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Gage offers three ways to measure

Gage offers three ways to measure

Mahr Federal’s new Digimar 817 CLM height measuring instrument provides three ways to initiate measurement.

In addition to normal keypad initiation, a Quick Mode feature allows the measurement cycle to be initiated by simply pushing the carriage in the direction of the object to be measured. Also, two Speed keys on the base allow the operator to comfortably move the measuring carriage to the desired position and start a measurement.

An air bearing system facilitates smooth movement for positioning. An optical incremental measuring system with a double reader head is insensitive to dirt, ensuring accuracy and reliability. A dynamic probing system provides high repeatability, and a stainless steel guide column with precision ball bearings precisely tracks the measuring head. The system also provides temperature compensation with an integrated temperature sensor, and includes an integrated, rechargeable battery to provide a long operating time span.


The Digimar 817 CLM is available in three column heights with measuring ranges of 14 in. (350 mm), 24 in. (600 mm), and 40 in. (1,000 mm).

Mahr Federal Inc. (Providence, R.I.);; 800-333-4243

W.G. Sloan Industrial Supplies Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.); 905-820-0903

Fast, flexible horizontal printing

The servo-driven XE-07 and the pneumatic pad-drive XP-07 pad printing machines from Pad Print Machinery are designed for horizontal in-line printing of parts that need to stand vertically, and can also be modified to print from below onto the bottom of parts being conveyed over the printer.

The XE and XP-07 machines are adjustable for use with multiple sizes of inkcups and clichs, plus feature a horizontal pad stroke adjustable between 45 and 90 degrees. The machines have the option of being modified to print beyond 90 degrees by special order.

The standard Model XE/XP-07 is built to accept a 60mm, 90mm, 130mm or 160mm sealed inkcup with minimal modifications: simply replace the inkcup, adjust a lever, swap in a larger or smaller clich and print a 50mm to 150mm diameter image.

The pad stroke is variable to eight inches and the high-speed brushless servomotor can operate at a maximum speed of 2,500 cycles per hour on the XE-07 and 1,000 cycles per hour on the XP-07. The XE/XP-07 comes standard as a one-colour, single pad machine, but can be modified for printing up to four colours, or with four pads printing a single colour.

Pad Print Machinery of Vermont (East Dorset, Vt.);; 800-272-7764


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