Hot Runners (November 01, 2010)

Quick-couple actuator eases assembly, maintenance

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November 1, 2010 by Canadian Plastics

Synventive Molding Solutions has redesigned its QCVG16 quick-couple actuator for simpler installation and maintenance, and also made it available for use with the company’s entire global product line of valve gate hot runner systems.

This new actuator offers numerous advantages for easy assembly, disassembly and valve pin adjustment for moldmakers and molders, including a design that facilitates easy assembly and disassembly. The top clamp plate can be removed without removing the QCVG16 actuator or valve pin, and valve pins can be removed without removing the QCVG16 actuator or top clamp plate.

Also, pin axial adjustment feature permits valve pin adjustment with or without top clamp plate, and an integrated self-bleeding feature reduces installation assembly time and cost by eliminating the need to bleed air from hydraulic lines.

Synventive Molding Solutions (Peabody, Mass.)

Precision Mold Supplies Ltd. (Delta, B.C.)

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