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Compact nozzle permits internal gatingEwikon has expanded its 240-volt externally heated hot runner line, HPS III, to include a new, compact nozzle for the packaging industry. The VT-Series is a torpe...

Compact nozzle permits internal gating

Ewikon has expanded its 240-volt externally heated hot runner line, HPS III, to include a new, compact nozzle for the packaging industry. The VT-Series is a torpedo nozzle with an outer shaft diameter of 10 mm. The slim outer diameter makes it ideal for gating inside of cores. The nozzles are available in lengths from 39 mm to 179 mm, and are constructed with removable tips. A unique front mount configuration allows the nozzle to be removed from the front of the retainer plate.

Ewikon Hotrunner Systems of America Inc. 800-980-4815

Mold-mounted hot runner control


American MSI has eliminated thermocouple cables, mold to controller power cables and the bulky electronics cabinets normally associated with hot runner control by mounting the hot runner control directly on the mold. The Revolution hot runner control takes up no more space than the typical mold junction box required for a conventional system.

The moldmaker needs only to wire the heating elements and thermocouples to the Revolution Adapta-Tek interface module. The control module plugs into and latches on to the interface module.

Revolution is provided in standard 12-zone increments to 96 zones. Custom configurations are available.

Davidson Sales 905-567-4661

Inches or centimetres — the choice is yours

Hasco America Inc. has increased its product line to include inch standard mold bases and components. In addition, North American manufacturing capability permits rapid delivery of hot halves, mold bases and components.

Hasco Canada Inc. 800-387-9609

Cut color change time in half

For faster color changes and elimination of flow lines, Husky Injection Molding Systems has developed the 750 Series Ultraflow nozzle tip. The patented tip design for both hot tip and valve gated 750 Series hot runner nozzles reduces color change time by at least half, saving both time and resin, reports Husky.

Another benefit is that parts molded of metallic or filled resins show no flow lines. Uniform molecular and filler/reinforcement orientation leads to increased dimensional stability.

In addition, Husky has added two styles of eight-drop hot runner systems to its Pronto program. The Pronto system offers rapid delivery of complete, configurable hot halves. Pronto hot runner systems are now available in two-, four- and eight-drop configurations and allow for almost unlimited nozzle pitch, exact nozzle length specification and a selection of hot tip, valve gate or thermal sprue gating styles.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. 802-859-8114

Real time control for each gate promises better parts

Dynisco HotRunner’s Dynamic Feed technology offers independent “real time” process control to each gate, allowing customers to take control of their process as the injection and packing pressure profiles are independently controlled in the mold. The company states that Dynamic Feed improves quality, increases productivity, lowers overall tool costs and improves the molding process.

The system allows the molder to create and control individual pressure vs. time profiles for each hot runner nozzle. The closed- loop, real-time process control uses a pressure transducer and a metering valve in the flow to each nozzle. The entire process of reading the pressure and adjusting the position of the valve pin in the hot runner flow channel takes 50 milliseconds to complete.

Dynisco HotRunners 800-367-5662

System meets sequential molding requirements

Incoe Corp. has introduced a new co-injection hot runner system for multiple cavity requirements or sequential molding for single cavity systems. This system features Incoe’s proven hot runner technology and uses material specific mixing pins combined with Incoe’s three position actuator.

Wika Instruments 905-337-1611

Quick-change hot runner molding

Family molds were not the answer when rodent trap manufacturer Bell Labs was on a tight production schedule for new three- and ten-component traps. Instead, the company’s moldmaker suggested combining D-M-E standardized hot runner technology with a Master Unit Die (MUD) molding system to create a quick-change, hot runner molding setup.

Companion multi-cavity mold inserts can be changed in minutes, not hours, without removing the mold frame or hot runner manifold.

This setup facilitates short runs on each component, allowing the molder to build stock of all components and then begin assembly.

Moldmaker Mike Westfahl of MJP Tool had a directive to build the system in three weeks. He choose D-M-E’s Flow-Mate four drop hot runner manifold, which is pre-engineered and externally heated. The challenge was to locate the nozzle ports on the manifold so that they were common to each of the eleven mold units.

D-M-E of Canada Ltd. 800-387-6600


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