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The Conair two-stage SPC-750 beside-the-press Dagger granulator produces high quality granulate with virtually no dust or fines. It features a 10 by 10 in. cutting chamber, large sprues, and runs at 3...

The Conair two-stage SPC-750 beside-the-press Dagger granulator produces high quality granulate with virtually no dust or fines. It features a 10 by 10 in. cutting chamber, large sprues, and runs at 30 lb/hr. The screenless SPC-750 is designed to operate in two stages. First, rotating fingers break up sprues and runners. Then a slow-speed cutter dices scrap into regrind. The uniform regrind melts more consistently, making over or under heating less probable.

The granulator is ideal for re-processing high-precision, high-quality parts such electrical components and compact discs.

Stephen Sales Group 905/940-5577

Auxiplast Inc. 450/922-0282


Ultrasonic baths for faster, safer cleaning

Misonix ultrasonic baths are ideal for cleaning clogged valves, filters, or hard to clean items. Bath sizes range from 1/2 to 12 gallons. Units feature digital displays of bath temperature and allow the user to set temperature of the bath and time of operation.

Items are cleaned by the power of cavitation, which is the formation and rapid collapse of microscopic vapor bubbles. The microscopic bubbles scrub surfaces clean. Misonix baths are less expensive and time-consuming than autoclaves.

Misonix, Inc. 516/ 694-9555

Versatile high-tonnage machine comes with two clamping units

A new 8000-ton injection press built by the Italian manufacturer MIR claims to solve the quandary faced by many molders who cannot afford to invest in a super high-tonnage machine unless long-term business for the machine is guaranteed. The 8000-ton machine is built using a combination of two 4000-ton clamping units, each paired and fitted with their own injection unit, thus enhancing production options for the molder. By using a single mold and both injection units, parts weighing up to 100 kg can be molded, exploiting the machine’s entire clamping force. Alternatively, light products can be molded separately on the two machine sections with 4000 tons of clamping force each, using two molds. Electronic control systems for the hydraulic and electric functions of the two injection-clamping units maintain platen parallelism during the clamping stage.

MIR USA Corp. 978/537-4792

High-speed printer codes packaging

The EasyPrint F 5 in., high-speed thermal transfer printer from Bell-Mark is perfect for printing code dates, pricing and scannable bar codes directly onto package substrates such as film, foil, paper and chipboard cartons. The printer is designed to replace hot stamp and ink coders on all horizontal flow wrappers, baggers, cartons and any continuous moving webs at print speeds up to 1000 mm per second. It comes with a unique foil-saving feature that electoronically adjusts the foil index length to maximize the number of prints per roll. Production down-time is eliminated by a cassette loaded ribbon changer that accepts 400 m rolls of transfer ribbons. High-quality text and bar codes are achieved by a 12-dot 300 print head with a print area of up to 5 in. by 7.5 in.

Bell-Mark Corporation 973/882-0202

Quick analysis of composite applications

Quantum Composites Inc.’s spreadsheet program, COMPAREM, is an aid in the development of new composite applications. The program quickly analyzes which material/design combinations provide the best part performance at the lowest cost.

Intended to minimize the time of purchasing agents and design engineers, COMPAREM quantifies the complex relationship among various part parameters. After entering material information and part dimensions, the program automatically calculates part strength, stiffness, weight, and material cost for a selected material. COMPAREM uses Microsoft Excel Workbook and does not require any technical background to use.

Quantum Composites, Inc. 517/496-2884

Sliding nipper provides ultimate accuracy, speed

The “NINJA” nipper GT-NY10-S uses a linear opposing “V” slide track with adjustable gibbs and is powered by a double acting air cylinder for fast, accurate positioning. The unique tracking design eliminates the need for many wear-sensitive parts. Standard or custom blades are available.

Roberts Crothers, 416/292-7901

Water troughs for flexible processing

A new line of custom-built Yellow Jacket water troughs are ideal for cooling extruded products such as strand pelletizing, tubing, rod, profile, wire, cable and fibre optic insulation, and quenched film. The water troughs are designed for maximum flexibility when used with either single- or twin-screw extruders. The troughs can be universally constructed for both top-fed applications like pelletizing and side-fed applications such as tubing, rod, profile, and wire. The troughs have standard and optional features, including casters, floor jacks, air or sponge wipes for drying, hinged covers and others. Multiple bolt-on sections are available for extra long troughs used in high-speed applications.

