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Injection Molding (September 01, 2003)

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IMM for thick-wall packaging applicationsThe new Maxima 1000 HS with electric-screw injection drive from Milacron provides 70-in./s clamp speed to deliver 3.5 s dry cycle over a 42-in. stroke, making ...

IMM for thick-wall packaging applications

The new Maxima 1000 HS with electric-screw injection drive from Milacron provides 70-in./s clamp speed to deliver 3.5 s dry cycle over a 42-in. stroke, making it ideal for thick-wall packaging applications. Available with an electric two-stage injection unit for ultimate injection precision and repeatability, the 1000 HS machine has a 10100 global injection unit (110 mm screw diameter), providing 179-ounce shot size, maximum pressure of 27,500 psi and injection rate of 175 in.3/s. Its rigid machine base is engineered to carry stack mold weight and provide clearance between base and strain rods for the stack mold carrier.

The two-platen design provides processing flexibility for multi-component, coinjection and multi-plane molding, providing such advantages as significant clamp stroke, evenly distributed clamp force and fast tonnage build times.

Accuplast Solutions 514-630-0808


Accumulator-assisted hybrid for packaging

Sumitomo has introduced two new model sizes of accumulator-assisted hybrid electric machines designed for packaging and other ultra high-speed, high productivity applications: the SE350HY (385 tons) and the SE450HY (495 tons). The SE-HY models use three AC servo motors with digital-to-digital fully closed-loop control for plasticating, clamping and ejection.

On SE-HY machines, two accumulators work together with a digital servo valve and highly sophisticated measuring and feedback devices for fast response and precision injection control. Results for shot weight accuracy and repeatability yield a typical deviation-to-mean ratio of less than 0.02%. Unerring injection velocity control from low to high speeds and exceptional velocity response are provided by use of direct digital control with digital sensors that don’t require conversion to analog.

Plastics Machinery Inc. 905-895-5054

Melt pressure transducer

Gefran’s MJ Melt Transducer is designed specifically for use in injection molding. It measures injection pressure in the nozzle, making it suitable for controlling the pressure parameter during critical phases of the molding process. Reading pressure directly in the melt overcomes problems of signal loss and read delay.

Nordic Sensors 888-667-3421

Hot runner enhancements boost performance

Can your choice of hot runner give you a competitive advantage? According to Mold-Masters, it can. The company’s new Master-Series hot runner product line offers faster color changes, improved uptime and superior part quality.

The Master-Series has an unsurpassed heat profile, thanks to a patent-pending Conductive Infusion Coating (CIC) technology in conjunction with an enhanced heating circuit profile.

With CIC, the watt density of the nozzle heaters can be reduced, allowing for longer element life.

Other components of the Master-Series are: Master-Seal, a unique, engineered leak proof seal at the nozzle-manifold connection; Endura technology, which gives exceptional thermal response and durability in nozzle tips; and Visco-Seal leak-proof protection at the gate.

President Jonathon Fischer explains that the Endura technology produces a gate that is two times harder than tungsten carbide, and permits lower freeze-off temperatures.

Another performance enhancing innovation is the use of three-hole tips. Fischer says the three-hole tip can fill parts at lower temperatures and reduces the number of shots needed for color change.

Mold-Masters Ltd. 905-877-0185

General purpose all electric

The new ELJECT NEX Series from Nissei is a line-up of 22 general purpose machines that are suitable for a wide variety of applications from small-sized precision parts to multi-cavity molding, which requires larger capacity, and large-sized molded products.

The ELJECT machines use a new type of controller, TACT, which permits high-speed control and a variety of control modes. They also have a new design of mold clamping unit, and are easier to maintain and operate.

En-plas Ltd. 416-286-3030

Hylectric machines get a boost

Husky’s Hylectric line of injection molding machines has been updated with an optimized power platform and an improved layout. Husky has achieved a 20% to 50% reduction in pump and motor size without affecting the machine’s performance. The power reduction has a positive effect on energy performance, noise, service access, machine footprint and breaker sizing.

A new mold-stroke circuit has further improved Hylectric’s dry cycle performance by another 0.2 seconds. The overall width of the machine has been reduced by at least eight inches on all models without affecting tiebar spacing or platen width. By the end of the year, the entire product line, up to HL1000 (1100 ton) will be upgraded.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. 905-951-5000


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