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K-2007 Technology Preview

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Gravimetric blenders for precise dosing

The new GraviMax gravimetric blenders from Wittmann employ a proprietary three-level blending process for precise and uniform blends for every batch.

Called RTLS (Real Time Live Scale), the technology relies on progressively shorter opening times of the dosing valves to deliver precise blends.


Through continuous compensation of the different flow characteristics of the plastic pellets, with adaptive software algorithms, a single standard and precise valves can be employed for virgin materials, regrind and powder.

Wittmann’s blenders are available for material throughputs from 130 to 5,000 kg/h (285 to 11,000 lbs./h).

Wittmann Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 1-888-466-8266

Hall 10, Stand A04

Robot for three-plate mold applications

Targeted at pick-and-place applications where the speed and precision of three-axis brushless servo operation may have seemed uneconomical in the past, the new Axess Twin Series from Sepro America are priced competitively to other servo robots in comparable sizes.

Designed for three-plate mold applications, the Axess Twin has two vertical-axis arms on a single horizontal beam, and can be applied to all three Axess models: the Axess 10 for molding machines up to 300 tons; the Axess 20 for machines as large as 400 tons; and the Axess 30 for machines as large as 600 tons.

The unit’s “Y-free” function provides for the programmed release of the strip-axis motor, allowing free movement of the robot arm and load-free ejector tracking. A pneumatic secondary wrist rotation (R2) can be added, and an elastic gripper mount is an option on Axess Twin sizes 20 and 30.

The Axess-Touch electronic control system uses 32-bit microprocessors and an icon-driven touch-screen user interface, and offers the same kind of pick-and-place and EPS programming options as the Generation IV Visual controls.

Sepro America LLC (Pittsburgh, Pa.);; 412-459-0450

Industries Laferriere (Mascouche, Que.);; 450-477-8880

Hall 10, Stand D59

“Smart” dryers offer flexibility

The new “smart” Metrolux dry air dryer from Motan has a variety of drying bin volumes to offer a high degree of flexibility.

Available in dry air flow rates of 50 or 80 m3/h, the Metrolux features a compact design integrating material supply, drying and conveying into a single unit.

The control monitors not only the drying and conveying process but provides the optimum drying conditions for specific materials throughputs.

Additionally, the control can be easily integrated via the Ethernet with the Motan-specific Controlnet family.

Motan Inc. (Plainwell, Mich.);; 269-685-1050

Dier International Plastics Inc. (Markham, Ont.);; 905-474-9874

Hall 9, Stand B24

Storage rack for end-of-arm tooling

SAS Automation has introduced a new storage rack designed to ensure against damage to end-of-arm tooling (EOAT).

The rack measures two meters high by two meters long with four heavy-duty casters mobility, but can be designed in smaller or larger versions to accommodate individual needs.

GVH wall mounts in three sizes attach to the J-40/40 profile.

Additionally, the rack is capable of storing numerous tools depending upon size.

SAS Automation LLC (Xenia, Ohio);; 937-372-5255

Verick International (Brampton, Ont.); 905-458-7121

Hall 10, Stand F19

Blender for fast material changes

TSM Control Systems has launched the new Opti-Mix batch blender, with a throughput range from one to 200 kg/hour. The blender utilizes four easily removable hoppers with individual integrated slide valves for fast material changes, and the patented TSM superior reverse-flight auger mixing.

The blender incorporates a remote colour graphical touch-screen operator interface that simplifies recipe change and selection. The 1/4 VGA TFT is very user-friendly and provides intuitive prompts.

There are up to 100 pre-programmed job recipes for rapid “on-the-fly” order changes. The Recipe Select feature allows a new job to be loaded instantly, including blend percentages or job size. As the job progresses, the operator can view “set” and “actual” blend recipes, material weights, and kg/h or gm/m throughput values.

Other new features include a removable electronics console and removable mixing chamber for easy cleaning. The Opti-Mix also comes with a standard Ethernet protocol and optional CAN or MODBUS, together with USB plug-in software downloads and SD-card memory.

