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Injection molding (May 01, 2004)

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Compact precision molding machine...

Compact precision molding machine

For small parts made of engineering resins, Nissei has developed the ELJECT NEX150, an ultra-compact precision electric injection molding machine with clamp force of 16.5 US tons. The machine is suitable for liquid crystal polymer (LCP), polyamide (PA 6, 66, 12) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resins, with shot weight ranging from 0.1 g to 5 g.

Because the machine uses servo motors to drive injection, it can be equipped with the standard belt drive system or with an optional centre drive. Injection speed is 300 mm/s for belt drive; 500 mm/s for centre drive.

Mold opening/closing operations and ejector actions are performed at a higher speed than previous models, resulting in a reduction of 35% in dry cycle time.


En-plas Inc. 416-286-3030

Coating raises mold performance

Bales Mold Service’s NIBORE coating, a co-deposit of nickel and boron nitride, raises mold performance by combining the uniform coverage of electroless nickel with the lubricity of boron nitride.

Its coefficient of friction is 0.05, and because it’s applied at 185 F, it can be used on any substrate and is easily strippable, leaving no damage to the base material of the mold.

As well, NIBORE has a controllable hardness rating between 54-67 RC, which gives it superior abrasion resistance and excellent corrosion protection.

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