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Letters (June 01, 2003)

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Dear EditorRe. "Rock, Magna executive disagree on action needed to lure car plants" (see p. 9 -- item was posted on Canadian Plastics Web site in April).I too believe the government should perform all...

Dear Editor

Re. “Rock, Magna executive disagree on action needed to lure car plants” (see p. 9 — item was posted on Canadian Plastics Web site in April).

I too believe the government should perform all the necessary tasks, including cash incentives, to get the automotive industry to build plants (in Canada). It is a primary source of economic stability for this country. What should we turn to, tourism? It is the automotive sector that creates jobs both directly and indirectly.

Paul Nowacyk


Welland, ON

Dear Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to comment on the cover story of your March 2003 issue that featured Beaver Plastics Ltd. and Logix Insulated Concrete Forms.

The article claims that “Beaver Plastics Ltd. is one of five partners … in Logix Insulated Concrete Froms.” The next paragraph goes onto to name the partners, including P.S.C. Moulding (Ajax, ON). While we understand that P.S.C. also molds Logix ICFs, we have been assured by their management and controlling shareholder that they do not have an ownership interest in Logix. If that were the case, then the information in your article would appear to be inaccurate. We believe that you should further investigate this matter with P.S.C. and set the record straight.

Further more, you may be interested to know that the picture featured on p. 16 of the magazine is of an Arxx ICF job, not a Logix job. This is clear because you can see our patented exposed web in the ICFs. We feel Arxx Building Products should have been given credit for the picture.

Finally, to the best of my knowledge, neither Logix nor any of its partners have obtained any North American building code reports for the Logix ICF system. It surprises us that your magazine has printed this feature article under these circumstances.

Greig Clark

Chairman and CEO

Arxx Building Products

Coburg, ON

The editor responds

According to P.S.C. general manager and vice-president Martin De Groot, P.S.C. is a licensed partner, meaning they are licensed to manufacture the Logix ICF system.

Todd McCarthy, Beaver Plastics vice-president, says Logix Insulated Concrete Forms has approval of the Canadian Construction Material Centre, as well as the approval of the International Code Council in the U.S.

The photo is of an Arxx ICF system. We apologize for not giving proper credit to Arxx Building Products.


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