Operators can benefit from email alerts and email reports available as standard on the new blender.

TSM Control Systems Inc. (Alpharetta, Ga.);; 770-886-6630

Hall 10, Stand J54

Wheel dryer dries resin and regenerates desiccant in one operation

The new NovaWheel system from Novatec is a rotating wheel dryer that continuously puts dry desiccant into service while regenerating saturated desiccant in the same rotational cycle provides resin processors with a simple, compact and low-cost alternative to conventional twin-tower dryers.

The NovaWheel dryer also exhibits less variation in dew point than other wheel dryers because models of all sizes use a steel link drive chain instead of a belt to drive the desiccant wheel.

The new dryers are particularly effective with heat-sensitive resins such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and PET modified with CHDM (PETG), and are available for 45 to 2,270 kg/hr.

Novatec Inc. (Baltimore, Md.);; 410-789-4811

Maguire Canada Inc. (Vaughan, Ont.); 866-441-8409

Hall 10, Stand B65

Energy-efficient drying system

Processors who run large quantities of any material that requires high-temperature drying — above 121 Celsius — can reduce energy consumption by up to two-thirds with the new EnergySmart polymer drying system from Conair.

Recycling hot, dry air to raise the temperature of the new resin entering the drying hopper, the new system has been shown to be far more efficient than conventional desiccant dryers when drying PET and other materials that require high-temperature drying for extended periods.

The EnergySmart dryer is a “two-stage” system, incorporating a hot-air circuit and a dehumidified-air circuit. In the hot-air circuit, some of the return air exiting the top of the drying hopper is channeled through the filter and then reheated before being re-introduced to the drying hopper. Conair’s system saves energy by not removing heat in the return air heat exchanger, and by not having to add as much to the air for its next trip through the hopper. The dehumidified circuit is comprised of a standard, although smaller, Carousel Plus dryer.

The Conair Drying Monitor helps provide precise control, and temperature readings from the monitor are also used to adjust and fine tune the volume of air in both air circuits.

Other efficiency-enhancing features include gas heat, a unique hopper air distribution design, insulation to prevent unnecessary heat loss, and Carousel Plus Technology.

Conair (Pittsburgh, Pa.);; 412-312-6000

Hamilton Avtec Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-590-5546

Hall 10, Stand B74

Hydraulic, electric drive shredding machines

Weima’s hydraulic drive single shaft shredders are designed for tough and difficult to shred plastics, as well as films and mixed materials.

Speed and torque can be adapted according to the material to be shredded, without undesirable current peaks arising. Also, the available power drive can be optimally applied so that the power consumption under partial load can be reduced by as much as 30 per cent.

On units with compact drive, the electric drive motor is connected directly with the shredding machine and adjusted via a frequency converter to the required speed and torque, so that it is possible to desist from use of a gear.

The machines are characterized by a compact design, high performance, in particular with the single shaft shredders in the speed range of 20-200 rpm.

Weima America Inc. (Fort Mill, S.C.);; 888-440-7170

Hall 9, Stand A59-A63


Engel to highlight machine innovations

Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer Engel will show the newly developed, compact, fully electric e-max machine (pictured) with a clamping force of 1,000 at K this year.

The e-max offers a new clamping unit with tie-bars, a large opening stroke, and generously dimensioned mold fitting space. The injection unit achieves high injection speeds, high pressures, excellent precision, excellent dynamics and best-of-the-breed performance.

The company will also show two new machine sizes for its speed range, high-speed machines for injection molding of packaging. The new machines are the speed 380 and speed 500 types, with 3,800 and 5,000 kN clamping force respectively.

According to Engel, these machines offer the shortest dry cycle of any packaging molding machine on the market.

The newly developed five-point dual-toggle lever offers excellent motion dynamics and smooth acceleration and braking characteristics. Active Speed Setup guarantees smooth running despite fast movements.

