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Cooling channel technology can save time, money

The new CoolCross Z99 from Hasco is designed to open up a range of new possibilities for the user, including time and cost savings, when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection molds.

The CoolCross allows for cooling channels crossing each other on the same plane in a flexible and inexpensive manner without any major outlay on production. CoolCross permits a homogeneous temperature distribution at the core or insert, Hasco said, as well as constant cavity cooling on all four sides for the full duration of the injection molding cycle. It also prevents hot spots. In addition, 100 per cent protection against rotation (achieved through a locking mechanism) prevents the unintended closure of the cooling channels.


Different independent cooling circuits cross each other on the same plane, making it possible to incorporate small plate thicknesses and inexpensive accessory components in the mould design. By reducing the plate thickness, use can be made of shorter nozzles, guidance and attachment elements.

Using the Z99 permits a reduction in the number of cooling channels, Hasco said, since it is no longer necessary to have a cooling channel in an additional plane. If the CoolCross is used in thicker plates, the installation depth can be selected on a variable basis.

Hasco Canada Inc. (Toronto);; 888-244-5110





Pre-machined insulator sheets cut labor

A new line of pre-machined high-temperature insulator sheets from DME is meant to help moldmakers reduce their labor costs.

Designed for standard mold bases, the insulator sheets are said to have the highest level of pre-machined features in the marketplace with locating ring clearance hole, assembly screw clearance holes, and insulator sheet mounting holes all pre-machined. By pre-machining the sheet to this extent, DME saves moldmakers labor, time and machine wear, enabling them to focus on high-value machining of core and cavity plates.

The newly enhanced sheets are made of high-compression-strength, asbestos-free material with a maximum recommended service temperature of 550° F, making them ideal for high-temperature applications. The thermal insulating properties of the glass-reinforced polymer composite material inhibit heat transfer from the mold to the platen, or from the platen to the mold (depending on the application), conserving energy and prolonging machine life.

The insulator sheets are used on molds and dies between the top clamping plate and the stationary platen and between the bottom of the ejector housing and the movable platen. The new line of Insulator Sheets also has been designed 1/16 inch shorter on all sides to prevent damage during mold handling. They are available in standard 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch thicknesses, while custom sizes and machining are available upon request.

DME of Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-387-6600 






New alignment locks designed to outlast others

Progressive Components first introduced “black and gold” locks nearly 25 years ago; at K 2013, the company showcased a new series that offers additional features and performance benefits.

The Z-Series alignment locks have been engineered to outperform other styles, the company said, by achieving combination of engagement geometry, materials and treatments, particulate capturing, and lubrication distribution.

Benefits include longevity that surpasses others, confirmed by what the company described as extensive independent lab testing as well as monitoring performance in harsh, ‘real world’ conditions; and exclusive features that maintain clean and consistent lubrication.

Guide lock, side lock and top lock styles are available.

PCS Company (Fraser, Mich.);; 800-521-0546

  Dflex Mag Inc. (Verdun, Que.); 514-762-3434




Expanded range of portable auxiliary injection units

Launched in 2010, the E-Multi from Mold-Masters has become a standard in portable auxiliary injection units for multi-material or multi colored applications.

At K2013, the company showcased its most complete E-Multi product range: a total of 12 models designed to cover all needs of multi-material injection molding on single material machines.

E-Multi easily converts a single material press into a multi-material system, the company said. With the addition of this mold-mounted, servo-driven injection unit and rotary platens, a complete and fully portable multi-material solution is provided for use on existing mono-material presses. 

Mold-Masters also introduced the E-Multi radial mounting option, designed to allow for the unit to swing to the non-operator side for mold changes and a wide variety of positioning options. E-Multi was live in the Mold-Masters booth running in tandem with the company’s IRIS co-injection technology producing HDPE closures in a 16-cavity, fast-cycling closure mold. The system incorporated Mold-Masters’ IRIS co-injection hot runner, an E-Multi secondary injection unit, and E-Drive servo driven valve gate control, all integrated into a single control unit.

Precise dosing, flow and pressure control were all achieved via integrated control of the two melt streams, Mold-Masters said, and the movement of the servo actuated valve E-Multi was also paired with the IRIS technology molding a thin wall cat food container, live in the Stork Plastics Machinery booth.

Mold-Masters Ltd. (Georgetown, Ont.);; 800-387-2483


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