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Mold Technology (November 01, 2007)

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Nano mold coating increases productivity

Nano mold coating increases productivity

A new nano mold coating available from Plastics Machinery Inc. can increase productivity by releasing parts quicker and easier from molds (up to 300,000 shots per coating) while eliminating the need for aerosol mold release agents.

Designed for molds of any molding process, material or configuration, the 100 nanometer-thick coating enhances the flow of resin in molds due to a low coefficient of friction that allows plastic to flow into the cavity with minimal resistance, thereby eliminating streaking and drag marks.

Additionally, the mold coating reduces required injection pressures and pack pressures, allowing for less material to be used and lower clamp force requirements. Also, it provides a smooth part finish as it seals off any microscopic imperfections in the mold steel.


The coating is easily applied by hand, and can be used to cover metal to metal parts such as ejector pins, and also to reduce carbon build-up on injection screws.

Plastics Machinery Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.);; 905-895-5054

Valve shot suitable for wide range of applications

The Z202/…Valve Shot from Hasco is based on the principles of the company’s successful and proven Z201/…nozzle.

Dimensions of the Valve Shot for the production of parts with large article weights have been extended by introducing larger nozzles with lengths up to 250mm.

In addition, the available nozzle lengths for the small nozzle diameters in the portfolio have been extended, making the Z202/… particularly well suited for multi-cavity applications with low cavity-to-cavity distances (minimum 25mm).

The Z202/… also offers many new options with regard to the geometry and material used to manufacture the nozzle tips, resulting in an expanded range of possible applications.

Hasco Canada (Scarborough, Ont.);; 416-293-5044


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