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Dear Canadian Plastics,

September 1, 2008   Canadian Plastics

Dear Canadian Plastics,

Re: Your May 2008 editorial, “Free trade on the campaign trail”.

Globalization is like fishing: the fish think it’s getting a free lunch, but then it turns out it is the lunch. Is America’s $10 trillion debt healthy?

The Toronto Star has a daily list of tool and die machine shops going bankrupt along with thousands of manufacturing jobs leaving Canada. Tool and die machine shops are the economic canaries in the mineshaft. With those jobs gone so goes the economic future.


When are we going to wake up to this WTO and NAFTA disaster? Communist China and its Trojan Horse Enronesque multinationals are bankrupting Canada and the U. S.

As a small manufacturer of 22 years, I have to export, and the export profit margin is so small as to be almost useless. If I didn’t have my Canadian customers, I would close the business.

Only fools, thieves, politicians, and University economic professors who’ve never had to earn a living (check out their tenure clauses) support NAFTA.

Everybody who promotes NAFTA and WTO should be shipped to China. We don’t need traitors. Donald Champagne

President, North Bay Plastic Molders Ltd.

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