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Extrusion (March 01, 2007)

Flat die minimizes downtime for extrusion job changes

March 1, 2007   Canadian Plastics

Flat die minimizes downtime for extrusion job changes

The new Contour Die from Extrusion Dies Industries LLC is designed to reduce the downtime for lip adjustment required with each new commercial film and sheet production run by enhancing gauge profiles and yielding a uniform layer structure in coextrusion.

With a unique tapered or sculpted shape — thicker in the centre than at the ends — the Contour Die can correct the deflection caused by the pressure of molten polymer in manifold or flow channel between the bodies, or halves, of any flat die. The tapered design enables retention of the triangle shaped “coat hanger” manifold that is widely used in the industry.

An additional benefit of the streamlined flow is a potential reduction in the time required to purge the die for colour or resin changes.


Extrusion Dies Industries LLC (Chippewa Falls, Wis.);; 715-726-1201

High speed sheet extrusion for PS and PP

American Maplan Corporation has utilized Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik technology to manufacture a new high-speed sheet extrusion system.

The system uses two extruders, the AMC/BEX 1-75-34 and the AMC/BEX 1-45-30, which provide output for polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PP) up to 1,400 kg/hr and 1,100 kg/hr, respectively.

The high speed, high output system includes the main and co-extruders, melt pump, screen changer, sheet die, roll stack with cooling unit, sheet guiding and inspection frame, haul-off, sheet accumulator, edge trim unit and dual station winder.

Potential applications for the high performance sheet line include packaging for fresh food packaging, food display platters, medical packaging and packaging of hardware items.

American Maplan Corporation (McPherson, Kan.);; 620-241-6843

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