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CAM software for 5-axis machining of complex partsSpecial functions for dynamic 5-axis machining make hyperMILL the most efficient solution for forming deep cavities, convex parts and complex structur...

September 1, 2001   Canadian Plastics

CAM software for 5-axis machining of complex parts

Special functions for dynamic 5-axis machining make hyperMILL the most efficient solution for forming deep cavities, convex parts and complex structural elements, says the manufacturer, Open Mind Software Technologies.

A substantial reduction in programming time is possible because the toolpaths are calculated with automatic collision detection and avoidance throughout the entire surface model.

Complete 5-axis simultaneous processing allows machining of deep cavities even in hardened steel. Machining strategies include Z-level finishing, profile finishing, equidistant finishing, rest machining and freepath machining.


Open Mind Software Technologies Inc. 248-355-3000

CAD/CAM has enhanced healing and interoperability

VX CAD/CAM Version 5 is an integrated design through manufacturing software that offers enhanced interoperability and freeform surface capabilities. New functions include best-in-class manual and automatic healing of imported solid models; direct import/translation of Pro-E, CATIA and Parasolid files; and complex unified filleting with a single command.

Version 5 expands on VX’s mid-price mold making suite by automatically creating difficult parting lines and cooling channels, face vents, swabs, electrode placement and inserts, and checks for interference with the part, mold cavity or cooling elements.

VX Corp. 321-676-3222

Versatile CMMs perform multiple tasks

New high-speed, high performance Global coordinate measuring machines from Brown & Sharpe offer form, dimension and position measurement in a single affordable machine.

The CMMs can be equipped with a variety of sensors to perform first piece inspection, layout inspection, reverse engineering, tool set-up, process control and archiving. Touch trigger probes and analog probes can be quickly exchanged to measure prismatic features or scan contours and free form surfaces.

Global Point, Click and Scan Technology facilitates high-speed scanning by automatically generating scan and probe paths, and inserting moves to avoid obstacles.

Canadian Measurement – Metrology Inc. 800-606-9266

Collaboration for smaller businesses

Autodesk has launched a collaboration product for small and mid-sized manufacturers that allows the participants to share personalized design data across the extended manufacturing enterprise, including sales, marketing, purchasing, shop floor and suppliers.

The Autodesk Streamline service automatically tailors the information to different types of users and provides a first step toward collaborative product development.

Autodesk Streamline is a hosted service; users need only a PC with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, and Internet access.

Autodesk Canada 905-946-0928

Coating for carbide tools

Balinit X.treme Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) is a single layer coating designed specifically for use on carbide end mills for the machining of hardened steel workpieces. Excellent oxidation resistance allows high speed and semi-dry or dry machining operations.

Balzers Inc. 800-435-5010

Large capacity machining centre

The Bridgeport VMC 1500 XP was designed as a result of exhaustive customer research in the mold and die, automotive, and aerospace industries. It features a portal frame design that offers full table support for maximum rigidity and a large, 31.5 in. y-axis travel. The VMC 1500 XP also offers a choice of either a Siemens 810D or the Heidenhain TNC 426 PA control, large table load capacity, and a 8,000 rpm spindle for high-speed machining.

600 Machine Tools 905-625-9611 or CNC Machine Sales Inc. 425-291-5900High performance horizontal machining

For versatile machining performance, Mazak’s new FH-6000 horizontal machining centre offers two spindle choices: a standard high speed 40 hp spindle motor that has a top spindle speed of 10,000 rpm and 318 of torque, or a powerful 35 hp spindle with 7000 rpm and 737 of torque.

The unit has a 19.7 in square pallet and a #50 taper spindle. It provides exceptional overall performance with 0.5 G feed acceleration for Y and Z axis, and 0.4 G for the X axis. It has a maximum feed rate of 1574 ipm. The automatic tool changer changes tools in just 1.8 seconds.

Control is provided by the Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC control, a 64-bit RISC processor.

A.W. Miller Technical Sales 905-890-8686

Fast table reduces non-cut time

Makino’s A77E has a number of features that improve speed and accuracy.

Geometric Intelligence Software looks ahead in the part program for toolpath changes and compensates on the fly for machine dynamics to hold high machining accuracies at high cutting feedrates. Acceleration and deceleration in rapid traverse can now approach 1.0 G.

The heavy-duty Rocket Table operates at speeds up to 40 rpm and is able to handle increased weight. This puts multiple workpieces in range of the spindle immediately and reduces non-cut time.

For chip removal, the A77E has a centre trough design positioned in the middle of the machining area.

Upton Bradeen & James Inc. 905-501-0048

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