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First PPO-based additive enhances material properties

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GE Plastics has announced a new low molecular weight version of one of its core polymers -- polyphenylene oxide, or PPO resin -- specifically created to serve as an additive that brings new functional...

GE Plastics has announced a new low molecular weight version of one of its core polymers — polyphenylene oxide, or PPO resin — specifically created to serve as an additive that brings new functionality to elastomer-based adhesives, sealant and molding compounds as well as to thermoset products such as epoxy-based composites and electronic components. The new version of PPO resin, called PPO SA120 resin, has a molecular weight of less than 2,500, which is nearly 90 percent lower than a typical PPO resin. With the development of this PPO resin, formulators have the ability to customize the heat performance, viscosity, fracture toughness, and electrical properties of adhesives and sealants, composites, electronic components, and coatings.

GE Plastics 413/448-4690

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Foam with good compression, elongation


Durethane F cellular foam urethane elastomers are now available from Mearthane Products Corporation for applications requiring excellent compression set, elongation and tear characteristics. A chemically blown urethane foam, Durethane F exhibits high dampening properties and tensile modulus, making it well suited for self-cleaning paper feed rollers, retard pads, and bumpers, as well as conveyor and timing belts, and pick pads. Durethane F can be custom formulated according to customers’ specific application requirements, to offer the desired coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance, hardness and density.

Mearthane Products Corp. 401/884-4090

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High-density thermoplastic-metal composites replaces lead

M.A. Hanna Company will introduce at this year’s NPE a new family of non-toxic, high-density Polymetal thermoplastic-metal composites called ECOMASS compounds. The compounds are designed to replace lead and other high-gravity metallic materials in many applications. A proprietary compound consisting of powdered tungsten dispersed in a thermoplastic matrix, ECOMASS composites provide a high level of radiation shielding and high-mass characteristics comparable to lead without the negative health effects and environmental concerns over toxicity. The new hybrid materials combine tungsten’s density and inertness, while exhibiting high yield strength and providing the processing benefits of a conventional thermoplastic material. ECOMASS composites are 100-percent recyclable, retaining their properties through regrind and multiple heat histories.

M.A. Hanna Engineering Materials 216/589-4018

PTT compound boasts hybrid performance properties

The RTP 4700 Series compound family is based on polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) such as Shell Chemicals’ Corterra. Currently, this resin is used in the fibre and film industries. The new RTP 4700 Series balances the physical properties of PET with the processing characteristics of PBT. The compounds offer a cost-effective alternative to PET and PBT without sacrificing strength, stiffness and high heat deflection temperatures. The compounds also offer the basic polyester benefits of dimensional stability, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance.

RTP Company 507/454-6900

Syndiotactic polystyrene compounds with high-end properties

Lati USA has launched a new range of syndiotactic polystyrene (SPS) based compounds called LAESTRA. The LAESTRA line combines the economy of polystyrene with many of the engineering properties of nylon 66 and PBT. Key properties include good thermal stability, chemical resistance, rigidity, self-extinguishing properties, toughness and mechanical resistance. Some key applications: circuit breakers, boiler thermostat bases, and gas metering systems. The UL-94 VO rated LAESTRA polymer family exhibits a melting point of 270 C, a glass transition temperature of 100 C, and a low density of 1.25 g/cm3.

Lati USA 732/540-1300


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