After setting the opening stroke and speed, the machine sets all remaining parameters autonomously. The moving mold mounting platen is not mounted on tie-bars but on a moving carriage on the machine frame. Screw advance speeds of up to 1.000 mm/s guarantee precise and reproducible filling of molded parts with extremely thin walls.

Additionally, the new IL 3560 inline injection unit can also be equipped with barrier screws for stress-reduced material plastification despite high output levels.

Engel Canada Inc. (Guelph, Ont.);; 519-836-0220

Hall 15, Stand 15 C 58

All-electric energy-efficiency and precision

The new EM Series from Battenfeld Injection Molding are all-electric, servo-driven I/M machines designed for high precision and repeatability.

The units come standard with individual drives for all axes, allowing for parallel movements, and a particularly sensitive tool-locking device on the clamping side.

Low noise emission and special suitability for clean-room applications are further features of the model, which is available with clamping forces ranging from 300 to 1,800 kN (30 to 180 t).

Battenfeld Canada (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-670-9384

Hall 16, Stand D22

Hybrid reduces running costs

The FNX Series hybrid injection molding machines from Nissei combine the merits of hydraulic and all-electric units to reduce running costs.

The FNX models offer a maximum energy saving of 55 per cent, almost equivalent to that of an all-electric unit. And equipped with the “X-Pump” hybrid pump system, the machines afford a maximum reduction in the amount of hydraulic oil of 56 per cent as compared with conventional hydraulic machines.

Additionally, the FNX machines have an injection response time of 40-50 ms (Standard mode), and an injection velocity from 1mm/s to high velocity range.

Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd.

En-Plas Inc. (Toronto);; 416-286-3030

Hall 13, Stand D76

Injection molding, extrusion and reaction processing all in one

KraussMaffei has teamed a CX injection molding machine (pictured) with an injection molding compounder to create a single manufacturing cell.

With an innovative crosslinking stage, the process delivers a product with the elasticity and resilience of natural rubber and other elastomers.

The application demonstrates that injection molding compounding can be successfully used not only for compounding fibre reinforcement and processing reactive compounds, but also for blending functional additives into a polymer melt.

KraussMaffei Corporation (Florence, Ky.);; 859-283-0200

Hall 15, Stand A23/B24/C24

Melt management technologies for injection molders

Beaumont Technologies’ new MeltFlipper and MAX processes provide injection molders the ability to balance mold filling and alter filling patterns within specific cavities to eliminate waste and part quality issues, even within a single cavity mold.

The company’s new in-mold adjustable rheological control systems (iMARC) are based on MeltFlipper and MAX technologies, but add the ability to adjust the melt flow from the parting line of the tool, without the need to change gate locations, part geometry or process conditions.

Beaumont Technologies Inc. (Erie, Pa.);; 814-899-6390

Hall 13, Stand B59-8

All-electric machines for medical parts

Ferromatik Milacron’s new Elektra evolution Series all-electric I/M machines are well suited for high production applications such as medical parts, pharmaceutical and food packaging production.

Designed to fit between the 1,800 and 3,000 kN versions, the clamping force spectrum of the Elektra evolution series ranges from 300 to 3,000 kN.

In addition, the machines offer the key advantages of electric drives: repeatability, energy efficiency (including energy recovered from breaking processes), and the largely oil-free operations that allow the machine to work in hygiene-critical environments.

The Elektra evolution is designed to work with the whole spectrum of Ferromatik Milacron technology options.

Ferromatik Milacron – Injection Molding – Div. of Milacron Inc. (Batavia, Ohio);; 513-536-2002

Hall 15, Stand B05

High performance with hot runner mold

A new, ultra-modern hot runner mold on a Boy 90A injection molding machine can produce thin-walled cable binders from PA 30 GF with very accurate reproduction of surface detail.

The 24-cavity mold for cable binders features an 18-fold hot runner control that is subdivided into a 12-fold nozzle system with a two-fold cold runner manifold.