Wayne Machine & Die Company 973/256-7374

CMM optimizes scanning capability

The new Global series of coordinate measuring machines combines single point probing and high speed scanning. These CMMs can perform several measurement and inspection tasks, including first piece inspection, layout inspection, reverse engineering, process control, tool set up, and archiving. Touch trigger and analog probes can be quickly interchanged to measure prismatic features or scan contours. The Object Orientated Scanner scans from a single command, while the 3D Vector Force Optimizer performs vector analysis for probe qualifications. Global’s Fast Probe feature allows a scanning probe to be used as a touch trigger with no loss of speed or accuracy.

Canadian Measurement Metrology 905/819-7878

RIM machine displaces old technology

The economical OmegaRim high-pressure RIM machine for metering and dispensing polyurethane resins eliminates the price gap between low and high-pressure polyurethane equipment, allowing many manufacturers to replace their old, low-pressure processing technology.

The OmegaRim does away with the inconveniences and problems associated with low-pressure RIM. It eliminates the need to flush the mixing chamber with solvent and the resulting disposal of urethane waste. It has two raw material tanks, heat exchangers for temperature control, and flow monitoring with closed loop control. Standard features include a hydraulic power pack and memory-stored multiple shot-time selection. Customers can choose from the Straight or L-style mixhead.

IPI Canada 519/725-4480

Accurate high temperature control unit

Sterlco’s Royal Series Compact High Temperature Control Unit is designed for processing from 0 to 550 F and features Sterlco’s M2B fuzzy logic control, which provides adaptive tuning for higher accuracy and better repeatability. The user-friendly controller displays setpoint and process temperatures together, with 1/2 and full heat and is programmable in Fahrenheit or Celsius scales. It is available with heaters ranging from 12 to 24 kw and one and two hp positive displacement pumps. The unit includes a System Status Graphics Display, equipped with pilot lights to report mode, heat or cool, motor run/reverse/ overload, and a safety thermo trip.

Dier International Plastics 905/474-9874

Controller targets extrusion processes

DataPro 3000 from Beta LaserMike is a simple, easy-to-use, low-maintenance controller for tube, pipe, hose and profile applications. Closed-loop feedback control functions will help the user improve product quality, consistency and yield, as well as providing material savings.

Two-level tolerance checking can help reduce scrap through quick identification of unacceptable product.

DataPro has multiple I/O features, permitting easy integration and connectivity to other systems. It can also define multiple product recipes to simplify and speed up product changeover.

Beta LaserMike 937/233-9935

Perform complex operations on STL files

Stratasys has an agreement with Materialise to include a free six-month license of Magics software with all new Statasys rapid prototyping systems. Stratasys w
ill also distribute the software to all existing customers with future software updates.

Magics allows users to manipulate and modify STL files or fix deficiencies before making models on a rapid prototyping system. It allows users to perform operations such as sectioning, cutting, hollowing, boolean operations and file repair.

Stratasys Inc. 952/937-3000

In-line water ring pelletizer

The conventional cross-head, die-flow design of water ring pelletizers has been replaced with a straight-through design in Beringer’s in-line pelletizer. The in-line flow path is suitable for low to moderate flow rates with a wide variety of thermoplastics.

The straight-through flow path allows easy color and material changeovers.

Pellets are cut at the die face, but there is no die hole freeze-off because water doesn’t contact the die face.

Beringer LLC 781-631-6300

Built-in slitting and spooling flexibility

Independent Machine Company’s Slitting and Traverse Winding System produces spools with more than 14 miles of extruded film material. The 16 in. wide slitter has interchangeable shear, score and razor slitting assemblies, and 20 independent traverse winding positions. The modular unwind accommodates maximum 60 in. diameter supply rolls and comes with programmable tension control, auto edge guiding, safety chucks and pneumatic rolls.

Each of the 20 spooling positions is independent with adjustable tension control; as well has a fully adjustable traverse for spool width, stroke rate, and end dwell. A pneumatic actuated layon roll controls spool density.

Independent Machine Company 973/ 882-0060


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