Blown film (October 01, 2010)

Versatile air ring system

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October 1, 2010 by Canadian Plastics

A new system of air rings from Future Design Inc. allows for choices: a processor can start with a standard air ring and up- fit the same air ring at any time to a manual profiling air ring. Any time after that, the same air ring can be up-fitted to a fully automated profiling air ring.

Additionally, both the manual and fully automated system can be fitted to oscillating and/or rotating dies.

The electronic control network of the profiling air ring has been designed to work in conjunction with various OEM-supplied gauge-monitoring systems. Systems in the field have been accredited with achieving point-to-point gauge variations of +/-three per cent at rates of 24 lbs./inch of die circumference.

Future Design Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.)