Repeatability, short cycle times and plasticizing rates of up to 27 g per second are offered. Additionally, an automatic conveying device, installed below the cantilevered clamping unit, reduces labour costs. Parts drop into moveable storage containers largely situated below the cantilevered clamping unit; as soon as a container is filled, the machine control will release a signal for it to be shifted aside, and an empty container will be placed below the discharge chute.

Boy Machines Inc. (Exton, Pa.);; 610-363-9121

Barway Plastic Equipment Inc. (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que.);; 450-455-1396

Plascon Plastic Machinery Inc. (North York, Ont.); 416-491-8450

Hall 13, Stand A43


Single-screw concept for direct PET processing

Battenfeld is presenting a new, economical single-screw extruder concept for the production of premium-quality A-PET sheet.

The new process variant developed by Battenfeld is suitable for processors operating single-strand extrusion lines with an output between 800 and 1,000 kg/hour, and wishing to remain flexible by being able to process not only PET, but also polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP).

The novelty is the combination of a single screw with a modified planetary section for highly effective melt degassing. Although the capital investment is comparable to a single-screw extruder with a conventional pre-drying unit, the maintenance and energy costs of the new concepts are considerably lower.

The first extruder of this type has been running at a European manufacturer of PET thermoforming sheet, showing excellent in-production performance. With this equipment, both virgin A-PET and purified reclaim bottle flakes with maximum initial moisture content of 3,000 ppm can be processed.

Battenfeld of Canada Limited; (Mississauga, Ont.)

American Maplan (McPherson, Kan.);; 610-241-6843

Hall 16, Stand D22-2

Machines regranulate thermoplastics and fibres

NGR has extended its product range to include outputs of up to 2,000 kg/hour, and has created the X:Gran 185 and X:Gran 205 machine concepts for the regranulation of thermoplastics and fibres.

The company has supplemented its efficient X:Gran 165 (extruder diameter) recycler, which has an output of up to 1,000 kg/hour, with the new and enlarged machines. The X:Gran 185 and 205 have outputs of up to 2,000 kg/hour, a plant energy requirement per kilogram of pellets produced of 0.3-0.4 kWh/kg, and overall dimensions of approximately eight meters by 15 meters.

Industrial production waste and run-up rejects consisting of thermoplastics in every shape and size are regranulated without additional pre-shredding in a secure and cost-efficient process.

Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (Marchtrenk, Austria);; 43-7243585770

Extrusion Systems Inc. (Markham, Ont.); 905-474-1896

Crowther Machinery Ltd. (Dorval, Que.);; 514-636-1166

Hall 9, Stand D05

Motorized dual deckle for extrusion coating

A motorized dual deckle with a spring-loaded external segment from Extrusion Dies enables extrusion coating processors to automate width changes, increase the precision of deckle settings, reduce or eliminate manual adjustment, and cut downtime between job changes.

An AC motor drives the external deckle and the primary internal deckle as a single unit, while a smaller motor drives a secondary internal deckle that fine tunes the flow at either end of the die, minimizing the formation of edge bead. Besides reducing the time needed to change width settings, motorization makes it possible to run the deckle as part of a computerized processing system.

Also, with standard external deckles, operators need to loosen and tighten fasteners for every change in product width. Extrusion Dies has replaced this system with a spring-loaded device that provides constant pressure at the lips of the die while permitting width changes with little to no manual adjustment.

Because the deckles are linked to the same drive, they function as one system. In addition, they substantially reduce polymer leakage from the die.

Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (Chippewa Falls, Wis.);; 715-726-1201

Hall 2, Stand G06

Upgraded extruder for high quality specifications

The new Euro Blue II extruder from Davis-Standard, an upgraded version of the original Euro Blue introduced in 2004, provides high quality specifications and processing rates at a reasonable cost, and can be delivered in as quickly as one week based on location.

The model is designed for custom profile and tubing applications, as well as basic wire and cable processes.

