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Extrusion (February 01, 2004)

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Valve simplifies multi-layer extrusionThe Multiflow valve is a patent-pending valve that allows extruders to manufacture three- to five-layer tubing products with the use of fewer extruders. In the th...

Valve simplifies multi-layer extrusion

The Multiflow valve is a patent-pending valve that allows extruders to manufacture three- to five-layer tubing products with the use of fewer extruders. In the three-layer configuration, the proprietary valve is designed for use with all ABA crossheads or inline dies. Plastic is fed from the “A” extruder and divided inside the manifold in order to form both the inner and outer layers of the final product.

“The obvious cost savings are considerable,” says Jim Prue, chief design engineer for Guill Tool. “For example, a manufacturer is now able to make a three-layer product by using only two extruders, saving substantially on outlays for capital equipment.”

The valve also permits operators to change layer thickness without shutting down the extruder.


Guill Tool & Extrusion Company, Inc. 401-828-7600

New heater reduces power demand

A seemingly minor design change to a standard piece of extrusion equipment, the screw oil heating element, has resulted in significantly reduced power consumption and lower maintenance costs. American Maplan replaced a heater that requires 9.4 watts of electricity with a heater that only requires 7.6 watts, without compromising performance. The new design reduces the amount of electrical power needed for each heating unit by 20%. Additionally, the new design provides a 50 to 60% increase in heater life, and a decrease in machine maintenance.

American Maplan vice president of sales Kurt Waldhauer says the change is overdue in the industry. Years ago engineers assumed 9.5 watt heaters were necessary for optimum processing. “Nobody challenged the number,” says Waldhauer. “But with advances in compounding technology and additive formulations, most extruders don’t need that much wattage in their heaters.”

The lower wattage heater is commercial on all new extruders and is available for retrofit.

American Maplan 620-241-6843

In-line color monitoring for extrusion

The new Facts’ control system is a real-time, in-process color monitor and analysis system targeted for extrusion systems. New capabilities allow processors to accurately monitor, control and log color during production, providing processors with the opportunity for instant control and adjustments. The system also reduces the need for off-line sampling and laboratory measurement.

The easy-to-use system features the Equispec Color Analyzer–a probe designed to accurately monitor color in applications where it must be tightly controlled to a known target. The system is ideal for the production of vinyl floor and wall coverings, decorative laminates and reinforced fibers and textiles.

“Never before have processors had the ability to monitor and analyze color during production,” says Al Hodge, Facts’ director of marketing and sales. “This system allows processors to obtain real-time color drift information, allowing them to make corrections without stopping the web and generating scrap.”

Facts Inc. 330-928-2332

Low-cost extruder ideal for small profiles

The miniBEX is a low-cost extrusion line designed to manufacture high-end, small industrial profiles. The line, which is delivered as a “plug and play” unit, consists of five components–four processing units plus the control system. All four processing units–the active conical twin screw extruder BEX 2-54 C, the parallel twin-screw extruder BEX 2-50-16 V, and the two single-screw extruders BEX 1-45-25 D and BEX 1-60-25 D–are now available upon request with the BMCplus control in place of BMCsmart control

The BMCplus control system is available in 19 languages and integrates the complete extrusion line. The drives on the single-screw extruders have been replaced by high-performance CMG compact-drive motors. The advantages of this new drive technology include small footprint, low acoustic pressure and low vibration, as well as excellent cooling properties. The drives are designed to allow removal of the screw from the barrel in either the direction of extrusion or in the opposite direction.

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