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Good Natured Products helps two food suppliers minimize environmental impact

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The food producers are introducing new crops and next-gen sustainable agriculture practices that are easier on the planet than some traditional growing methods.

Heron Farms product in packaging from Good Natured Products. Photo Credit: CNW Group/Good Natured Products

Vancouver-based biopolymer producer Good Natured Products Inc. recently shone the spotlight on product developments made by two of its customers that are supplying plant-based, nutritional foods to communities across North America.

The first customer, Heron Farms in Charleston, S.C., is turning sea level rise into sustainable agriculture. The company – which is an indoor saltwater vertical farm that grows salt-tolerant crops such as sea beans, sea pickles and sea asparagus using predictive software and automated data collection and analysis methods – is now using plant-based packaging supplied by Good Natured to its customers in the retail, restaurants, and food service industries throughout 14 U.S. states. “We strategically chose [the] plant-based packaging…as the best option to extend our brand values beyond the product we produce all the way through to the packaging itself,” said Heron Farms founder and CEO Sam Norton.

Second, ColdAcre Food Systems, located in Whitehorse, Yukon, is using Good Natured’s plant-based, certified compostable packaging, which is distributed through small independent grocers through to large chains, such as Save-On-Foods in the Yukon. ColdAcre is said to be the only year-round food producer of greens in the Yukon and sells its farming system across Canada and the Arctic. Their systems source local jobs, reduce supply chain dependency and bring high-quality fresh produce to communities making them more self-sufficient and sustainable. “We made it a mandate when we started ColdAcre that we wouldn’t contribute to the single-use plastics problem that’s top of mind for many Canadians,” said ColdAcre CEO Tarek Bos-Jabber. “We’ve been very pleased to be able to work with [Good Natured] as we prepare to triple our production in the coming months and offer our products in plant-based, compostable packaging.”

“A growing population, changing climate conditions and consumers’ desire to support local suppliers is creating opportunity for innovative food producers to introduce new crops and next-gen sustainable agriculture practices that are easier on the planet than some traditional growing methods,” officials with Good Natured said.


Founded in 2006 and formerly known as Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc., Good Natured is a plant-based products and packaging company that designs, produces, and distributes bioplastics for use in packaging and durable product applications. The company changed its name to Good Natured Products in 2017.


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