The Euro Blue II includes a double reduction gearbox with helical carburized gears, an integral high capacity thrust bearing, cast iron feed section, four-zone DS 1000 bi-metallic barrel assembly with heated clamp arrangement and DSBM-T high performance barrier mixing feedscrew.

Available with a two-year warranty, the extruder range currently includes sizes of 50mm, 60mm, 75mm and 90mm in 24:1 configurations.

Davis-Standard LLC (Pawcatuck, Conn.);; 860-599-1010

Auxiplast Inc. (Sainte-Julie, Que.);; 450-922-0282

Hall 16, Stand A43


New models for range of applications

Sidel has added two new blow molding models to the SBO Highspeed and SBO Compact ranges, based on the company’s SBO Universal technology.

The SBO 24xs Highspeed is designed to produce small containers for still liquids and CSDs, for lines ranging from 40,000 to 46,000 bottles per hour.

The SBO 2XL Compact machine (pictured) produces PET bottles in sizes up to 10 litres. Targeted primarily at packaging water and edible oil in containers ranging from five to 10 litres, the 2XL offers a production rate of 2,400 bottles per hour and guaranteed efficiency of 95 per cent.

Sidel Canada Inc. (Laval, Que.);; 450-973-3337

Hall 13, Stand B89


Quick-change mold clamping system

The Bakra quick-change mold clamping system from D-M-E uses self-locking bayonet rings, allowing a single operator to make a mold change in as little as five minutes.

Based on 150 mold changes per year, the estimated annual cost saving is 81 per cent.

The Bakra system consists of adapter plates mounted to the molding machine and lock to special locating rings on the mold. Installation is simple and straightforward with three steps, including hoisting the mold in place, inserting the locating ring into the adaptor plate and locking with the supplied wrench.

Once installed, the Bakra system allows for a quick and easy interface between mold and molding machine.

D-M-E of Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-387-6600

Hall 1, Stand F08

Cylindrical valve gates

The Accu-Valve series of cylindrical valve gates (pictured) from Mold-Masters offer precision, reliability and fast colour change performance.

Additionally, the patented V-Guide system is engineered to eliminate risk of material or gassing residues from dictating a company’s maintenance schedule.

And the company’s next generation Master-Series offer a robust and thermally superior design with a broad range of nozzle sizes.

Mold-Masters Limited (Georgetown, Ont.);; 905-877-0185

Hall 1, Stand A39

New hot runner technologies

Husky is introducing an expanded Ultra 350 nozzle product line, with valve gate and hot tip options available, designed for ultra-compact, multi-cavity production of small parts such as medical applications.

The Ultra 350 offers direct gating into difficult to reach areas with distances between nozzles of as little as 18mm and throughput of up to 30 grams per second.

The company will also make available a new option for its Ultra 500 valve gate; the new design is suited for applications, such as consumer electronic components, that require injection pressure of up to 3000 bar and tight pitch spacing.

Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, Ont.);; 90

Hall 13, Stand A59


Affordable, in-line spectrophotometer

The new Vericolor Spectro spectrophotometer from X-Rite provides accurate colormetric measurements under demanding factory environments for less than US$20,000.

The unit can provide real-time or continuous data that matches lab quality accuracy; measure colour at a distance of 10 cm (+/- 5mm) from the test surface; read colours accurately in a shop floor environment with fluctuating temperatures, vibration, high humidity and variable lighting conditions; measure accurately without frequent calibration; and measure the colour of products with varied textures.

When programmed to take regular and frequent measurements, the Vericolor Spectro can reduce scrap and rework by providing an immediate signal when a process is making parts outside of specifications.

X-Rite Inc. (Grandville, Mich.);; 616-534-7663

Manutrol Inc. (Montreal, Que.); 877-626-8876 (Mississauga, Ont.); 877-626-8876

Hall 10, Stand H30

Digital control system for weather testing

The Ci4000 Weather-Ometer from Atlas Material Testing offers an enhanced digital control system that gives operators more flexibility and control of their accelerated weather testing.

