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Injection Molding (October 01, 2004)

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Direct drive injection permits high-speed performance...

Direct drive injection permits high-speed performance

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new MEII Series electric injection molding machine instantly reaches maximum injection speeds to accurately mold thin-wall and fine-precision parts. A belt-less electric injection drive servomotor is key to the superior performance of the MEII Series. Direct drive injection and a newly developed synchronous control enable high-speed performance.

Dry cycle times have been decreased by 25% compared to Mitsubishi’s previous ME model, and platen deflection is 25% less. Furthermore, the energy consumption of the MEII is reduced by more than 60% compared with fully hydraulic machines.

Further contributing to the MEII’s high-speed operation is the latest generation MAC-VIII controller. This controller is outfitted with Mitsubishi’s newest high-speed MIU2000 process control board.


An optional injection compression circuit is effective for cloth molding and the elimination of warping. An available foam injection core back circuit allows for the high quality molding of foamed products, while a two-material molding option provides secondary injection capacities of 5 and 10 ounces.

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Large, fast robots for workcell integration

Designed to work with 700- to 1500-ton injection molding machines, Automated Assemblies’ new Raptor 4000 servo robots provide low deflection and rigid construction in a low-profile, telescoping arm style. Take-out times as low as 2.0 s are possible.

The Raptor 4000 units can efficiently handle heavy payloads, and are targeted at the automotive, electronics, medical and housewares markets.

The robots have an integrated vision system that allows for high-speed quality inspection. They are PC-based, with open architecture controllers that have intuitive, flexible user programming.

All Raptor products include a large 300 mm operator interface that combines robot, vision and workcell controls in one.

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