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Energy-saving controls can be retrofitted

Energy-saving controls can be retrofitted

Omron Canada has introduced two new technologies to the industrial control market: GTC (Gradient Temperature Control), and OCC (Optimum Cycle Control).

Originally designed for silicon wafers and the manufacturing of large flat screen TVs, GTC saves energy by co-coordinating zones: when a neighboring zone has excess heat, the system will detect this and use this power by anticipating the transfer from zone to zone.

Energy-savings are also significant with the G3ZA energy management module, which uses OCC to sequence-fire Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) in a multi-zone application. The module accepts the MV signal from each loop connected, and switches at zero-cross ordinary SSRs. At half cycle 60Hz, this is 8.3 milliseconds, which allows for faster, more precise application of power compared to the previous method of switching SSRs. In addition, the module can stagger the half cycles in which the multi-zones fire, dramatically reducing peak power.

Both units can be retrofitted to existing processing quipment using Omron’s “Plastics Retrofit Kits”. The retrofit kits are designed to provide the installer with the exact components packaged up in a cost-effective kit, developed for specific machine types such as injection molding, extrusions, blow molding, mold hot runners, and blown film.


Omron Canada Inc. (Toronto); ; 416-286-6465

Pressure sensor for small parts molding

The new miniature type 6184AA pressure sensor from Kistler Instrument Corp. is designed for molding small thermoplastics components.

Highly articulated components for precision medical devices is a particularly suitable application where advanced process control can often extend quality expectations.

The integral cable with side exit permits placement in confined molds and resists twisting within the mold. With a sensing face of 1.2 mm, and short body, a supplied sleeve further eases integration and adaptation to molding arrangements where up to eight sensors may be used.

With a measuring range to 2,000 bar, the piesoelectric element reacts quickly to pressure dynamics for exact mold filling.

Kistler Instrument Corp. (Amherst, N.Y.);; 1-888-547-8537

Ontor Ltd. (Toronto); 416-781-5286


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