The Ci4000 meets such basic plastics testing standards as ISO 4892-2, ASTM G151 and G155, as well as SAE J1885 and J1960.

The unit comes with a full colour TFT touch-screen display with intuitive icons for easier interpretation of operating parameters and warnings.

Also, memory capacity has been significantly increased to allow for additional features and functions previously managed by external controllers.

Atlas Material Testing Technology (Chicago, Ill.);; 773-327-4520

R.B. Atlas Inc. (Rexdale, Ont.);; 800-479-8167

Hall 10, Stand C23

In-line measurement technology for extrusion

Zumbach Electronics has made available a new system for testing wall thickness, and diameter measurement and control, for extruded tube, pipe and hose.

The Umac CI high performance ultrasonic measuring system, which utilizes DSP, allows for flexible and specific configuration of the measuring task.

The Wallmaster measuring data processor is available with push-button or touch screen control. Operator friendly and with easy to understand graphical interface, it enables connection to Umac and several Odac diameter gauges as well as fault detectors. Control, statistics, SPC and processor communication are standard features.

The company’s Umac Z scanners have been redesigned with transducers that can be synchronously adjusted to the best possible measuring position with one adjustment. The scanner covers an outside diameter range from 5 to 100mm (0.2 to 0.4 in.).

Zumbach Electronics Corporation (Mount Kisco, N.Y.);; 914-241-7080

Hall 10, Stand E41


State-of-the-art film production and converting equipment

Windmoeller & Hoelscher will stage two events at the K Show to highlight the latest developments in printing, extrusion and converting technology.

At the stand, W&H will run a 63-inch (1,600 mm) three-layer Varex blown film line featuring a 70/90/70 mm extruder layout. The line will be equipped with the new Maxicone C die and Filmatic S surface winder. W&H’s Polyrex BV-Servo heat-seal machine for the production of patch reinforced handgrip carrier bags will also be on display.

In addition, the company will stage an in-house exhibition at its global headquarters in Lengerich, featuring demonstrations from three blown film lines, one cast film line, three flexographic presses, one rotogravure press and one film sealing machine.

Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp. (Lincoln, R.I.);; 800-854-8702

International Converting Equipment Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.); 905-569-7727

Hall 17, Stand A59


Milliken to show new products and applications

Milliken Chemical will showcase its steps forward into new plastic product and application areas at K 2007.

The addition of Millad NX8000 to Milliken’s range of world-leading, industry-standard PP clarifiers will allow PP producers to achieve new levels of PP clarity. Millad NX8000 offers breakthrough haze compared to existing clarifiers, in combination with key benefits such as good thermal properties, impact resistance and cost effectiveness.

Milliken will also showcase nucleating agents for both PP and PE applications. The launch of Hyperform HPN-20E will make cost-effective property modification a reality for converters, resin and masterbatch producers. The introduction builds on the productivity, quality, dimensional control, Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE) optimization and mechanical property solutions already offered to PP by Milliken’s Hyperform product range.

New applications taking advantage of Milliken’s developments will include the expansion of AlphaSan antimicrobial agents into the medical device market, and the use of ClearTint colorants to achieve PET-like clarity and best-yet moisture barrier levels for clarified-PP Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) pill and table packet bottles in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Milliken Chemical (Spartanburg, S.C.);; 864-503-2200

Hall 5, Stand F27

Red colours for demanding applications

Clariant is making available two additions to the PV Fast range of high-performance organic pigments, both offering outstanding thermal properties, high resistance to fade and fastness to bleed, and suitable for the most demanding colouring applications.

PV Fast Red D3GW joins the growing family of Diketo pyrrolo pyrol (DPP) pigments and presents fastness and resistance properties in a low-warping, mid-shade red.

PV Fast Red HGR is the new standard for high-performance in a yellow-shade red characterized by very good dispersion characteristics and a persuasive technical property and performance profile.

