Blown film (April 01, 2002)

Dual turret winders handle larger rolls

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April 1, 2002 by Canadian Plastics

To meet the desire for larger rolls of film products, Brampton Engineering has improved the handling efficiencies of its winders and added more options for roll size. Two series of Brampton’s back-to-back or front-to-front turret winders can now handle 40 in. or 47 in. diameter rolls. With almost four times as much film per roll as on 24 in. rolls, processors will have about one quarter as many roll transfers, thus eliminating a significant amount of scrap and reducing the amount of labor involved in roll handling.

For shaft handling, Brampton Engineering has developed a simple and efficient system for non-pivoting air shafts. A hoist lifts the roll and air shaft to a shaft holder stand which clamps on to one end of the air shaft. A roll handler removes the roll from the shaft; a new core is inserted; the shaft is unclamped and the hoist returns the shaft to the winder. This system completely eliminates the need for line operators to lift heavy shafts thus reducing the risk of operator injury.

On winders with pivoting shafts the hoist supports the free end of the shaft until the roll weight is taken by a roll handler which in turn pulls the roll off the shaft. “Both these systems are very cost effective. Our customers like this inexpensive alternative to an automated roll handling system,” says Bill Wybenga, president of Brampton Engineering.

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