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Hot runners (July 01, 2009)

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Hot runners for high cavitation molding

Hot runners for high cavitation molding

Incoe Corp. has developed a series of hot runner systems designed for the processing of commodity-grade resins used in high cavitation molding.

Quick-Flo (QF) systems are used specifically for caps/closures, medical disposables, pharmaceutical and packaging applications that demand maximum output, repeatable part quality, and superior cosmetics.

Nozzles are available in three popular sizes with flow channel diameters of 3 mm, 5 mm, and 8mm, and with shot ranges of 3g-375g. Gating options include thermal tip and valve gate with tips manufactured using highly conductive materials for optimal thermal response.

For added processing value, QF systems that use Opti-Flo manifolds with Beaumont Technologies Inc.’s MelfFlipper technology can provide improved cycle times and processing capability.


QF systems are packaged in standard cavity layouts common to the high cavitation markets, and they are to be sold as complete injection halves.

Incoe Corp. USA (Troy, Mich.);; 248-616-0220

Hot runner system saves costs

Mold-Masters has introduced their new Sprint hot runner system, for cycles between three and six seconds.

The Sprint system uses a unique nozzle tip design coupled with Mold-Masters leading manifold technologies to provide significant performance benefits for beverage closure molders.

Sprint systems have 10 per cent lower pressure drops, greater than 90 per cent fill balance, and 25 per cent faster color changes than comparable systems in the field. This allows molders to reduce part weights, and bring molding costs down to new thresholds.

Mold-Masters (Georgetown, Ont.);; 905-877-0185


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