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Baffles provide faster mold cooling times

Baffles provide faster mold cooling times

D-M-E Company has introduced its new Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles for faster mold cooling, and reduced cycle times.

The Baffles feature a proprietary design that eliminates cooling blow-by, and seals the plastic blade of the baffle within the mold’s cooling channels to ensure uniform cooling. The innovative plastic baffle design creates turbulence within the cooling liquid — typically water or oil — serving to increase heat transfer, and cool parts more quickly than traditional baffles.

Made entirely with an engineering grade thermoplastic — non-hygroscopic, glass-reinforced polypthalamide — Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles perform extremely well even in high heat production environments, and maintain their rigidity and other physical and mechanical properties at high temperatures over time. They are less expensive than brass baffles; and because they can be cut to length with standard shears, there is no need for secondary procedures associated with cutting and soldering traditional brass baffles.

Incorporating a Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffle into a mold’s design nearly eliminates stagnant laminar flow cooling, as turbulent flow dissipates about three times the BTUs compared to laminar flow.


D-M-E of Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 1-800-387-6600

Full color mold ID plaques

New from DMS are mold plaques printed in full color with high resolution (300 dpi), an improvement on difficult-to-read black and white plaques.

The plaques are high heat thermoset graphics printed on an aluminum substrate. They are protective coated and alcohol and kerosene tested. The cost is $12.50 per plaque, and they can be ordered with a one to two day turnaround.

Also available are larger mold identification plaques, magnetized to stick onto molds to make it easy to find them in storage.

The plaques are made by ICS Laser Technologies Inc. DMS has been appointed the exclusive North American distributor.

DMS North America (Windsor, Ont.);; 800-265-4885


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