTS Series uses counter- rotating screw technology and is specifically targeted for the PVC market. The machines are available in 75 mm, 94 mm and 114 mm screw diameters and 26:1 or 33:1 L/D ratios.

The DTS Series feature cast aluminum heaters, heavy-duty gear boxes, AC vector drive technology, closed-loop self optimizing screw cooling, conventional or touch screen controls and open base construction for accessibility to all auxiliary components.

Deltaplast Machinery Ltd. 905-669-2966

HIGH-OUTPUT TP SERIES extruders from CPM Milacron bring unparalleled productivity to parallel twin screw extrusion. The drive design, channel depth, optimized centreline-to-diameter and a L/D choice of 26:1 or 33:1 make these machines suitable for a wide range of applications, from rigid profiles and wood-filled plastic composites to flexible PVC pelletizing.

TP extruders produce a homogeneous melt temperature with pulse-free, positive-displacement pumping, making them ideal for extrusion of vinyl and other heat- and shear-sensitive materials. They provide a wide processing window and output rates up to 2275 kg/hr for rigid PVC pipe and siding.

Accuplast Solutions 514-630-0808

RUGGED AND DURABLE, the Prodex Extruder is a single-screw extruder ideal for sheet, small tube, pipe and profile applications. It is available from 1.5 in. to 3.5 in. O.D., and up to 30:1 L/D. A new Siemens Siject touch-screen control provides better functionality, and is being offered at no price premium compared to the previous control system.

“We don’t try to do it all,” says Gerry Sposato, director of sales and marketing for HPM Division. “We focus on single-screw applications, and are extremely strong in tubing, pipe and profile, among other areas.”

Hamilton Avtec 905-568-1133

A LARGE SCREW TAPER ANGLE AND FLOOD-FEED CAPABILITY are two of the benefits offered by Davis- Standard’s Gemini conical (GC) 61 mm twin screw extruder. With these two features the GC-61 is able to process higher volumes with less screw and barrel wear. For example, the GC-61 is typically timed for a maximum speed of 26 rpm, but its output rate is equal to a competitive machine running at 35 rpm. This translates to fewer screw revolutions when compared to machines using starve feeding, as well as longer screw and barrel life.

Nominal production rate for the GC-61 is 600 lb./hr. The company is currently developing new feedscrews for manufacturing vertical blinds that will further enhance processing rates while reducing wear associated with highly abrasive materials.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577; Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

A DIRECT-DRIVE, SAW-ARBOR MOTOR provides Conair’s CTS traveling cutoff saw with more cutting torque. The redesigned saw features two positive-displacement air cylinders for direct, positive clamping on pipes or profiles, facilitating optimal table synchronization during the cutting cycle. This, combined with a full 24 in. of travel increases the accuracy of each cut. The saw comes in three sizes to handle pipe diameters of 5, 7 and 9 in., and profiles as large as 9 by 17 in. A servo-driven table is available as an option.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577; Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

A TWIN-SCREW EXTRUSION LINE FOR FOAM PROFILES from American Leistritz incorporates a ZSE-50 extruder with a high-pressure injection port that allows gases to be introduced into the polymer melt via a special barrel section.

Loss-in-weight feeders at the main feed throat facilitate polymer/additive mixing in the early stages of the process.

The latter portion of the twin screw extruder process section uses barrel sections with high intensity cooling bores to allow the barrels to function as a heat exchange device to cool the polymer melt.

American Leistritz 908-685-2333

FOR SMALL TECHNICAL PROFILES, American Maplan offers the AMC Compact line, which has the flexibility to extrude a broad range of products with a small footprint, at an attractive cost. The AMC Compact is simple to use, maintenance friendly and powerful.

The Compact line consists of a matched set of downstream machines — calibrating table, belt haul-off, and saw — and a base frame with an interchangeable extruder processing unit. Multiple extruder units are offered, including: the AMC Compact 2-54C active conical twin-screw extruder and 45-mm or 60-mm single screw, smooth bore extruders.

The base frame is equipped with a visualization screen and control panel, control cabinet, PLC and drive.

American Maplan Corp. 620-241-6843

A NEW PROCESS FOR CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION of irrigation pipes provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional processes. The process has been co-developed by Drip Research Technology Services USA, based in San Diego, CA and Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH of Vienna, Austria (part of SMS Plastics Technology). During extrusion the “dripper”, which is placed on the inside of conventional pipes, is replaced by an embossed PE tape. The tape eliminates the requirement to mechanically insert the drippers just after extrusion, as well as doing away with the need to punch holes in the pipe.

The embossed PE tape assumes the task of pressure control and ensures a precise metering of irrigation water. The complete production line performs two distinct steps: first, manufacturing of the tape, then pipe extrusion with simultaneous insertion of the tape into the pipe.

Cincinnati Extrusion 43-61006-0


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