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Die innovations speed product changeovers

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A 128-in. (325 cm) Autoflex die from Extrusion Dies Inc. (EDI) installed at the Greenville, Ohio, plant of Spartech Plastics incorporates three technologies that increase product versatility and make ...

A 128-in. (325 cm) Autoflex die from Extrusion Dies Inc. (EDI) installed at the Greenville, Ohio, plant of Spartech Plastics incorporates three technologies that increase product versatility and make possible substantial downtime reductions, according to Spartech’s Tim Fleming. Fleming is general manager of this and three other facilities in Spartech’s East Region.

First, a Fast Deckle system makes it possible to go all the way from the minimum sheet width available on the line to the maximum (60 in. to 120 in.) in 15 minutes without shutting down. In addition, EDI’s Fast Gap mechanism makes possible rapid change in sheet thickness through a single-point adjustment of a movable lower lip. Finally, a new Sliding Flex-Lip design for the upper lip makes available a further increase in the range of thickness variation.

The combined effect of the Fast Gap and Sliding Flex-Lip systems is to enable Spartech to vary die gap from 0.040 to 0.500 in. (1.0 to 12.7 mm) without having to change the lip. Fleming reports: “There is absolutely no downtime if we vary thickness by as much as one-third of this gauge range, or 0.150 in. (3.8 mm), and we can accomplish larger adjustments by changing one of a series of four shims that vary the position of the flexible upper lip.”

Changing a shim takes about half an hour, he notes, while changing the lip itself would take “at least three hours.”


The production line on which the new EDI die is installed has a nominal rated capacity of 3500 lb. (1590 kg) per hour.

Extrusion Dies Inc. 715-726-1201

Modular test system has high rigidity

Zwicki is a powerful, compact and efficient Universal Testing Machine for plastics, rubber and all packaging materials. The extended aluminum profile, specially designed for the Zwicki machine, guarantees a high rigidity at a low weight.

Zwicki is a modular test system, with various test devices for compression, flexural and other tests. Maximum test load is 2.5 kN (500 lb.)

It includes testXpert advanced testing software.

Qualitest International Inc. 905-944-9825

Decoupled molding technique explained

The technique of Decoupled Molding developed by RJG Inc. will soon be the subject of a training program produced by RJG and Paulson Training Programs.

The Decoupled Molding technique improves process consistency by separating the molding process into three distinct phases: filling, packing and cooling. Emphasis is centred on monitoring the controls and readings from the injection molding process. Control equipment is used to gauge pressure measurements taken during all phases of the molding cycle.

The training program is CD-based, incorporating audio, video and 3-D graphics.

Paulson Training Programs Inc. 860-526-3099

Higher resolution for portable color measurement

Datacolor International has introduced a portable color measurement unit reported to have twice the resolution of current laboratory grade instruments. The Mercury Color Measurement System uses a proprietary sensor, touch screen interface and introduces the Palm O/S operating system directly into the spectrophotometer.

The unit has full-featured software, including alphabetical searches through large color databases and storage of up to 30,000 standards and batches. It can up- and down-load colorimetric data to a PC with a single button operation.

Datacolor International 800-982-6497

Fast production of large bottles

Tetra Pak has launched a new single-cavity stretch blow molding machine that produces large PET bottles with outstanding speed and precision. The Tetra Plast LX-1 can produce bottles from 2 L to 6 L at a rate of 1000 bottles per hour, which Tetra Pak claims is 15 to 20 percent faster that most competitive machines.

It can also produce small bottles from 0.25 to 2 L at a faster-than-normal rate.

Through the use of an advanced valve system, blowing and pre-blowing are both time and pressure controlled, as are all other machine functions, by a user-friendly touch screen control.

Preform infeed is automatic, and consistent wall temperature is achieved by a new oven design and the use of high-power, single filament lamps.

Tetra Pak 800-263-2260

Mold release geared for post-mold processes

Slide Products’ Universal Mold Release has a non-silicone formulation that permits post-mold processes such as painting, hot stamping, metalizing and ultrasonic welding. The mold release is biodegradable and odorless, and food-approved.

It works with a vast array of resins, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acetal, acrylic, GE Plastics’ Noryl, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polysulfone, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber and urethane.

OHS 416-229-2127

Melt flow tester easier to clean

Three major innovations to improve safety, cleaning and operational versatility have been incorporated in the new line of melt flow testers from Ceast USA.

For safety reasons, a security door has been installed on units with a motorized weight lifting system to prevent weights from toppling, and to isolate moving parts from possible operator contact.

A new swing-out oven is available to increase barrel cleaning speed and efficiency. The popular nozzle release system, which allows the nozzle to simply drop out of the bottom of the barrel to give a full cleaning stroke right through the entire barrel, is standard.

For versatility, it is now possible to choose between manual or automatic cutting devices, or no cutting at all.

Folio Instruments Inc. 800-68-FOLIO

Hot runner control promises maximum uptime

Hot swappable, interchangeable modules on Fast Heat’s new Pulse hot runner temperature controller ensure maximum uptime and production output. A simple graphical display shows all controls at a glance, and can be mounted remotely to permit mounting near the injection molding machine control panel.

Fast Heat Inc. 877-786-7468

Safety and accuracy in temperature controller

Mokon’s newest circulating water temperature control system — the Hydrotherm — exceeds current safety standards while providing accurate control of your process. Hydrotherm provides 9 kW heating capacity, 3/4 hp motor, 20 gpm and up to 40 psi pumping capacity. It has non-ferrous construction, including a stainless steel pump, and a microprocessor controller

En-Plas Inc. 416-286-3030

Redesigned dryer suits small jobs

Dri-Air Industries has extensively redesigned its smallest resin dryer, the Arid-X/10, eliminating compressed air connections. With its new electric valve, this 10 in. x 17 in. x 18 in. tabletop dryer is now even more convenient for small injection molders and laboratories. It is also suitable for insert and micro-part molding. A PLC-based control has high temperature alarm shutdown and easier diagnostics.

Mould-tek Industries Inc. 416-285-5400


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