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Injection Molding (June 01, 2003)

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HIGH-SPEED MOLDING FOR CAPSTwo machines from Nissei's AN1 Series, which is aimed at the packaging market, particularly caps, will be exhibited by Nissei at NPE.The AN1 Series of hydraulic machines are...


Two machines from Nissei’s AN1 Series, which is aimed at the packaging market, particularly caps, will be exhibited by Nissei at NPE.

The AN1 Series of hydraulic machines are an enhanced version of Nissei’s FN machines. The FN4000-50AN1, with a mold clamping force of 200 tons (1750kN), enables high speed molding of PE and PP resins, which generally require a long melting time, by using a screw design that is optimized for large capacity and high plastication.

A main feature of the AN1 machines is their direct-pressure type mold clamping mechanism which has good durability for continuous use and provides flat pressure to the mold. The machines employ simultaneous functions to achieve shorter cycle times.


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A variety of durable construction features enhance the accuracy of Mitsubishi’s MEt Series all-electric injection molding machines. MHI’s newly developed RASMA-L frame (a lighter version of the company’s original, proven RASMA), suppresses vibration, and holds accuracy to micron levels.

The MEt’s use of a highly rigid clamping mechanism and double-roller supported movable die plates further promote precision. To prevent tie-bar load imbalance during mold opening/closing operation, two nozzle-touch ball screws connect the MEt’s injection and clamping units.

Design enhancements further contribute to MEt precision. The incorporation of a Super Resin Control-II (SRC-II) works with other functions to ensure constant metering. Using the SRC-II system, the screw applies pressure to the melt after metering. This process results in high repeatability of melt density and product weight with every mold cycle. MHI offers an optional SRC-III system with shut-ring control for even more exact metering.

The MEt is available in a range of configurations from 35 to 300 tons. Maximum screw speed is 11.8 in./sec. with a maximum pressure of 34,128 psi.

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