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Sold out: En-plas Inc. (Scarborough, Ont.) displayed two injection molding machines at the show, and sold both - a Nissei FN1000 displayed with a Yushin Netliner robot and a Nissei ES400 Elject. The a...

Sold out: En-plas Inc. (Scarborough, Ont.) displayed two injection molding machines at the show, and sold both – a Nissei FN1000 displayed with a Yushin Netliner robot and a Nissei ES400 Elject. The all-electric Elject attracted a lot of interest, says En-plas engineering manager Marian Bohlken. It reduced cycle time by one-third compared with the conventional machine which generally runs the mold used at the show, and produced parts within tolerances. “The injection cycle is three times faster on Nissei’s all-electrics than on the company’s hydraulic machines,” says Bohlken.

Sylvain Demuy of Ecole St. Henri (Montreal) is intent on the injection molding simulation that was used for a student troubleshooting contest. Marie-Jose Miller and Simon Lavoie of the Saint-Damien de Bellechase Professional Training Centre won the contest. The students received $600 as a prize, while the school received production simulation software from Plastimedia Inc. and a thousand kilos of resin from General Polymers.

The aisles were full with not just visitors, but buyers at Expoplast 99, Oct. 27-28. Those who made the trek to Montreal, including industry representatives from South America and Mexico, found 245 booths and a number of equipment introductions.

CANADIAN ROBOTS: YDEA (Vankleek Hill, Ont.) is a manufacturer of pick and place robots for part removal, orientation and testing functions. President David Godmere describes YDEA’s designs as “extremely heavy duty, robust, basic pick and place robots.” The operator interface is completely bilingual, and can switch between languages at any point in the programming. An emphasis on versatility lets the robots easily adapt to different applications or part configurations.


COMPRESSED AIR DRYER: Hamilton Avtec (Mississauga, Ont.) presented Universal Dynamics’ compressed air dryer for on-machine resin drying. The unit uses compressed air and a venturi to force heated air through the resin. This eliminates the need for blowers, fans and some valving.

SIMPLE, SOPHISTICATED CONTROL: Arburg’s Selogica injection molding machine control, also presented by Hamilton Avtec, combines detailed control with an easy-to-use, icon-based control sequence. All parameters are controlled from one screen.

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR RECYCLING: Grinding, recycling and compounding operations will be the focus of a new release of Tori administration and production software from One on One Computer Services Inc. (Toronto). Tori is already available for plastics extrusion, converting and bag making operations.

NEW NAMES: A few companies used Expoplast as a launching pad to bolster their presence in the Quebec or North American plastics industry. Finnsonic Oy (Lahti, Finland) provides ultrasonic cleaning machines specially designed for cleaning molds. Because they are purpose-built, Finnsonic units can accommodate even large or heavy molds.

CSX Transportation Inc. (Jacksonville, FL) has opened a bulk transfer facility in Beauharnois, Que. to complement its North American transportation network. CSX ships more plastic, both virgin and recycled, than any other commodity.

Color and additive concentrate supplier Unicolor (St. Laurent, Que.) was founded to serve “the small and medium users of color and additives who feel that their needs do not get priority by the more established compounders,” says president David Grunberger. He says Unicolor has been successful in serving this segment by providing fast and on-time deliveries, and high quality.


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