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Liquor Packaging Created Design Challenges

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"Versatile packaging that is both upscale and appropriate for the brand's premium image," is how Brad Stirling describes new PET bottles for Hiram Walker & Sons' Canadian Club whisky. Stirling is supp...

“Versatile packaging that is both upscale and appropriate for the brand’s premium image,” is how Brad Stirling describes new PET bottles for Hiram Walker & Sons’ Canadian Club whisky. Stirling is supply manager, packaging, for Hiram Walker.

The new 200-ml, 375-ml and 1.75-L bottles engineered and manufactured by Amcor PET Packaging required a proprietary mold technology and innovative base design.

“We wanted to maintain a shelf presence for all three sizes that was equal to or better than the glass bottles we were replacing,” says Stirling. Consequently, the PET bottle had to imitate the glass version’s diameter and height. The design solution incorporated a pinch grip feature that created the correct container profile.

Amcor tested nine different versions to achieve ergonomic and drop test objectives.


Hiram Walker’s 1858 founding year logo is also a prominent part of the package. Previously, the logo had been printed on a pressure-sensitive seal. In the new 1.75-L bottle, the 1858 logo is molded in, directly opposite the pinch grip handle. Conventional mold design was modified to ensure the parting line did not bisect the logo.

The two flask sizes, 200 and 375 ml, presented their own challenges. Due to the tall finish on the flasks, it was important to incorporate additional stability into the base to facilitate filling and prevent “rocking” on the conveyor belt. The solution is a base design that incoporates three contact pads in a triangular position to ensure even weight distribution and stable, level footing.

“When Hiram Walker approached us with the Canadian Club conversions, they challenged our creative design and the industry’s traditional finish conventions,” explains Larry Reed, Amcor North American Director, Liquor Sales. Amcor invested in new equipment specifically tailored to these production challenges from Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. (Bolton, ON) and Sidel (Norcross, GA).

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