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Materials (November 01, 2007)

Flexible skin foam system

November 1, 2007   Canadian Plastics

Flexible skin foam system

Chemline’s new Chemfoam 7756 flexible polyurethane (PU) integral foam is highly resistant to abrasion, mechanical stress, tear and many common chemicals, making it ideal for such applications as armrests, automotive interior panels and bumper pads.

A pour and injection foam, Chemfoam 7756 retains elasticity even under continual stress. Furthermore, with the addition of metal, plastic or wood into the mold, Chemfoam 7756 will have improved structural stability.

The product also sports a low thermal conductivity rating, making it suitable for both warm and cold weather applications.


Chemline Inc. (St. Louis, Mo.);; 314-664-2230

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