The distinctive feature common to both of these new pigments is their suitability for use in the coloration of beverage crates, caps, closures and other dimensionally critical molding applications due to their low influence on warpage or shrinkage in polyolefins.

Clariant (Canada) Inc. – Pigments and Additives Division (Markham, Ont.);; 905-479-4700

Hall 8a, Stand J11

Engineering polymer for electrical circuits and connectors

The new Zytel HTN PPA (non-VO) corrosion-free resins from DuPont are designed for electrical circuits and connectors and high-temperature automotive environments.

With a glass transition temperature of up to 135C and a melting point over 300C, Zytel HTN can be used continuously at 200C and above.

Additionally, a 50 per cent lower coefficient of thermal extension and up to 60 per cent lower moisture pick-up when compared to PA66 helps reduce thermo-mechanical stress on encapsulated components.

Targeted applications for Zytel HTN resins include sensors and high-voltage cable connectors in electrical and hybrid vehicles. Alternative industry applications include those in the renewable energy sector, and marine and kitchen appliances.

E.I. du Pont Company (Mississauga, Ont.);; 800-387-2122

Hall 6, Stand D27

Chemtura to show value-added products

Chemtura Corporation will exhibit their line of new and existing flame retardants, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, polymerization additives, a
nd intermediates for polyvinyl, polyolefins and other plastics at the K Show.

Chemtura products being introduced at K-2007 include Mark OBS Organic-Based Stabilizers, now more cost effective than calcium alternatives for both rigid and flexible PVC applications; Firemaster 600 and Firemaster 602 flame retardants, which are 10 per cent more efficient for protecting polyurethane foams; polybond coupling agents such as Polybond 1103 for processes and applications requiring very low melt viscosity; and Naugard 300-E inhibitor that improves efficiency and control of styrene processing.

Chemtura is also developing improved coupling agent and lubricant products for wood/plastic composites.

Chemtura Corporation (Middlebury, Conn.);; 203-573-3305

Hall 6, Stand C07


Kneader for high-grade cable compounds

The new high-performance MX Kneader by Buss AG is a further development of the universal Buss MKS Kneader, optimized for high grade polyolefin-based cable compound processing and special masterbatch production.

The throughput is 2.5 times more without any size increase, and specific power consumption for compounding is 15 per cent lower. Also, halogen-free flame-retardant cable compound quality is better than ever, with very high fillers content up to 68 per cent by weight.

The technological advance is mainly due to the new four-flight screw and redesigned kneading chamber with greater volume. As in all Buss Kneaders, the screw oscillates axially each time it rotates.

The mass temperature rise as a function of screw speed is significantly less than before, enabling screw speeds up to 800 rpm without exceeding the maximum admissible temperature of 190 Celsius for cable compounds.

Buss has innovated its MX Kneader drive, with a compact combination of four water-cooled induction motors actuating the screw shaft through epicyclical and linear gearing. After compounding, the product is taken over by a rugged flanged-on extruder screw, specially designed to build up the necessary pressure for melt filtration and product granulation.

The MX Kneaders also comply with strict noise protection norms, and the PC control interface with visualization ensures intuitive operator guidance.

Buss Inc. USA (Carol Stream, Ill.);; 630-933-9100

Hall 16, Stand A59

Compounding system offers increased throughput

The new ZSK Megavolume Plus high-performance compounding system from Coperion provides increased throughput, a wider operating window and superior flexibility.

With a torque of 11.3 Nm/cm3, the ZSK Megavolume Plus makes it possible to compound feed-limited products with high energy consumption at high throughput rates. Since the mean shear rate during compounding is reduced by the large flight depth and the high filling level, the screw speed can be increased without negative effects.

Typical applications of the compounding system include rigid PVC and plasticized PVC compounding; and compounding of halogen-free, flame-retardant cable compounds based on polyolefins, as well as other filled compounds.

Coperion Corporation (Ramsey, N.J.);; 201-327-6300

Auxiplast Inc. (Sainte-Julie, Que.);; 450-922-0282

Hall 14, Stand C33


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